Lecture in Angles and Measurement

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)
Trigo: Angles and Measurement

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn Definition and History of Trigonometry
  • Know Some Introductory Concepts
  • Define angles and how they are measured
  • Changing Degree Measure to Radian Measure
  • Changing Radian Measure to Degree Measure
  • Solve problems involving the Sector Angle or Arc Length
  • Solve problems involving Area of a Sector of a Cirle
  • Solve problems involving Angular Velocity


  • Definition
  • History of Trigonometry
  • Angles in Standard Position
  • Positive and Negative Angles
  • Measuring Angles
  • Changing from Degree to Radian and vice versa
  • Degree Minute and seconds
  • Measuring Arc Length
  • Finding the sector angle
  • Area of a sector of a circle
  • Angular Velocity
  • Seatwork
  • Homework

Angles and Measurement Lecture

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