MCQs in Power Generators/Sources/Principles and Applications Part II

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MCQs in Power Generators/Sources/Principles and Applications - Part II

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of the Series in Power Generators/Sources/Principles and Applications as one of the Electronics Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Exam Questions in Electronics Engineering field, Electronics Books, Journals and other Electronics References.

Multiple Choice Questions Topic Outline

  • MCQs in Cells and Batteries
  • MCQs in Electric Generator
  • MCQs in Electronic Power Supply
  • MCQs in Voltage Regulation
  • MCQs in Photovoltaic/Thermoelectric Generator
  • MCQs in Distribution Transformer
  • MCQs in Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • MCQs in Float-Battery System
  • MCQs in Converters
  • MCQs in Inverters

The Series

Following is the list of multiple choice questions in this brand new series:

Power Generators/Sources/Principles and Applications MCQs
PART 1: MCQs from Number 1 – 50                        Answer key: PART I
PART 2: MCQs from Number 51 – 100                   Answer key: PART II
PART 3: MCQs from Number 101 – 150                 Answer key: PART III
PART 4: MCQs from Number 151 – 200                 Answer key: PART IV
PART 5: MCQs from Number 201 – 250                 Answer key: PART V

Continue Practice Exam Test Questions Part 2 of the Series

51. The voltage of the bus bar to which several alternators are paralleled may be raised by simultaneously ______ of all alternators

  • A. increasing field excitation
  • B. decreasing field excitation
  • C. increasing input to prime movers
  • D. decreasing input to prime movers

52. The rating of an alternator is expressed in

  • A. kW
  • B. kVA
  • C. HP
  • D. KVAR

53. Cumulatively compounded motors are used in applications where ______ is required

  • A. variable speed
  • B. poor speed regulation
  • C. sudden heavy loads for a short duration
  • D. constant speed

54. Which motor never use belt connected loads?

  • A. Series
  • B. Commulatively compounded
  • C. Shunt
  • D. Differentially compounded

55. A standalone solar power system

  • A. relies on the electric utility at night
  • B. uses solar panels and batteries
  • C. requires the use of dry cells
  • D. need a full wave rectifier

56. A transformer will have zero efficiency at

  • A. full load
  • B. half full load
  • C. no load
  • D. twice the load

57. The efficiency of a transformer will be at maximum when

  • A. leakage reactance of the two windings are equal
  • B. resistance of the two windings are equal
  • C. copper loss is equal to constant loss
  • D. copper loss is zero

58. The armature winding of a dc Machine is ______ winding

  • A. an open circuit
  • B. a closed circuit
  • C. partly open circuit and partly closed circuit
  • D. lap

59. The speed at which a 6 pole alternator should be drive to generate 50 cycles per second is

  • A. 1500 rpm
  • B. 500 rpm
  • C. 1000 rpm
  • D. 1200 rpm

60. A 12v battery is rated at 48 ah. If it must deliver an average of 2.0a, how long will the battery last before it needs recharging

  • A. 48 hrs
  • B. 4 hrs
  • C. 96 hrs
  • D. 24 hrs

61. Connecting batteries of equal voltage in parallel

  • A. multiplies the voltage available
  • B. increases the internal resistance
  • C. reduces the power available
  • D. multiplies the current available

62. A storage battery in which the electrodes are grids of lead containing lead oxides that changes in composition during charging and discharging and the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid

  • A. Leclanche battery
  • B. Nickel cadmium battery
  • C. Lead acid battery
  • D. Faure storage battery

63. The common dry cell, which is a primary cell having a carbon positive electrode and a zinc negative electrode in an electrolyte of sal ammoniac and a depolarizer

  • A. Leclanche cell
  • B. Faure storage cell
  • C. Lead acid cell
  • D. Lithium cell

64. The maximum flux produced in the core of a transformer is

  • A. directly proportional to supply frequency
  • B. inversely proportional to supply frequency
  • C. inversely proportional to primary voltage
  • D. inversely proportional to secondary voltage

65. A transformer is so designed that primary and secondary windings have

  • A. loose magnetic coupling
  • B. tight magnetic coupling
  • C. critical magnetic coupling
  • D. good electric coupling

66. Four carbon zinc cell in series will provide about

  • A. 2Vdc
  • B. 6Vdc
  • C. 9Vdc
  • D. 8Vdc

67. What refers to a method in which the charger and the battery are always connected to each other for supplying current to the load

  • A. Continuous charging
  • B. Float charging
  • C. Infinite charging
  • D. On line charging

68. A series motor designed to operate on dc or ac

  • A. Shunt motor
  • B. Series motor
  • C. Universal motor
  • D. Compound motor

69. Combination of ac motor, dc generator, and exciter to provide adjustable voltage dc power to a dc motor.

  • A. Ward-Leonard system
  • B. Half wave SCR adjustable voltage supply
  • C. Compound motor
  • D. Universal motor

70. A motor takes a large current at starting because

  • A. the armature resistance is high
  • B. back emf is low
  • C. back emf is high
  • D. shunt field is producing weak field

71. A series motor will over speed when

  • A. the load is increased
  • B. the armature circuit is open
  • C. the field id opened
  • D. load is removed

72. When the load on an alternator is increased, the terminal voltage increases if the load power factor is

  • A. unity
  • B. leading
  • C. lagging
  • D. zero

73. The efficiency of the turbo-alternator ______ with increase in speed

  • A. decreases
  • B. remains the same
  • C. increases
  • D. becomes 100%

74. What is the output of a lead acid cell?

  • A. 2.1V
  • B. 1.5V
  • C. 1.35V
  • D. 1.25V

75. One of the following is a false statement

  • A. storage cell has a reversible chemical reaction
  • B. carbon zinc cell has unlimited shelf life
  • C. lead acid cell is rechargeable
  • D. primary cell is not rechargeable

76. In an alternator, the effect of armature reaction is minimum at power factor of

  • A. 0.866 lagging
  • B. 0.5 lagging
  • C. 0.866 leading
  • D. Unity

77. For given number of poles (2) and armature conductors, a lap winding will carry _____ a wave winding

  • A. more current than
  • B. same current as
  • C. less current than
  • D. half the current than

78. An 8 pole duplex lap winding will have ______ parallel paths

  • A. 8
  • B. 32
  • C. 4
  • D. 16

79. To increase the voltage output, cells are connected in

  • A. parallel
  • B. series-parallel
  • C. parallel-series
  • D. series

80. To increase current capacity, cells are connected in

  • A. parallel
  • B. series
  • C. series- parallel
  • D. parallel- series

81. Two things which are same for primary and secondary of transformer are

  • A. ampere turns and voltage per turn
  • B. resistance and leakage reactance
  • C. current and inducted voltage
  • D. number of turns and power

82. A transformer operates poorly at very low frequencies because

  • A. permeability of core is increased
  • B. magnetizing current is abnormally high
  • C. primary reactance is too much
  • D. permeability core is reduced

83. In an auto transformer, the primary and secondary are ______ coupled

  • A. only magnetically
  • B. magnetically as well as electrically
  • C. only electrically
  • D. directly

84. A storage battery in which the plates consist if lead antimony supporting grids covered with a lead oxide paste immersed in weak sulfuric acid

  • A. Leclanche cell
  • B. primary battery
  • C. secondary battery
  • D. Faure storage battery

85. Which of the following is a dry storage cell?

  • A. Leclanche cell
  • B. Edison cell
  • C. Mercury cell
  • D. Nickel cadmium cell

86. The field structure of a dc machine uses

  • A. Salient pole arrangement
  • B. Non salient pole arrangement
  • C. Silicon steel
  • D. Cast steel

87. Small Dc machines generally have _____ poles

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 6
  • D. 8

88. The armature of a dc machine is laminated in order to reduce

  • A. Eddy current loss
  • B. Copper loss
  • C. Hysteresis loss
  • D. Frictional loss

89. To produce an output of 7.5v, how many carbon zinc cells are connected in series?

  • A. 4
  • B. 5
  • C. 6
  • D. 3

90. The demand for a large increase in torque of a dc series motor is met by a

  • A. large decrease in current
  • B. large increase in speed
  • C. large decrease in speed
  • D. small decrease in speed

91. As the load increases a, ______ motor will speed up

  • A. series
  • B. commutatively compounded
  • C. shunt
  • D. differentially compounded

92. The flux in the core of a single phase transformer is

  • A. purely alternating one
  • B. purely rotating one
  • C. partly alternating and partly rotating
  • D. constant

93. When the primary of a transformer is connected to a dc supply

  • A. a primary draw small current
  • B. primary leakage reactance is increased
  • C. core losses are increased
  • D. primary may burned out

94. a constant voltage source has

  • A. High internal resistance
  • B. minimum efficiency
  • C. minimum current capacity
  • D. low internal resistance

95. If the excitation of an alternator operating in parallel with other alternators is increased above the normal value excitation of excitation its

  • A. power factor becomes more lagging
  • B. output current decreases
  • C. power factor becomes more leading
  • D. output kw decreases

96. This synchronous reactance of an alternator is generally ______ armature resistance

  • A. 5 times smaller than
  • B. 10 – 100 times greater than
  • C. 5 times greater than
  • D. 10 times smaller than

97. DC series motors are used in those applications where _____ required

  • A. high starting torque
  • B. low no load speed
  • C. constant speed
  • D. variable speed

98. A dc motor is still used in industrial applications because it

  • A. is cheap
  • B. provides fine speed control
  • C. is simple in construction
  • D. has no replacement

99. The stator of n alternator is wound for ______ on the rotor

  • A. a more number of poles than
  • B. the same number of poles as
  • C. less number of poles than
  • D. twice the number of poles

100. Why are carbon brushes preferable compared to copper brushes?

  • A. they have longer life
  • B. they have lower resistance
  • C. they are cheaper
  • D. they reduce sparking

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MCQs in Power Generators/Sources/Principles and Applications Part II
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