Series of Electronics Engineering Exams | ECE Pre-Board Exam

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

ECE Pre-Board in Electronics Engineering

This is the list of 100 items set of Pre-board Exams in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Electronics that could possibly be given in the board. Choose, familiarize, and test yourself so that you will know the taste of the Board Exam Questions. In the actual board, you have to answer 100 items in Electronics Engineering within 5 hours. You have to get at least 70% to pass the subject. Electronics Engineering is 30% of the total 100% Board Rating along with Mathematics (20%), General Engineering and Applied Sciences (20%) and Electronics Systems and Technology (30%).

Choose Electronics Engineering Pre-Board Exams

Electronics Engineering Pre-Board Exams
Module 1: Electronics Engineering Exam 1                   Answer key: EXAM 1
Module 2: Electronics Engineering Exam 2                   Answer key: EXAM 2
Module 3: Electronics Engineering Exam 3                   Answer key: EXAM 3
Module 4: Electronics Engineering Exam 4                   Answer key: EXAM 4
Module 5: Electronics Engineering Exam 5                   Answer key: EXAM 5
Module 6: Electronics Engineering Exam 6                   Answer key: EXAM 6
Module 7: Electronics Engineering Exam 7                   Answer key: EXAM 7
Module 8: Electronics Engineering Exam 8                   Answer key: EXAM 8
Module 9: Electronics Engineering Exam 9                   Answer key: EXAM 9
Module 10: Electronics Engineering Exam 10                   Answer key: EXAM 10

MCQs and other related Materials in Electronics Engineering

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