MCQs in Vacuum Tubes Part II – Answer

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Answers in   Vacuum Tubes - MCQs Part II

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Vacuum Tubes – MCQs Part 2.

51. Pentode

52. strontium or barium oxide

53. Natural sources

54. Oxide coated

55. Transconductance

56. mercury pool devices

57. To protect against filament aging

58. space-charge region is depleted

59. the grid resistance decreases

60. Zener diode

61. more than

62. 180°

63. an amplifier

64. filament temperature

65. ∆Eb/∆Ib

66. about the same as for

67. thermionic electrons

68. Electron-volt

69. 750°

70. Work function

71. 150-1000 mA

72. A tube with a total of five grids

73. Thermionic

74. 1.1 electron-volts

75. zero

76. Tungsten

77. low

78. its lower voltage drop when the plate current is flowing

79. decrease the capacitance between the control grid and the plate

80. a small change in plate current to the corresponding small change in grid current

81. Tungsten

82. Small work function

83. a negative voltage on the plate

84. vacuum tubes

85. A short circuit between the plate and the screen grid

86. same components

87. Impedance matching

88. Less control grid to plate capacitance

89. 3 rp

90. high µ and RL

91. One-half

92. radio-frequency

93. diode

94. not

95. less than

96. type and pressure of gas

97. decreases

98. much higher

99. a regulating

100. The electron transit time becomes critical

101. gas current

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