MCQs in General Chemistry Part I – Answers

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(Last Updated On: June 3, 2019)

Answers in General Chemistry - MCQs Part I

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in General Chemistry Part 1.

1. B. Protons and Neutrons

2. A. Electrons

3. B. Protons

4. C. Neutron

5. C. Indivisible

6. C. John Dalton

7. A. Joseph John Thomson

8. C. Ernest Rutherford

9. A. James Chadwick

10. C. Matter

11. B. atom

12. A. Elements or Compounds

13. D. Element

14. B. Compound

15. D. Suspension, Colloids or Solutions

16. D. Suspension

17. A. Colloid

18. D. Solution

19. A. Metals, Nonmetals or Metalloids

20. A. Solid, Liquid and Gas

21. B. Acids and Bases

22. B. Malleability

23. C. Luster

24. A. Metals are neither malleable nor ductile.

25. D. Metalloids

26. B. Feel slippery on the skin

27. D. Dissolve metals producing various salts and hydrogen gas

28. B. salt

29. D. Acetic acid

30. B. Phosphoric acid

31. D. Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide

32. B. Chemical change

33. C. Physical change

34. A. Chemical reaction

35. A. homogeneous

36. C. heterogeneous

37. B. extensive

38. A. intensive

39. B. Surface area

40. C. Density

41. D. Law of multiple proportion

42. B. Law of definite proportion

43. A. John Dalton

44. C. Joseph John Thomson

45. D. Plum-pudding model

46. A. Henri Becquerel

47. A. Atomic mass unit (amu)

48. B. Charge unit

49. B. -1.60217733 x 10^-19

50. C. 1 –

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Complete List of MCQs in General Engineering and Applied Sciences per topic

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