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MCQs in Laws and Ethics Part 2

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of the Series in Engineering Laws and Ethics as one of the General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS) topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including past Board Questions in General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS) field.

Online Questions and Answers in Laws and Ethics Series

Following is the list of multiple choice questions in this brand new series:

Engineering Laws and Ethics MCQs
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Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

51. Radio station shall allocate at least as a program or programs rendering public service.

  • A. 2 hours per day
  • B. 3 hours per day
  • C. 1 hour per day
  • D. 1.5 hours per day

52. What is the standard IF Sound Carrier for a cable TV system?

  • A. 40.25 MHz
  • B. 45.75 MHz
  • C. 43.75MHz
  • D. 41.25 MHz

53. What is the standard IF Video Carrier for a cable TV system?

  • A. 40.25 MHz
  • B. 45.75 MHz
  • C. 43.75MHz
  • D. 41.25 MHz

54. Which band is allocated to Short Range Radio Service in the country?

  • A. ELF
  • B. UHF
  • C. VHF
  • D. HF

55. The certificate of Authority issued by National Telecommunications Commission to a CATV operator shall have a maximum term of how many years?

  • A. 5 years
  • B. 10 years
  • C. 15 years
  • D. 20 years

56. High speed networks are ICT networks that have a capacity of at least Mbps.

  • A. 2.048
  • B. 32
  • C. 64
  • D. 256

57. The authorized transmit frequency range for cordless telephone sets operating in the UHF band is MHz

  • A. 1.725 to 1.79
  • B. 1.275 to 1.975
  • C. 1.925 to 1.975
  • D. 1.575 to 1.975

58. In CATV system, video signal to noise ratio of modulator must be better than dB.

  • A. 30
  • B. 34
  • C. 36
  • D. 38

59. In a CATV system, head end processor as RF input/output terminal match should a minimum loss of dB.

  • A. 16
  • B. 18
  • C. 20
  • D. 22

60. A damage or injury suffered by the party seeking rescission by reason of the fact that the price is unjust or inadequate.

  • A. damage
  • B. effect
  • C. lesion
  • D. payment

61. A contract which possesses all the essential requisites of a valid contract, namely, consent, object and cause or consideration. It is a valid contract until it is annulled.

  • A. Void or Inexistent Contract
  • B. Unenforceable Contract
  • C. Voidable Contract
  • D. Negotiorum Gestio

62. A contract which is absolutely without legal force or effect.

  • A. Void or Inexistent Contract
  • B. Unenforceable Contract
  • C. Voidable Contract
  • D. Negotiorum Gestio

63. When a contract cannot be sued upon or enforced in court unless it is ratified is said to be

  • A. Void or Inexistent Contract
  • B. Unenforceable Contract
  • C. Voidable Contract
  • D. Negotiorum Gestio

64. It is the voluntary administration of the abandoned business or property belonging to another without the consent of the latter.

  • A. Void or Inexistent Contract
  • B. Unenforceable Contract
  • C. Voidable Contract
  • D. Negotiorum Contract

65. It is the sum of money which the law awards or imposes as the pecuniary compensation, recompense, or satisfaction for an injury done or a wrong sustained as a consequence either of a breach of a contractual obligation or a tortuous act.

  • A. Payment
  • B. Injury
  • C. Damages
  • D. Compensation

66. Damages that cover actual injury or economic loss. It typically includes medical expenses, lost wages and the repair or replacement of property.

  • A. Actual or Compensatory Damages
  • B. Nominal Damages
  • C. Moral Damages
  • D. Temperate and Moderate Damages

67. Damages that includes physical suffering, mental anguish, fright, serious anxiety, besmirched reputation, wounded feelings, moral shock, social humiliation and similar injury.

  • A. Actual or Compensatory Damages
  • B. Nominal Damages
  • C. Moral Damages
  • D. Temperate or Moderate Damages

68. Damages which are small and trivial sums awarded for a technical injury due to a violation of some legal right, and as a consequence of which some damages must be awarded to determine the right.

  • A. Actual or Compensatory Damages
  • B. Nominal Damages
  • C. Moral Damages
  • D. Temperate or Moderate Damages

69. Damages that are reasonable compensation for the injury.

  • A. Actual or Compensatory Damages
  • B. Nominal Damages
  • C. Moral Damages
  • D. Temperate or Moderate Damages

70. “Damages” where the amount of which has been agrees upon by the parties or fixed by the judgment of a competent court.

  • A. Liquidated Damages
  • B. Exemplary Damages
  • C. Corrective Damages
  • D. Compensatory Damages

71. Damages which are given in enhancement merely of the ordinary damages on account of wanton, reckless, malicious, or oppressive character of the acts complained of.

  • A. Actual or Compensatory Damages
  • B. Nominal Damages
  • C. Moral Damages
  • D. Exemplary or Corrective Damages

72. Branch of the unwritten law which was originally founded on the customs of merchants, mariners and business men generally in their dealings with one another throughout the civilized countries of the world.

  • A. Law of merchants
  • B. Law of businessmen
  • C. Law of mariners
  • D. Law of people

73. What refers to a remuneration paid to a carrier by the interconnecting carriers for accessing the facilities of such carrier which is needed by the interconnecting carriers for the origination and/or termination of all types of traffic derived from the interconnector?

  • A. Interconnection charge
  • B. Approach charge
  • C. Access charge
  • D. Network charge

74. What refers to a permit issued by the NTC authorizing the holder thereof to engage to the acquisition, servicing, maintenance, purchase or sale of transmitters and/or transceivers, parts and accessories thereof?

  • A. Radio Communication Equipment Dealer Permit
  • B. Radio Communication Equipment Manufacture Permit
  • C. Service Center Operation Permit
  • D. Radio Communication Equipment Service Center Point

75. A series whose episodes have had no national network television exhibitions in the Philippines and no regional network exhibition in the relevant market is known in CATV system as .

  • A. Off-network
  • B. Cablecasting
  • C. First-Run series
  • D. First-Run No-series programs

76. The installation or construction of a cable TV head-end station shall be directly supervised by a registered ECE. The statement above is:

  • A. True
  • B. False
  • C. It depends upon the area of coverage
  • D. It depends upon the number of households using the CATV system

77. Which of the following shall be complied by an international ship pursuant to the global maritime distress and safety system implemented last 1999?

  • A. A facsimile
  • B. A radio personnel
  • C. A Morse code
  • D. A radio-telegraph operator

78. Authorized gateway operators shall provide at least one rural exchange line for every urban local exchange lines.

  • A. 5
  • B. 10
  • C. 15
  • D. 20

79. Authorized gateway operators shall provide a minimum of switch termination.

  • A. 100 local exchange lines per international
  • B. 200 local exchange lines per international
  • C. 300 local exchange lines per international
  • D. 500 local exchange lines per international

80. What is the basic qualification of an applicant for public carrier network before a Certificate of Public Convenience or a Provisional Authority is issued?

  • A. Franchise
  • B. B SEC document
  • C. Business Permit
  • D. Radio station license

81. When is Electronics and Communications Engineer supervision required under Department Order No. 88?

  • A. FM broadcast station with a carrier power of 1000 watts
  • B. TV translator with an RF carrier power of 0.5 watts
  • C. TV RF power booster with effective radiated power of 2kW
  • D. Standard AM broadcast with a carrier power of 5kW

82. An entity, sometimes referred to as carriers or national backbone network operator, authorized to install, own and operate facilities which connect local exchanges within the Philippines and to engage in the business of inter-exchange national long distance services is known as .

  • A. Local exchange carrier
  • B. International carrier
  • C. Inter-exchange carrier
  • D. National carrier

83. An entity, relying on the transmission, switching and local distribution facilities of local exchange and inter-exchange operators, and overseas carriers, offers enhanced services beyond those ordinarily provided by such carriers is known as .

  • A. International carrier
  • B. Value-added service provider
  • C. Inter-exchange carrier
  • D. Local exchange carrier

84. What refers to a privilege conferred upon a telecommunications entity by Congress, authorizing an entity to engage in a certain type of telecommunications service?

  • A. Authority to Operate
  • B. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
  • C. Franchise
  • D. Provisional Authority

85. NTC cannot grant one of the following, an authority to operate a cable television system within the same franchise area covered by any provisional Authority or Certificate of Authority previously granted by the Commission.

  • A. Prior operator has not complied sufficiently with terms and condition of the authorization.
  • B. New entrant has more financial support
  • C. Current service is grossly inadequate
  • D. Issuance to new entrant will not cause ruinous competition

86. Which of the following penalties is provided under the existing telecommunication law, should an international carrier unable to comply with its obligation to provide local exchange service in un-served and under-served areas within three years from grant of authority?

  • A. Financial penalty in accordance with existing schedule
  • B. Cancellation of its authority
  • C. Given one year to comply
  • D. Given two years to comply

87. When can telecommunications entity provide value added service in its area?

  • A. When it has separated book of account, has technical capability and must be within the franchise area.
  • B. When it is within franchise area, upon submission of required capitalization and upon approval of NTC.
  • C. Upon approval of NTC, with financial capability and technical capability.
  • D. Upon approval of NTC, when other VAS operators are not discriminated in rate and access, and has separated books of account.

88. What refers to an undertaking the object of which is to transmit audio, video, text, images or other signals or messages for reception of a broad audience in a geographical area via wired or wireless means?

  • A. Telecommunications
  • B. Broadcasting
  • C. Mass media
  • D. Multi media

89. What refers to a non-exclusive facility which the public may, by the payment of appropriate fees, place as well as receive telephone calls and/or telegrams or other messages?

  • A. Telephone-telegraph calling center
  • B. Telecommunications calling station
  • C. Public toll calling station
  • D. Call center

90. The international carrier shall also comply with its obligation to provide the local exchange service in unserved or underserved areas within years from the grant of the authority as required by existing regulation.

  • A. 3 years
  • B. 4 years
  • C. 2 years
  • D. 5 years

91. International switch termination refers to a port in the switching international gateway system equivalent to kbps (digital) where international circuit terminates.

  • A. 56.6
  • B. 64
  • C. 128
  • D. 256

92. Which of the following is designated as the international distress, safety and calling frequency for radio telephony for stations of the maritime mobile service when using frequencies in the authorized bands between 156 MHz and 174 MHz?

  • A. 165.8 MHz
  • B. 156.8 MHz
  • C. 158.6 MHz
  • D. 168.5 MHz

93. Which conference in the ITU structure does the Telecommunications Development Bureau report?

  • A. RRB
  • B. WTDC
  • C. WRC
  • D. WTSC

94. What is the main principle used by ITU in determining the distribution of the orbit/spectrum resources?

  • A. Depending on geographical boundary of a nation
  • B. Efficient use and equitable access
  • C. Depending on national sovereignty
  • D. Equal distribution

95. Which body in the present ITU structure took the place of CCITT?

  • A. ITU-R
  • B. ITU-D
  • C. ITU-T
  • D. RAG

96. Where does the secretary general in the organizational structure of present ITU report?

  • A. WTSC
  • B. TDAB
  • C. WRC
  • D. Council

97. The International Radio Consultative Committee is referred to in international radio communications as .

  • A. IRCC
  • B. ITU
  • C. IRR
  • D. CCIR

98. What agency of the United Nations formulates standards and recommended practices for all civil aviation?

  • A. ICAO
  • B. CAA
  • C. IATA
  • D. ATO

99. What is the executive branch of government –in-charge of policy making in the telecommunication?

  • A. National Telecommunications Commission
  • B. Telecommunications Control Bureau
  • C. Department of Transportation and Communications
  • D. Bureau of Telecommunications

100. What refers to the listing of the date and time events, programs, equipment, test, malfunctions and corrections in communication system?

  • A. File
  • B. Documentation
  • C. Reporting
  • D. Log

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