MCQ in Thermodynamics Part 6 – Answers

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2020)

Answers in Thermodynamics - MCQs Part 6

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Thermodynamics Part 6.

251. it increases by a factor of square root of 2

252. entropy

253. Isochoric process

254. isobaric

255. increases

256. Closed system

257. normal boiling point

258. wet steam

259. flash steam

260. dryness fraction

261. thermopile

262. any holes in the object expand as well

263. one BTU

264. pressure

265. Sir James Dewar

266. Isobaric

267. raising the temp and lowering the temp

268. the second law of thermodynamics

269. Clausius statement

270. mean free path

271. 9.86 x 10^4 N/m^2

272. 6 x 10^15 tons

273. standard atmospheric pressure

274. Pascal’s law

275. Gauge Pressure

276. 62.4 lb

277. surface tension

278. Torricelli’s Theorem

279. diffusion

280. 1948

281. dew point

282. cycle

283. Bulk Properties

284. Joule-Thomson process

285. Otto Cycle

286. 24.6 J/K

287. conservation of energy

288. 1700 J

289. 12 kJ

290. 17.66 %

291. Sensible heat

292. Joseph Black

293. Latent Heat

294. Third Law of thermodynamics

295. 1/860 W.h

296. Polytropic process

297. steady flow

298. Carnot Cycle

299. 733.33 kPa

300. Sadi Carnot

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