Communications Engineering Mastery Test 11: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

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(Last Updated On: February 6, 2020)

Communications Engineering Exam 11 - Answers

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 11 in Communications Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Communications Engineering (Electronics Systems and Technology) that could possibly be given in the board.

1. a.) EO 59

2. c.) 50 Hz

3. d.) Horizontal

4. d.) Horizontal

5. a.) Index of Refraction

6. a.) Doughnut Shape

7. a.) Shock Wave

8. b.) High Usage Hour

9. d.) Presbycusis

10. b.) HF

11. a.) Vocoder

12. d.) Ferrite Isolator

13. a.) Guard

14. a.) Pacing

15. c.) Detector

16. a.) Minimum

17. a.) GSM

18. d.) Posigrade

19. b.) An equipment resistance that would dissipate the same amount of power as that radiated from an antenna

20. b.) Direct connection with the use of a null modem.

21. a.) Frequency Discriminator

22. b.) Modal Delay Spreading

23. c.) Three Lines

24. c.) Master Oscillator

25. c.) Regulate the power supply voltage

26. d.) Velocity Factor

27. b.) Weak Part

28. a.) 15 kHz

29. d.) The loudest signal received is the only demodulated signal.

30. c.) Bicone

31. c.) Echo time of the object to the source.

32. d.) 29.15 mi

33. b.) 300 – 3400 Hz

34. a.) NMT

35. b.) Interlaced Scanning

36. d.) Ultraviolet

37. d.) It is about 5% shorter.

38. b.) Antenna Gain

39. a.) High SWR

40. a.) Modem

41. a.) Antenna Bandwidth

42. b.) Cache

43. a.) Electric and Magnetic Field

44. b.) Using heat that would burn the image into heat.

45. a.) Service Entrance

46. a.) coaxial cable

47. a.) National Telecommunication Commission

48. a.) 95 – 100 dB

49. a.) F3E

50. b.) F2

51. a.) modulation

52. c.) 0.34 m

53. a.) scanning

54. b.) variable resistance

55. a.) Public Telephone System

56. d.) Secondary Service Area

57. a.) bandwidth

58. b.) 262.5

59. d.) Period

60. a.) The characteristic impedance decreases.

61. c.) NTC

62. a.) PAM

63. b.) b and c

64. b.) SONAR

65. c.) Installing a filter at the receiver

66. d.) Transmitter

67. b.) Frequency Multiplier

68. a.) The radio of deviation frequency and modulating

69. d.) Multi frequency band operation

70. d.) Longitudinal

71. b.) Provision of radio telegraph operator

72. a.) Centripetal acceleration

73. d.) Silicon Crystal

74. c.) PL-259

75. d.) 1MHz – 500MHz

76. a.) 1

77. d.) Desensitizing

78. d.) Analog

79. b.) Can be used for multiband operation.

80. b.) sample and hold

81. c.) Heating in the oscillator device causing a change in electrical characteristics.

82. b.) Cancellation of its authority.

83. c.) Bandwidth

84. a.) Poor soldered connections.

85. b.) 16H

86. d.) Bulky

87. c.) Connection

88. b.) Producing sum and difference of two frequencies from a combination of two signals.

89. d.) As pure inductor

90. d.) Carry out loopback test.

91. d.) System Network Architecture

92. d.) R.A. 7925

93. b.) Segmentation

94. c.) 22,300 mi

95. c.) Diplexer

96. b.) Threshold of Pain

97. c.) J

98. b.) 312 to 552 kHz

99. d.) Metric

100. c.) 4.5 MHz

What’s next in line?

Complete List of Communications Engineering Exams: ECE Pre-Board

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