MCQs in Oscillators – Answers

Answers in Oscillators

Below are the answers key for Multiple Choice Questions in Chapter 23: Oscillators from the book Electronic Principles 7th Edition by Albert Malvino. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

1. a. Positive feedback

2. b. Noise voltage in resistors

3. a. At low frequencies

4. c. Between 0 and -90 degrees

5. b. Lead circuit

6. a. Between 0 and +90 degrees

7. c. Both types of feedback

8. d. High

9. a. Notch filter

10. b. Two resistors

11. b. Three lead or fagcircuits

12. d. 360 degrees

13. C. Colpitts

14. b. Causes saturation and cutoff

15. a. Decreases

16. b. Transformer coupling

17. b. Two inductors

18. d. One capacitor

19. b. Clapp

20. d. All the above

21. b. High Q

22. a. Very close together

23. d. Quartz crystal

24. b. 1

25. a. 0

26. d. Timing capacitance increases

27. c. rectangular

28. b. Period

29. d. Space

30. d. Equals fin

31. a. Capture range

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