Solution: Evaluate (sin⁡0°+sin1°+sin⁡2°+…+sin⁡89°+sin⁡90°)/(cos⁡0°+cos⁡1°+cos⁡2°+…+cos⁡89°+cos⁡90°)

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Evaluate the following: (sin⁡ 0°+sin 1°+sin⁡ 2°+ ⋯. +sin⁡ 89°+sin⁡ 90°)/(cos⁡ 0°+cos⁡ 1°+cos⁡ 2°+ ⋯.+cos⁡ 89°+cos⁡ 90°)

Problem Statement: ECE Board April 1991

Evaluate the following: (sin⁡0°+sin1°+sin⁡2°+…+sin⁡89°+sin⁡90°)/(cos⁡0°+cos⁡1°+cos⁡2°+…+cos⁡89°+cos⁡90°)

  • A. 1
  • B. 0
  • C. 45.5
  • D. 10

Problem Answer:

The equivalent value is 1


Solution: Evaluate (sin⁡0°+sin1°+sin⁡2°+...+sin⁡89°+sin⁡90°)/(cos⁡0°+cos⁡1°+cos⁡2°+...+cos⁡89°+cos⁡90°)

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Solution: Evaluate (sin⁡0°+sin1°+sin⁡2°+…+sin⁡89°+sin⁡90°)/(cos⁡0°+cos⁡1°+cos⁡2°+…+cos⁡89°+cos⁡90°)
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