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1.What fraction of the volume of the solid piece of metal (SG=7.25) floats above the surface containing of mercury? Use SG_Hg=13.6

2.A piece of wood od SG=0.651 is 80 mm square and 1.5 m long. How many Newton of lead with SG=11.21 must be fastened at one end of the stick so that it will float upright with 0.3m out of water.

3.A block of wood floats in water with 50 mm projecting above the water surface. When placed in glycerin of SG=1.35, the block projects 76 mm above the surface of that liquid. Determine the SG of the wood

4.A concrete cube 0.5 m on each side is to be held in equilibrium under water by attaching a light foam buoy to it. What is the minimum volume of the foam buoy? Let SG_concrete=2.404 and SG_foam=0.0805.

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