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180. A pump having 4-in. suction pipe and 3-in. discharge pipe pumps 500 gpm
of water. At a point on the suction pipe a vacuum gage reads 6 in. of mercury;
on the discharge pipe 12 ft above this point, a pressure gage reads 48 lb/in. Calculate the horsepower supplied by the pump.

181. What horsepower pump is theoretically required to raise 200 gpm of water from a reservoir of surface elevation 100 to one of surface elevation 250?

182. Through a 4-in. pipe, 1.0 cfs of water enters a small hydraulic motor and
discharges through a 6-in. pipe. The inlet pipe is lower than the discharge pipe, and
at a point on the former a pressure gage reads 60 lb/in. ; 14 ft above this on the discharge
pipe a pressure gage reads 30 lb/in. What horsepower is developed by the

183. If 12 cfs of water are pumped over a hill through an 18-in. pipe line, and the
hilltop is 200 ft above the surface of the reservoir from which the water is being taken,
calculate the pump horsepower required to maintain a pressure of 25 lb/in. on the

184. A hydraulic turbine in a power plant takes 100 cfs of water from a reservoir
of surface elevation 235 and discharges it into a riverĀ of surface elevation 70. What
theoretical horsepower is available in this flow?

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