Solution: Find the radius of a hemispherical bowl in inches

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

Find the radius of the hemispherical bowl

Problem Statement: CE Board May 1996

A mixture compound of equal parts of two liquid, one white and the other black, was placed in a hemispherical bowl. The total depth of the two liquids in 6 inches. After standing for a short time, the mixture separated, the white liquid settling below the black. If the thickness of the segment of the black liquid is 2 inches, find the radius of the bowl in inches.

  • A. 7.33
  • B. 7.53
  • C. 7.73
  • D. 7.93

Problem Answer:

The radius of the hemispherical bowl is 7.33 inches.

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Solution: Find the radius of a hemispherical bowl in inches

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