Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 10

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 10

This is the Section 2 Module 10 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 10

Question Answer
1. In a voltage divider BIAS npn transistor, if the lower voltage divider resistor the one connected to ground opens a transistor maybe driven into saturation.
2. The minimum anode current that keeps a thyristor turned on is called a holding current.
3. The miller input capacitance of an amplifier is independent in part on the voltage gain.
4. Instrumentation amplifier is used in primarily high noise environment.
5. Voltage typical of a dry cell is 1.5V.
6. An amplifier that operates in a linear region at all times is Class A.
7. Square wave out of an emitter follower implies. clipping on both peaks
8. A zero level detector is one application of a. comparator
9. A sin wave always has the same general appearance.
10. Each of the ff statements regarding a shaded pole motor is true except it has high starting torque.
11. If a band pass capacitor is open, the ac input voltage will remain the same.
12. The appearance of RF current oscillations in a DC bias flop of n type Gallium Arsenide in a 3.3kV electric field. Gunn Effect.
13. What is an example of elemental semiconductor? Germanium
14. In a phototransistor, the base current is directly proportion to light.
15. If the emitter bypass capacitor opens, the ac output voltage will decrease.
16. The gate-source diode of a JFET should be reversed bias.
17. A relay is connected to a circuit so that the device gets a signal only when a relay coil carries current. A relay is probably normally open.
18. A Darlington transistor has very high current gain.
19. Common types of thyristors include DIACs and TRIACs.
20. In which of the ff places would a lantern battery be found? Two-way portable radio.
21. Speed of universal motor is dependent on frequency of supply.
22. Admittance is a measure of the east in which a circuit ???  
23. The derivative of sine wave is a representation of rate of change.
24. The minimum input current that can turn on a thyristor is called a Trigger current.
25. A latch always uses positive feedback.
26. Lowest frequency passed by a low pass filter. 0 hz
27. Reducing all dc sources to zero is one of the steps in getting the ac equivalent circuit.
28. Class A amplifier are almost always tuned rf amplifier.
29. Base voltage 2 supply emitter bias is near 0V.
30. A 4 layer diode turns ON when anode to cathode voltage exceeds forward turn on over voltage
31. Varactor diode exhibits variable capacitance that depends on the reverse voltage.
32. The critical resistance of dc generator is the resistance of windshield.
33. When an op-amp is operated in single-ended mode, both inputs are connected together.
34. NiCad memory doesn’t???????  
35. A device commonly used for remote switching of wire communication signal is a relay.
36. Diode whose negative resistance depends on a specific form of quantum mechanical bond structure of a material. Gunn diode
37. Crystal set. requires no battery
38. At cut-off, the gate-channel is completely close by the depletion region.
39. Tsep the collector voltage will. equal to collector supply voltage
40. A clipper circuit wherein the diode is connected in series with the load is series clipper.
41. The starting torque of a capacitor start induction motor is directly related to the angle between two winding currents by the relation of sin alpha.
42. The geomagnetic field is what makes the compass work.
43. The commercial efficiency of a shunt generator is maximum when its variable loss is. equal to constant loss
44. When the PN junction of a semiconductor diode is inserted with an intrinsic material the diode becomes. a PIN diode
45. When the emitter resistance increases with ??. the collector voltage will increase
46. What refers to the type of special diode which is capable of both amplification and oscillation? Tunnel diode.
47. Compensating winding is employed in an ac series motor in order to reduce effects of armature reaction.
48. Maximally flat frequency response is known as. butterworth
49. The series field of a short shunt DC generator is excited by. load current
50. A small signal amplifier uses only a small portion of its loadline.
51. Usually, large motor is more efficient than a small one.
52. The efficiency of a tiny motor use in a wrist watch is approx. 1%.
53. An advantage of electromagnet over permanent magnet is that an electromagnet can be switch on and off.
54. An air variable capacitor might have a range of pf-100pf.
55. The main difference between a lantern battery in a transistor battery is a lantern battery has more energy capacity.
56. The current sensitivity of a needle is expressed in ohm/volt.
57. Push-pull is almost always use with class b.
58. Three phase ac has 3 wave all of the same magnitude
59. Lap winding is suitable for ___current ____ voltage dc generators. High, low
60. `At a freq of 400Hz, the most likely form of an inductor will be toroidal.
61. Ideally, the equiv circuit of a FET contains the current source between drain and source terminal.
62. A zero to one mA meter has the sensitivity of 1kOhm/volt.
63. Which of the ff correctly states Ohm’s Law? Ohms=volt/ampere
64. A sine wave contains energy at just 1 frequency.
65. Which of the ff motors is an interesting example of beneficiary utilizing a phenomenon that is often considered undesirable? Hysteresis motor.
66. The main advantage of CMOS is its low power consumption.
67. The conductor is used xerograph in Selenium.
68. In a DC generator, the generated EMF is directly proportional to pole flux.
69. `What diode is especially process so that its high current flow takes place when the junction is reverse biased. It is a variation of tunnel diode. Backward diode.
70. The magnetic flux around a straight current carrying wire is stronger near the wire.
71. Inductors in series assuming there is no mutual inductance combine like resistors in series.
72. If in case of a certain DC armature, the number of commutator segments is found either 1 less or more than a number of slots, the armature must be having a simplex wave winding.
73. What type of read diode uses a heavily dope n-type material as its depletion region. IMPATT diode.
74. The cathode of a zener diode in a voltage regulator is normally more positive than the anode.
75. The sum of the voltages going around a dc circuit but ?? including the power supply has equal value but opposite polarity from the supply.
76. The maximum efficiency of a class B push pull amplifier is 70.5%.
77. A substance with a high retentivity is best suited for making a Permanent magnet.
78. The constant current area of a FET lies between. pinch-off and breakdown
79. In a differentiator, the feedback element is a resistor.
80. The resistance of a semiconductor is known as Bulk Resistance.
81. Which of the ff type of capacitor is polarized? electrolytic capacitor.
82. A cascode amplifier has an advantage of low input capacitance
83. A positive ion is formed when. valence electron breaks away from the atom
84. An AC electromagnet will attract pure unmagnetized iron
85. For an electroluminescent ??, which semiconductor is best? Gallium Phosphide
86. Where would you most likely find a lead-acid battery? Portable videocamera or recorder.
87. The ac load line is the same as dc load line when the ac collector resistance is equal to DC collector resistance.
88. To reduce the distortion in a common emitter amplifier, reduce the ac base control.
89. For operation as amplifier, the base of an NPN transistor must be reduce the ac base control.
90. The main difference between electronics and electrical instruments is that the electronic instruments contain an electronic device.
91. Negative feedback increases the input impedance and the bandwidth.
92. A BJT class B push-pull amplifier with no transformer coupling uses Complimentary symmetry transistor.
93. A current going into a point in any circuit is always equal to the current flowing out of that point.
94. The frequency at which the amplifier gain is 1 is called the unity gain frequency.
95. In DSEB, the base current must be very small.
96. The geomagnetic lines of flux are horizontal at the geomagnetic equator.
97. At a freq of 95Mhz, the best form of inductor will be air-core.
98. The positive lead of an ohmmeter is connected to the anode of the diode and the negative lead is connected to the cathode, the diode is Forward biased.
99. A triangular wave has equal rise and decay rates.

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