Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 5

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2018)

Electronics Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 5

This is the Section 5 Module 5 of the compiled Electronics Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and other Electronics References. This particular Coaching Notes in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 5

· Cut-in voltage or turn on voltage current

Ans: Exponentially increases

· Electron beam deflected from axial to enlarge

Ans: Deflection defocusing

· Equal ratio bridge

Ans: Heaviside Campbell bridge

· Silicon oxide (SiO2) is for

Ans: Insulation

· APD is better than PIN diode is for

Ans: Speed of operation

· Voltage for temperature stability of zener diode

Ans: 5.6 V

· 3 superconducting inductor in parallel

Ans: Persistor

· Application of semiconductor

Ans: Wafer

· LC circuit is used for

Ans: Load current

· Power factor of RC is between

Ans: 0 and 1

· Minimum Duty Cycle of Bust converter

Ans: Dmin = 1 – (2fsLc)/RL

· Boost converter critical inductance

Ans: Lc = (1-D)2DRL)/2fs

· Buck Boost converter critical inductance

Ans: Lc = (1-D)2RL)/2fs

· Buck converter critical inductance

Ans: Lc = (1-D)RL)/2fs

· Typical CMRR

Ans: 100 to 10,000

· Typical CMRR in dB

Ans: 40 to 80 dB

· Accuracy of Wien bridge

Ans: 0.5% – 1%

· Typical value of armature resistance

Ans: 0.5Ω

· The saturation voltage of an op-amp is ___ smaller than the power supply

Ans: 2 V

· Solid grounding has a voltage below

Ans: 660 V

· Resistance grounding has typical voltage between

Ans: 3.3 – 11 kV

· Percentage conductivity of pure annealed silver wire

Ans: 108.8%

· Percentage conductivity of 99.5% pure gold

Ans: 72.6%

· Percentage conductivity of 63% pure aluminum

Ans: 63%

· Corona is maximum on

Ans: transmission lines

· Transformer that operates on the frequency range of 20 kHz to 20 MHz

Ans: Carrier frequency transformer

· JFET configuration for buffer amplifier

Ans: common drain

· JFET configuration for good voltage amplification

Ans: common source

· JFET configuration for high frequency amplifier

Ans: common gate

· The dc-dc converterwith unregulated input voltage and regulated output voltage

Ans: SMPS (Single Mode Power Supply)

· Corona is due to

Ans: radio interference

· A transformer on the frequency of 15 kHz

Ans: Converter transformer

· Ingredients of wet cell

Ans: Zinc and copper

· Main ingredient of dry cell

Ans: Zinc container

· It reduces gain to a limiting level

Ans: Limiter

· First transistor

Ans: Point contact

· First fuel battery was invented by _____ in 1959.

Ans: F.T. Bacon

· Unlike buck and boost converter, the buck boost converter featured output voltage:

Ans: opposite polarity to input.

· Lattice in which the lattice points are only shown in the crystal

Ans: Bravais Lattice

· An error due to shortcoming of instruments

Ans: Systematic error

· An error that cannot be corrected

Ans: Random error

· It is a substance where the bulk is composed

Ans: Element

· Typical voltage of lead-acid

Ans: 2.1 V

· What type of cell used in the emergency system?

Ans: Silver-zinc cell

· Microcontroller consists of

Ans: Microprocessor, memory, input and output unit

· Percentage of the transistor current flows in the collector

Ans: 95%

· SMPC operates between ON state and OFF state at a frequency of

Ans: 10 kHz and 40 kHz

· A camera with imaging positron effect with multiple layer of silicon detector

Ans: Compton camera

· NMOS is _____ than PMOS

Ans: 6 times

· What is the diameter of the wafer used in manufacturing?

Ans: 3 to 8 inches

· Standard spacing for IC chip

Ans: 2 um and 3 um

· Advanced spacing for IC chip

Ans: 1 um

· BCC crystal structure

Ans: Chromium

· HPC crystal structure

Ans: Zinc

· Another name for differential amplifier

Ans: Subtractor

· A factor that determines the filter response

Ans: Damping factor

· Unity gain amplifier has ____ input impedance

Ans: Extremely high

· Megger is

Ans: used to measure high resistance

· Increasing transmitter height

Ans: Decrease capacitance and inductance remains the same.

· Undergrounding conductor is

Ans: Maximum at the conductor and minimum at the sheath

· A transformer that has a frequency range from 100 Hz – 150 kHz

Ans: Converter transformer

· Surge impedance of cable

Ans: 50 Ω

· Ideal input impedance of op-amp

Ans: 50 Ω

· Formula for the increase % in saturation current

Ans: 2((T2-T1)/10) X 100%

· Ideal noise factor

Ans: 0 dB

· Vacant lattice site with missing atom relocated to a interstitial space with no atom.

Ans: Frenkel effect

· FCC packing factor

Ans: 0.74

· Linear change of input

Ans: Ramp input

· Instantaneous, finite input

Ans: Step input

· Indicating device orientation of object

Ans: Selsyn

· An AC bridge that measures mutual inductance

Ans: Heaviside bridge

· One of the most important bridge in determining link capacitances

Ans: Schering bridge

· Highest dielectric strength

Ans: Glass

· High sensitivity

Ans: Permanent magnet

· A transformer in laminated core reduced

Ans: Eddy current

· An analysis used for more than one voltage source

Ans: Superposition theorem

· Maximum magnitude of the output voltage from an op-amp is called

Ans: Saturation voltage

· A graph of amplitude versus input frequency

Ans: Bode plot

· Effect of recombination on depletion region

Ans: Emission coefficient or ideality factor

· Magnetic amplifier operates at a frequency at ____ or less

Ans: 100 Hz

· Most commonly used coupling

Ans: Transformer coupling

· Typical LED voltage

Ans: 1.6 V

· Capacitance of disc ceramic capacitor

Ans: 100 pF

· A bypass capacitor at high frequency

Ans: Ceramic capacitor

· Indicating device orientation of object

Ans: Selsyn

· Odd parity checker

Ans: XOR

· Shelf life of lithium cell

Ans: 5 to 10 years

· Negative feedback

Ans: Increases bandwidth and decrease voltage gain

· Alkaline cell ingredient

Ans: Potassium hydroxide

· Advantage of NiCd over lead acid

Ans: Cell on NiCd can be replaced

· By adding parallel circuit to the inverting amplifier

Ans: Inverting summing

· Linear amplification

Ans: Level clamper

· Theory of magnetic flux in a closed system equal to zero

Ans: Gauss theorem

· Personal error

Ans: Gross error

· Advantage of magnetic disk to magnetic tape

Ans: Easier to read

· The maximum current can safely handle

Ans: Ampacity

· JFET reference voltage

Ans: Source

· Buffer amplifier gain

Ans: 1

· AWG no. 6

Ans: 0.395 Ω/1000 ft.

· AWG no. 12

Ans: 6350 cmil

· Indicating device orientation of object

Ans: Selsyn

· A mass of 1.66 x 10-27 kg.

Ans: Unified amu

· Reciprocal of Avogadro’s number

Ans: amu

· Electrostatic radius of an atom

Ans: 10-14

· Manipulator has ___ degrees of freedom

Ans: 3

· Arrange in data arrays

Ans: RAM

· OS memory


· Voltage amplifier

Ans: Pre-amplifier

· Latest used data

Ans: Cache memory


Ans: Stack memory

· Minimum distance of features in a chip

Ans: Geometry

· Number of elements not found in nature but also prepared in laboratories

Ans: 105

· IC advantage

Ans: Reliability

· Minimum to maximum range

Ans: Span

· 1/5 of the Wi-Fi range

Ans: Bluetooth

· Temperature of Class B motor

Ans: 130°C

· Temperature of Class F motor

Ans: 155°C

· Pure ac voltage single frequency

Ans: Single pip

· Cannot be used as a permanent magnet

Ans: Caryon

· In double’s Kelvin bridge, 1Ω to 10 uΩ

Ans: 0.05% – 0.2%

· Wien bridge oscillator

Ans: f = 1/(2πRC)

· Most important IEEE standard interface

Ans: IEEE 488 digital interface

· Common method of coupling used in cascade amplifier stages

Ans: Transformer

· It is most obvious at higher frequencies

Ans: Corona

· Early IC packaging method used in transistors

Ans: TO (Transistor Outline)


Ans: Plastic Lead chip memory

· It is used in Hi-Fi audio system to split frequencies to fed tweeter and woofer

Ans: Crossover network

· Resistance offered by a PN junction in AC conditions

Ans: Dynamic resistance

· Characteristic of shared systems to avoid mixing up of print outs or programs

Ans: Spooling

· Absorption of slow moving electrons by an interleaving matter

Ans: Ramsauer effect

· If a load is removed from a long transmission line, the sending voltage end is less than receiving end

Ans: Ferranti effect

· Corona results in

Ans: Radio interference

· Ratio of thermal conductivity to electrical conductivity is directly proportional to the absolute temperature of all metals

Ans: Weidemann Franz Law

· Color of neutral in 3-core flexible cable

Ans: Blue

· It is neglected in short transmission line analysis

Ans: Shunt admittance

· It is located near transformer

Ans: Lightning arrester

· Volume of atom ratio to cell volume

Ans: Packing factor

· RLC circuit that provides undamped oscillation

Ans: Ringing circuit

· Contact between metal and heavily doped-semiconductor

Ans: Ohmic contact

· Comparator with hysteresis

Ans: Schmitt trigger

· Negative electron

Ans: Negatron

· Input continuously increases constant output

Ans: Level Clamp

· Four arm AC bridge measures inductance by standard capacitance

Ans: Maxwell Bridge

· Shows positions of lattice points

Ans: Bravais Lattice

· Measures the diameter of an atom

Ans: Ernest Rutherford

· Ratio of the AC power supply to the plate power supply

Ans: Plate efficiency

· Electromechanical device that converts electrical to mechanical by attraction of iron plunger to the electromagnet

Ans: Solenoid

· Lithium battery

Ans: Microcomputer memory back-up

· Protection against electric shock

Ans: Earthing

· The heat generated melts the portion at the tip of the electrode and the base of the metal

Ans: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

· Advantages of PCB

Ans: Eliminates bigger chassis and point to point mounting

· Energy to raise the electron to another orbit

Ans: Excitation

· It is used in high voltage and high current application for most efficient regulator

Ans: Switching regulator

· What refers to garaging the two adjustments of an Ac bridge together in such a way that changing one adjustment changes the other in a special way, but changing the second adjustment does not change first?

Ans: Orthogonal nulling

· Not common sine wave generator

Ans: Multivibrator

· Range of degrees of freedom

Ans: Work envelope

· Physical bend, twist, and reach

Ans: Manipulator

· Poor selectivity

Ans: Wide bandwidth

· It has amplifier and feedback

Ans: Electronic amplifier

· Maintenance of oscillation

Ans: Flywheel effect

· Free electrons collidal to bound electrons causing mere current carriers

Ans: Avalanche effect

· Magnetic leakage due to 100% coupling

Ans: Electromagnetic effect

· A particle resulting to an atom of an element combined to form a compound

Ans: Molecule

· P shell number of electrons

Ans: 72

· Solid formed by covalent bonding

Ans: Crystal

· The resistance in the magnetic path to the magnetic lines of force

Ans: Reluctance

· The flux density in an iron core when the magnetic intensity is zero

Ans: Residual magnetism

· When an electron rises to the conduction band a hole is created in the valence band, this called _____

Ans: Electron hole pair

· Operating temperature of silicon.

Ans: -175 to 350°C

· Highly sensitive material

Ans: Permanent magnet

· Smallest ripple voltage

Ans: Multi-section LC filter

· Highest torque

Ans: Series motors

· Motivating input in a control system which is independent with the output

Ans: Command input

· Development process of a microcrystal molten

Ans: Crystal growth

· The voltage regulator, the component used as a comparator

Ans: Op-amp

· It is not an resistance welding

Ans: Arc welding

· Atom to atom bond on surface with oxide free surface

Ans: Pressure welding

· Elimination of stray capacitance

Ans: Shielding and grounding

· 2 identical shunt motor

Ans: Hopkinson

· In double’s Kelvin bridge, 1Ω to 10 uΩ

Ans: 0.05% – 0.2%

· AC voltage frequency converter from one form to another

Ans: Cyclo converter

· Skin effect seen at

Ans: High frequencies

· Indicates the address of next instruction

Ans: Program counter

· Drift current is directly proportional to mobility, diffusion is directly proportional to concentration of diffusion

Ans: Einstein relation

· dV/dt in SCR

Ans: False trigerring

· It divides an HF signal so that a low frequency counter would be able to display the operating frequency

Ans: Prescaler circuit

· Responds to the variation in incident photon

Ans: Quantum detector

· Draws less current from circuit under test


· It provides very high electrical isolation between control ckt and power ckt, has high impedance between light source and phototransistor.

Ans: Optoisolator

· It is used to measure variations by the changing metallic resistance

Ans: Bolometer

· Most common bolometric device

Ans: Thermistor

· These are mostly used in robot than AC because it can with stand large overload.

Ans: DC motor and stepper motor

· Converting sine wave to series of pulses

Ans: Timing Marker Generator

· Current regulator alone

Ans: Regulator IC alone

· What do you call a short circuit having minimum resistance?

Ans: Dead short

· What is used in measuring wires from number 0 to number 36?

Ans: AWG

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