Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 4

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2018)Electronics Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 4

This is the Section 5 Module 4 of the compiled Electronics Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and other Electronics References. This particular Coaching Notes in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 4

· Lead acid does not depend on:

Ans: Rate of charge

· Lead acid consists of:

Ans: Dilute sulfuric acid, sponge lead, and lead peroxide

· Conputer on a chip is called:

Ans: Transputer

· Transputer consists of

Ans: 32 bits

· Nibble consists of ____ bits.

Ans: 4

· OP amp has a gain of approximately

Ans: 1,000,000

· The voice coil has an impedance between

Ans: 4 and 100 ohms.

· Semiconductor have ____ bonds.

Ans: covalent

· Nimak gantry robot has

Ans: good precision positioning

· Sulphation in a lead acid cell is

Ans: to incompletely charging

· Nickel cadmium can be charged or discharged because

Ans: water is neither absorbed or formed.

· Daisy chaining

Ans: method used in determining interrupt priorities in a microcontroller.

· Who coined the term robot?

Ans: Karel Capek

· LASER is classified as

Ans: monochromatic. Coherent and collimator.

· 555 timer consists of

Ans: astable, monostable and VCO

· Early effect is also called

Ans: base width modulation

· The effect produced due to flow of electrons and holes

Ans: drift current

· Process of adding impurities in the intrinsic semiconductor

Ans: Doping

· What is reduced by using bundled conduction?

Ans: Power loss due to corona.

· ________ is also called modified Maxwell Wien bridge.

Ans: Anderson bridge.

· ________ is a bridge that compares the capacitance of the capacitor.

Ans: De Soutry bridge

· It measures unkonown inductance in terms of resistance and capacitance.

Ans: Anderson bridge

· An IC consists of passive devices.

Ans: Film IC

· SI unit of luminous intesnisty

Ans: Candela

· SI unit of illuminance

Ans: Lux

· A microwave diode that has a frequency range of 10-1000 GHZ

Ans: IMPATT diode

· A microwave diode in the negative resistance region.

Ans: PIN diode

· Schmitt trigger acts like a

Ans: Latch

· Fermi level is in the

Ans: Forbidden gap

· Invalid NAND flip-flop violation

Ans: S=0 C=0

· Invalid NOR flip-flop violation

Ans: S=1 C=1

· Range of depletion width

Ans: 0.5 and 1 um

· Impedance matching

Ans: Transformer coupling and emitter follower.

· Maxwell-Wien bridge measures

Ans: Inductance

· D flip-flop consists of

Ans: JK flip-flop, RS flip-flop and inverter

· Uses binary counters

Ans: D flip-flop

· Ideal CMRR

Ans: Infinity

· SCARA uses ____ operation

Ans: Assembly

· Gold doping has an advantage of

Ans: Reduced storage time.

· It is the time for the diode to be forward biased to off time

Ans: Reverse recovery time

· The reverse current doubles in every ___ °C increase in temperature.

Ans: 6

· LASER and LED are in what spectrum?

Ans: Infrared spectrum.

· GaAs is used for

Ans: Infrared light or invisible light

· Tapped coil oscillator

Ans: Hartley

· Tickler coil oscillator

Ans: Armstrong

· Tapped capacitor oscillator

Ans: Colpitts

· The sediment that allows the bottom of the lead acid cell

Ans: Antimony Lead alloy

· Two transistors in class B is in

Ans: Push-pull

· Photodarlington consists of

Ans: Transistor and phototransistor

· Largest voltage applied without irreversible damage

Ans: PIV

· Thermal neutron is also called _____ neutron.

Ans: Slow

· Avalanche breakdown is due to

Ans: collision

· One nibble consists of

Ans: 4 bits

· Large computer has a maximum of

Ans: 64 bits

· Card readers can read about

Ans: 10.000 cards per minute

· Advantage of ECL

Ans: Lowest propagation delay

· Schottky TTL has

Ans: Least propagation delay

· Main advantage of CMOS

Ans: Low power

· CC voltage gain

Ans: cannot be exceeded to unity.

· Largest voltage applied without irreversible damage

Ans: PIV

· Transputer operates in

Ans: parallel data

· It is an IC consist of passive and active devices

Ans: Monolithic IC

· It is an IC consist of passive devices

Ans: Film

· Discrete circuit

Ans: Digital circuit

· Linear circuit

Ans: Analog circuit

· Backhausen criterion is a condition that

Ans: stops oscillating

· Negative output swing occurs

Ans: near saturation

· Positive output swing occurs

Ans: towards cut-off

· When dry cell is charged,

Ans: It increased in volume

· Class C acts

Ans: as an RF amplifier

· Crystal uses

Ans: RF transmitter

· A class of amplifier that has 85% efficiency

Ans: Class C

· With Si, Z=14, it is

Ans: Half-filled

· Formation of Si in valence shell

Ans: 2, 8, 4

· Volatile memory is

Ans: Semiconductor ROM

· Semiconductor ROM is

Ans: Combinational Logic circuit

· EPROM erases when strikes by

Ans: Ultraviolet rays

· Bolometer acts like a

Ans: Thermistor

· Ondograph is

Ans: A waveshape of voltage and current.

· Nickel iron cell consists of

Ans: NiOH, powdered iron and its oxide and 21% of potassium.

· CE is

Ans: Phase reversal

· Photoconductive cell is also called

Ans: photoresistive cell

· The smallest of all h parameter is

Ans: hO

· The formula of h11 is

Ans: V1/I1

· The h parameter consists of

Ans: Construction, operating point and temperature

· Moving coil occurs in

Ans: DC

· VTVM internal resistance is

Ans: the highest internal resistance

· It measures magnetic properties of ferromagnetic

Ans: Permeameter

· Simple RL low pass measures -12 dB/octave, corresponds to ___ dB/decade

Ans: -40

· Rotational joins of the robot is called _____

Ans: Revolute joints.

· Straight line joints movement of the robot is called

Ans: Prismatic joints

· Input and output point

Ans: Handshaking

· RL high pass filter has a phase difference of

Ans: 45 degrees

· Who invented the microprocessor in 1969?

Ans: Ted Hoff

· Who invented the 1st IC?

Ans: Jack Kilby

· dI/dt of an SCR is

Ans: local hot spot

· 3 ½ display maximum reading

Ans: 0999

· 3 ½ 1 mV reading

Ans: 1000

· Straight line method

Ans: piecewise linear method

· Improper biasing of IC

Ans: causes distortion

· One kWh of energy is equivalent to

Ans: 860 kcal

· Junction breakdown occurs in

Ans: reverse bias

· Ratio of Ah and Wh is

Ans: greater than one.

· The capacity in a cell is measured in

Ans: Ah

· In the IC, the SiO2 layer is

Ans: isolation

· A V/I characteristic curve is

Ans: Boltzman diode characteristic.

· Early effect is also called

Ans: base width narrowing.

· Advantage of Swinburne’s test is

Ans: very convenient and very economical.

· An IC consists of ceramic substrate

Ans: thin film IC

· An IC consists of alumina substrate

Ans: thick film IC

· It is the development of a traverse electric field in a solid material when it carries an electric current

Ans: Hall effect

· It is used when the input signal has periodically occurring intervals in which the input waveform is quiescent

Ans: synchronized clamping

· A circuit that produces an output only when first activated by a preliminary pulse

Ans: sampling gate

· Successive trigerring signal induces a transition regardless of the state in which binary happens to be

Ans: symmetrical triggering

· Both carrier drift and carrier diffusion depend on ___

Ans: Einstein relation

· Microprogramming is

Ans: A technique to implement the control logic necessary to execute instructions within a processor.

· It is used to measure a speed by cutting off light at a regular interval

Ans: Stroboscope

· Thermal runaway is

Ans: is an electrochemical reaction that causes a battery to heat and possibly explode.

· A kind of ROM that degrades its own memory contents as the memory is read


· An inductor operates at 400 Hz

Ans: Toroidal core

· An inductor operates at 95 MHz

Ans: Air core

· Data bus

Ans: It is data lines in a system bus.

· In converting intrinsic into N-type extrinsic semiconductor, which element cannot be used?

Ans: Indium

· Pin resistor has industrial heating in

Ans: Hairpin form

· Any solid object has ___ degrees of freedom

Ans: 6

· Flip-flop as a latch

Ans: S-C flip flop

· PIN diode

Ans: A microwave diode frequencies up to GHz range.

· Ip/Iv of a tunnel diode is used in

Ans: Computer application

· Noise figure of MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit)

Ans: 3.5 to 6 dB

· Unique advantage feature of CMOS

Ans: Power in a nanowatt range

· Any charge in a battery when taken off the vehicle

Ans: Bench charge

· LASCR acts like a

Ans: Latch

· A word has

Ans: 16-bit length

· A double word has

Ans: 32-bit length

· A company who invented the word byte

Ans: IBM

· Degrees of freedom is the number of ______ independent movements including the end effector

Ans: independent

· An inductor operates at 400 Hz

Ans: Toroidal core

· Percentage loss of the dc wound machine

Ans: 1 %

· When dc voltage is removed, the clamper acts as a

Ans: Rectifier

· CMOS has extremely

Ans: Large packing density

· Solar cell has a principle of

Ans: Photovoltaic cell

· Sensor that detects change in resistance in extrinsic semiconductor

Ans: Spreading Resistance Sensor (SRS)

· Reduce the stray capacitance and capacitance between bridge arm by grounding

Ans: Wagner Grounding

· A meter sensitivity control in a test instrument

Ans: Linear Taper Potentiometer

· A volume control in a stereo compact disc player

Ans: Logarithmic Taper Potentiometer

· Faster in retrieval and storage compared to magnetic tape

Ans: Magnetic Disk

· It has more ripple in a bandpass and cut-off frequency

Ans: Chebyshev filter

· Darlington pair of transistors is _____ by Beta factor.

Ans: multiplied

· CCD has ___ transfer electrons

Ans: 6

· Neutral logic

Ans: Trinary logic

· Totally true, totally false

Ans: Fuzzy logic

· Which is not a factor of capacitance?

Ans: Plate thickness

· Ideal input impedance of an op-amp

Ans: Very high

· Ideal output impedance of an op-amp

Ans: Very low

· With 100 Ω to match with higher input impedance, the configuration is

Ans: Common base

· Optocoupler consists of an

Ans: LED and phototransistor

· Optoisolator consists of an

Ans: LED and phototransistor

· Positive feedback

Ans: Oscillator

· Phase locked loop

Ans: Frequency discriminator, FM detector

· Air as inductor core has

Ans: Greatest efficiency

· What increases noise immunity in op-amp?

Ans: Hysteresis

· Resisitve element

Ans: Horizontal axis

· Reactive element

Ans: Vertical axis

· Sine wave with all harmonics

Ans: Square wave

· It abruptly changes from 2 voltage leads

Ans: Square wave

· 63.2 %

Ans: One time constant

· A sine wave oscillator, sine wave circuit

Ans: Crystal

· Positive pulse on anode terminal

Ans: Turning on an SCS

· 3 phase rectifier that uses 6 rectifier element

Ans: Gratz rectifier

· What uses as marker of 100 kHz?

Ans: 2 flip-flops

· Feature of R-S to J-K flip-flop

Ans: Toggle

· LC balance bridge

Ans: Maxwell bridge

· Operator on microwave frequency

Ans: GaAs over Silicon or Germanium

· J-K flip-flop frequency

Ans: Divides the frequency by 2.

· Small capacitance formed by twisting 2 insulated wire

Ans: Gimmick Capacitor

· Modified Miller circuit

Ans: Phanastron

· Converts step to ramp circuit

Ans: Miller circuit

· Servocontrolled robots are robots within ___ mm range rather than a fraction of mm.

Ans: 2

· It is an electron tube which emits photoelectrons when the cathode is eliminated

Ans: Phototube

· It is a radiant energy absorbed by the radiant to incident energy

Ans: Absorptance

· Inventor circuit

Ans: Converts dc to ac circuit

· Laurence or Living stone

Ans: Magnetic resonator or cyclotron

· Microporgramming

Ans: Sequence of five binary codes

· 540 degrees

Ans: Phase opposition

· Power efficiency of solar cell

Ans: 5% to 15%

· Thermal detector

Ans: Bolometer

· Exact location of data

Ans: Absolute code

· Fundamental frequency in all harmonics

Ans: Sawtooth wave

· dV/dt of SCR

Ans: False trigerring

· Monolithic IC uses

Ans: Extensive large components

· MOS IC uses


· A diode with no depletion region

Ans: Schottky diode

· LED emits light because

Ans: Electron and holes recombine

· What is the difference on the input impedance of BJT and FET?

Ans: A FET has high input impedance while BJT has low input impedance.

· Marking of scale to accept standard

Ans: Calibration

· Zener diode is in

Ans: reverse diode

· The temperature coefficient of extrinsic semiconductor is

Ans: negative

· Voltage of selenium semiconductor

Ans: 1 V

· It is preferred to manufacture diode and temperature rating

Ans: Silicon

· Isotope …

Ans: Abundance ratio

· Electron hole pair is done by

Ans: Thermal energy

· JFET square law device is because

Ans: its characteristic curve is parabolic

· Tank circuit

Ans: Antiresonant

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