MCQs in Tests and Measurements Part II

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MCQs in Tests and  Measurements - MCQs Part II

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 2 of the Series in Tests and Measurements as one of the Electronics Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Exam Questions in Electronics Engineering field, Electronics Books, Journals and other Electronics References.

Multiple Choice Questions Topic Outline

  • MCQs in Volt, Ohm, Ammeter (analog/digital)
  • MCQs in R-L-Z bridges
  • MCQs in Oscilloscope
  • MCQs in Cable Testers
  • MCQs in RF Meters
  • MCQs in Signal Generators (audio, RF, video)
  • MCQs in Noise Generators
  • MCQs in Power
  • MCQs in Reflectometer
  • MCQs in Grid dip meter

The Series

Following is the list of multiple choice questions in this brand new series:

Tests and Measurements MCQs
PART 1: MCQs from Number 1 – 50                        Answer key: PART I
PART 2: MCQs from Number 51 – 100                   Answer key: PART II
PART 3: MCQs from Number 101 – 150                 Answer key:PART III

Continue Practice Exam Test Questions Part 2 of the Series

51. Multimeter typically provides measurements of __________ values (for a sinusoidal waveform).

  • A. peak
  • B. rms
  • C. average
  • D. instantaneous

52. Dynamometer type instrument can be used for

  • A. ac work only
  • B. dc work only
  • C. both dc and ac work
  • D. neither dc nor ac works

53. What instrument which springs provide the controlling torque as well as serve to lead current into and out of the operating coil?

  • A. Moving-iron
  • B. Permanent-magnet
  • C. Hot-wire
  • D. Iron-wire

54. In VTVMs, _________ refers to the smallest signal that can be reliably measured.

  • A. threshold signal
  • B. minimum signal
  • C. sensitivity
  • D. input signal

55. The frequency of rotation in some rotating machinery can be measured by a

  • A. VTVM
  • B. Tachometer
  • C. Spectral meter
  • D. Stroboscope

56. Which of the items below describes an absorption meter’s usage?

  • A. Check the output frequency of a transmitter
  • B. Monitors the output current of a receiver
  • C. Monitors the frequency ratio of a device
  • D. Frequency generator

57. What instrument is used for observing voltage and current waveforms?

  • A. Multimeter
  • B. DMM
  • C. Oscilloscope
  • D. Telescope

58. Which of the following forces does not act on the moving systems of analog instruments?

  • A. A deflecting force
  • B. A controlling force
  • C. A damping force
  • D. An electrostatic force

59. When current through the operating coil of a moving-iron instrument is tripled the operating force becomes

  • A. six times
  • B. one-half time
  • C. nine times
  • D. three times

60. What is the typical full-scale deflection current of a moving coil instrument?

  • A. 50 mA
  • B. 50 nA
  • C. 50 µA
  • D. 50 A

61. What instrument is used for measuring the amount of current flowing in a circuit?

  • A. Voltmeter
  • B. Ammeter
  • C. Oscilloscope
  • D. Meter amperage

62. What type of meter gives a precise reading on voltage, current or resistance where there is the generation of samples at the input and then feeds it to a digital read-out?

  • A. VOM
  • B. VTVM
  • C. DMM
  • D. DTMF

63. What is the typical full-scale voltage across a moving coil voltmeter?

  • A. 50 nV
  • B. 50 µV
  • C. 50 V
  • D. 50 mV

64. What is the period of a repetitive signal?

  • A. One-fourth cycle of the waveform
  • B. Two cycles of the waveform
  • C. One cycle of the waveform
  • D. One-half cycle of the waveform

65. What element of a CRT releases electrons when heated indirectly by a filament?

  • A. Cathode
  • B. Grid
  • C. Anode
  • D. Phosphor screen

66. Moving-iron instrument has what scale?

  • A. Uniform
  • B. Logarithmic
  • C. Squared
  • D. Exponential

67. A pattern displayed by oscilloscopes which has a steady characteristic is called

  • A. Lissajous pattern
  • B. Nyquist pattern
  • C. Barkhausen’s criterian
  • D. Fermat’s pattern

68. A galvanometer with a 20 Ω coil resistance has a full-scale deflection of 10mA. A 0.02 Ω is placed across the meter to increase its rating capacity. What is the new full-scale current foe the meter?

  • A. 1.01 A
  • B. 100.1 A
  • C. 10.10 A
  • D. 10.01 A

69. Which of the following extends the range of a moving-iron ac ammeter?

  • A. A shunt
  • B. A multiplier
  • C. Changing number of turns of operating coil
  • D. A series

70. Which part of the following is not a basic part of a CRT?

  • A. Electron gun
  • B. Focusing and accelerating elements
  • C. Horizontal and vertical deflecting plates
  • D. Sawtooth generator

71. For amplitude measurements, what scale is calibrated in either volts per centimeter (V/cm), or milivolts per centimeter (mV/cm).

  • A. Horizontal
  • B. Diagonal
  • C. Vertical
  • D. Voltage

72. What ammeter is used to measure high-frequency currents?

  • A. Hot-wire
  • B. Moving-iron
  • C. Dynamometer
  • D. Thermocouple

73. Which of the voltmeter is used for measuring high direct voltage (say 10kV)?

  • A. Permanent-magnet moving coil
  • B. Hot-wire
  • C. Electrostatic
  • D. Moving iron

74. A common technique for measuring power at high frequency is to

  • A. employ high power meter
  • B. use microwave meters
  • C. employ a sensing element that converts the RF power to a measurable dc or low-frequency signal
  • D. use thermocouple

75. What provides visual display showing the form of the signal applied as a waveform on the front screen of a cathode ray oscilloscope?

  • A. Television
  • B. Computer
  • C. Meter face
  • D. CRT

76. Electrostatic instruments are exclusively used as

  • A. voltmeters
  • B. ohmmeters
  • C. ammeters
  • D. wattmeters

77. What is the typical power range of thermocouple sensors

  • A. 0.1 mW to 100 W
  • B. 0.1 µW to 100 mW
  • C. 0.1 nW to 100 µW
  • D. 0.1 pW to 100 nW

78. An electric pyrometer is an instrument used to measure

  • A. phase
  • B. high temperatures
  • C. frequency
  • D. power

79. Which instrument is the most sensitive?

  • A. Moving-iron
  • B. Dynamometer
  • C. Hot-wire
  • D. Permanent-magnet moving coil

80. Which is the most commonly used induction type instrument?

  • A. Induction voltmeter
  • B. Induction watt-hour meter
  • C. Induction wattmeter
  • D. Induction ammeter

81. What type of instrument is the watt-hour meter?

  • A. An integrating
  • B. A recording
  • C. An indicating
  • D. A power meter

82. A certain pulse measures 10ms and has a period of 50ms. The duty cycle is

  • A. 20%
  • B. 10%
  • C. 5%
  • D. 100%

83. Indicating instrument is assumed to be most accurate at what part of the scale?

  • A. At beginning
  • B. At half of full
  • C. At ending
  • D. Any part

84. On a simple ohmmeter, the 0 Ω mark is located ______ of the scale.

  • A. at far left
  • B. at far right
  • C. at ending
  • D. any part

85. One of the basic functions of electronic circuit is

  • A. the generation and manipulation of electronic waveshapes
  • B. the creation of a signal
  • C. the transmission of electrical signal
  • D. the reception of electric signal

86. What provides a visual presentation of ant waveform applied to the input terminals?

  • A. Cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO)
  • B. Cathode ray tube (CRT)
  • C. Spectrum analyzer
  • D. VTVMs

87. The interval of a pulse from start to end is the _____ of the pulse

  • A. period
  • B. width
  • C. position
  • D. duty cycle

88. Considered as the “heart” of the cathode ray oscilloscope.

  • A. Cathode ray tube (CRT)
  • B. Sawtooth generator
  • C. Horizontal amplifier
  • D. Vertical amplifier

89. A material that glows when struck by the energetic electrons in a CRT.

  • A. Aquadag
  • B. Silicon
  • C. Germanium
  • D. Phosphor

90. What sensor provides a change of resistance with typical power range of 1µW to 10mW and with maximum frequency greater than 100GHz?

  • A. Thermal converter
  • B. Diode sensor
  • C. Thermocouple sensor
  • D. Thermistor sensor

91. An ammeter with an internal resistance of 50 Ω is used to measure a current through a load resistance RL= 1 k Ω. Determine the percentage error of the reading due to ammeter insertion.

  • A. 67.4%
  • B. 6.74%
  • C. 4.76%
  • D. 47.6%

92. Most AC voltmeters have an rms scale which is valid only if the input signal being measured is a ________ signal.

  • A. square wave
  • B. triangular
  • C. sawtooth
  • D. sinusoidal

93. Which of the following bridges measures dc resistance?

  • A. Wheatstone
  • B. Maxwell bridge
  • C. Hay bridge
  • D. Schering bridge

94. What bridge is used to measure high-Q inductors (Q>10)?

  • A. Wheatstone bridge
  • B. Wien bridge
  • C. Hay bridge
  • D. Maxwell bridge

95. Maxwell bridge measures an unknown inductance in terms of known

  • A. resistance
  • B. frequency
  • C. inductance
  • D. capacitance

96. What is used for measuring medium Q coils (1<Q<10)?

  • A. Maxwell bridge
  • B. Wheatstone bridge
  • C. Kelvin bridge
  • D. Hay bridge

97. What has a series RC combination in one arm and a parallel RC combination in the adjoining arm and used as a notch filter in harmonic distortion analyzer?

  • A. Wien bridge
  • B. Maxwell bridge
  • C. Kelvin bridge
  • D. Hay bridge

98. Sensitivity of a voltmeter is expressed in

  • A. Ω/ V
  • B. Ω/A
  • C. V/ Ω
  • D. V/A

99. What is the smallest change in applied stimulus that will indicate a detectable change in deflection in a indicating instrument called?

  • A. Sensitivity
  • B. Accuracy
  • C. Resolution
  • D. Precision

100. Insulation resistance is measured by which meter?

  • A. Ohmmeter
  • B. Insulation meter
  • C. Wien bridge
  • D. Megger

Complete List of MCQs in Electronics Engineering per topic

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MCQs in Tests and Measurements Part II
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