Review: Problem Solving in Isothermal Process 01

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Review: Problem Solving in Isothermal Process 01

Problem Statement:

Six pounds of air gain 0.591 Btu/°R of entropy during a non-flow isothermal process. If P1 = 130 psia and V2 = 45.2 ft³, find (a) V1 and T1 (b) W (c) Q and (d) Change in U.

Course: Thermodynamics

TOPIC: Processes of Ideal Gas

SUBTOPIC: Isothermal Process

DEFINITION: An Isothermal Process is an internally reversible constant temperature process of a substance.

Problem Answer:

a.) V1 = 10.7451 cu. ft b.) T1 = 628.5039 °R c.) W = 371.44 BTu d.) Q = 371.44 BTu e.) ∆U = 0

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Review: Problem Solving in Isothermal Process 01
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