You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 8

Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 8

Electronics Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 8

This is the Section 5 Module 8 of the compiled Electronics Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and other Electronics References. This particular Coaching Notes in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 8

Gimmick Capacitance – small capacitance formed by twisting two insulated wires

Decade Counter – one output pulse for every 10 input pulse

4 x 4 resistor – series parallel connection to make 100 ohms, 10 watts from 100 ohms 1 watt

Wiring Diagram – shows components values

Wire wound resistors – can handle large power dissipation


Mercury Cell – can pollute the environment

Nickel-Iron – Has high internal resistance

Output of HW rectifier – effective value is less than the original

Output of FW rectifier – effective value is same as the original

Electromagnetic Deflection – change in compass needles

Hot wire Ammeter – can be used in AC and DC

Transistors can be protected by – current limiting resistors

Weston cell – voltage reference source

To solve for true power when voltage is out of phase with current – multiply apparent power by power factor

CPU, Microprocessor – contain ALU and Control Unit

GaAs – preferred over silicon and Gallium in microwave application

Frequency Counter – accurate in 6 Digits or more

Polar Coordinate – used to have a view of phase angle

Rectangular coordinate – used if you want to see the reactances and resistances

Transition time – time it takes to switch conduction from one transistor to another

IBM – invented BYTE

Interpreter – one at a time

Compiler – For later used

Assembly Language – high level programming that can translate language to machine language by mnemonics

95 MHz – air core conductor

400 Mhz – Torroidal Inductor

Avalanche – caused by collision of electrons

Time Constant – time needed to change an RL/RC to 63.2%

Multivibrator – not a sine wave generator.

Percent conductivity of pure annealed copper – 108.8%

Percent conductivity of 99.9% gold – 72.6%

Percent conductivity of 99.5 pure aluminum – 63%

Operating System – Contain BIOS

Ampacity – maximum current a wire can handle

Wheatstone Bridge – determines unknown resistances Rx w/ fixed resistor R1 and R2 and calibrated variable resistor R3

F.T. Bacon – cell in 1959

Frenkel Effect – vacant lattice Site/ missing atom is relocated at the interstitial position

Vacancy Effect – Vacant lattice site

Resolution – Smallest increment

Reproducibility – degree of closeness which a given value is measure

Accuracy – closeness of value measured compared to the repeatedly measured true value

Class B motor – 130 degrees F

Class F motor – 155 degrees F

Class F motor – 155 degrees F

Maximum reverse voltage in diode – peak inverse voltage

Duty Cycle – ratio of ON time to the switch period

Electromagnetic effect – due to less than 100% coupling

Ramsauer Effect – absorption of slow moving electron due to intervening matter

APF –volume/cell volume

Weidman Franz Law – Ratio of thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is proportional to the absolute temperature

Orthogonal Nulling – garaging the 2 adjustments of an AC bridge together in such a way that charging one adjustment change the other in a special way

Common Drain – Buffer amplifier

Common Gate – High frequency amplifier

Common Source – voltage amplifier

Personal error – error due to the user

Storage oscilloscope – retain the display for a longer period of analysis

Electrostatic Precipitation – by electrostatic charging and precipitation

Polyphased motors – used for heavy load application

Array of Thermocouple – Thermopile

STACK – temporary data storage that uses LIFO

Single grid – control Grid

Selsyn – direction of the object oriented

Work envelope of robot manipulation – range of axis

Ohmic contact – contact with a metal

Semiconductor RAM – combinational logic circuit

Schmitt Trigger – circuit with hysteresis

Ernest Rutherford – 10 to the -4 size of atoms

Residual Magnetism – magnetizing force equal to 0

0.74 – face centered atomic packing factor

Chromium – body centered

Advantage of toroidal over solenoid is the magnetic flux of toroid is in the core

Converter transformer – 10 kHz to 150 kHz

Carrier Frequency Transformer – 20 kHz to 20MHz

Cross over network – a pair of filter on high fidelity system which separate audio frequency band signal into 2 separate groups where one is to be fed to the tweeter and the other to the woofer

Parasitic Oscillation – unwanted oscillation

Solid grounding – 660 V

Resistance grounding – 3.3 kV to 11 kV

Swinburne’s test – economical and convenient

Hopkin’s test – (disadvantage) used to shunt motor

Die casting – not included in IC manufacturing

Switch mode power supply – dc-dc converter

Megger – measure resistance

Universal motor – operates in ac or dc, speed dependent on frequency,

Prescaler – HF hinahati so that low frequency show the operating frequency

Silicon – 2, 8, 4

Cyclotron and magnetic resonator – invented by Lawrence Livingston

Electron Ballistics – study the collision of electron and trajectories

-12dB/octave – -40dB/decade

Absorptiometer – measure absorption

Absolute coding – absolute location of file in a computer

Gratz amplifier – 6 rectifier

Persistor – conducting inductor parallel with switch

5 – 15% – efficiency of solar cell

Fermi – Level – probability of occupancy of energy level of an electron

Windage – is a no load loss but not an electric core loss in motors

A motor loses 2 -3 hours of useful life every 1 hour run

Ringing circuit – RLC circuit which produces unchanged oscillations

Microprogramming – series of 5 bits that identify control signal

Toroidal frequency – 400MHz

Air-core – 95MHz

Absolute Zero – state where there’s no moving electrons

Depletion region – Schottky Diode – no depletion layer and operates on hot carriers

Tank circuit – anti-resonant circuit

Hall Effect – determines if P or N substance PNP/NPN device is used to avoid grounding Vc

LASCR – used for Latching

Greater harmonic suppression – Pi L network over pi network

Ringing circuit – undamped circuit

Hand shaking – I/O devices

Negative coefficient of capacitor – capacitance decreases with increase in temperature

For added wrist in manipulator – 3degrees of freedom

Selenium – photocell

Solenoid – electrical to mechanical motion

Nicad – cells can be replaced

Dead space – output remains unchanged unless voltage goes beyond the mark/limit

Frequency stability – provide tuned circuit

Full adder – 2 bits and 1 carry

Half adder – sum and carry

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