Electronics Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 7

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2018)Electronics Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 7

This is the Section 5 Module 7 of the compiled Electronics Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and other Electronics References. This particular Coaching Notes in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 7

· A robot system characterized by the incorporation of multiple computer processors, each operating asynchronously to perform specific functions. It includes a separate low level processor for each degree of freedom and a master computer supervising and coordinating these processors, as well as providing higher-level functions.

Ans: third generation robot system

· The orientation of a view with a video camera, in elevation.

Ans: tilt

· A continuous position control response to continuously changing input requirements.

Ans: tracking

· A movement such that all axes remain parallel to what they were.

Ans: translation

· The acquisition, movement throughthorugh space, and release of an object by a robot.

Ans: transport

· The portion of a jointed arm that is connected to the shoulder.

Ans: upper arm

· Also known as the robot operating envelope. The set of points representing the maximum extent or reach of the robot tool in a directions.

Ans: work envelope

· The envelope reached by the center of the interface between the wrist and the tool, using all available axis motions.

Ans: workspace

· A set of joints, usually rotational, between the arm and the hand or end effector, which allow the hand or end effector to be oriented relative to the workpiece.

Ans: wrist

· The angular displacement of a moving joint about an axis which is perpendicular to the line of motion and the top side of the body.

Ans: yaw

· What magnet is used in computer memory circuits?

Ans: Ring magnet

· What magnet is used in some meter circuits?

Ans: Horseshoe magnet

· “If the electrons of the atom in a material spin more in one direction than in the other, the material will become magnetized”. This refers to what theorem?

Ans: The Domain theory of Magnetism

· What theorem assumes that all magnetic materials are made up of magnetic molecules which, if lined up in north to south pole order, will be a magnet. If not lined up, the magnetic fields about the molecules will neutralize each other and no magnetic effect will be noted?

Ans: Weber’s theory of magnetism

· What do you call a short circuit having minimum resistance?

Ans: Dead short

· What refers to a continuation of current flow within an electrical cell when there is no external load?

Ans: Local action

· The amount of increase in the resistance of 1 ohm sample of the conductor per degree of temperature rise above 0°C is called what?

Ans: Temperature coefficient of resistance

· What do you call the resistance to current leakage through the insulation?

Ans: Insulation resistance

· What is the common name for enamel insulated wire?

Ans: Magnet wire

· What term is general one and usually applies only to the larger sizes of conductors?

Ans: Cables

· The process of applying thin coat of solder to materials prior to their being soldered.

Ans: Tinning

· The addition of atmospheric oxygen to metal to form rust, or to cause a breakdown in the internal construction of the metal.

Ans: Oxidation

· What refers to a continuation of current flow within an electrical cell when there is not external load?

Ans: Local action

· A continuous jacket of lead molded around a single conductor or multiple conductor cable.

Ans: Lead sheath

· What do you call the force exerted on an insulator by the voltage in a conductor?

Ans: Electrostatic stress

· The discharge of electricity from a conductor with a high potential.

Ans: Corona

· A material that removes oxides from surfaces to be joined by soldering or welding.

Ans: Flux

· A synthetic mixture of rosins that is flexible and used as an insulating material. Generally used as an insulator for low and medium range voltages.

Ans: Thermoplastic

· The capacity of a soldering iron to generate and maintain a satisfactory soldering temperature while giving up heat to the material being soldered.

Ans: Thermal inertia

· What is the working voltage of a dry electrolytic capacitor?

Ans: 500 V

· If arcing should occur between the plates of an oil filled capacitor, the oil will tend to reseal the hole caused by the arcing. Such a capacitor is referred to as ______ capacitor.

Ans: self-healing

· The maximum voltage that can be steadily applied to the capacitor without the capacitor breaking down (shorting) is called ____ of the capacitor.

Ans: working voltage

· What is meant by “local action”?

Ans: Current flow in cell with no external load.

· The left side of the pulse

Ans: Leading edge

· The right side of the pulse

Ans: Trailing edge

· What is the process by which an atoms gain or losses electrons?

Ans: Ionization

· Any group of energy levels that results from the close proximity of atoms in a solid.

Ans: Energy bands

· How many pulsations per revolution have the output voltage of an elementary single coil dc generator?

Ans: Two

· How many commutator segments are required in a two-coil generator?

Ans: Four

· What is the distortion of the main field due to the effects of armature current?

Ans: Armature reaction

· What type of prime mover requires a specially designed high speed alternator?

Ans: Steam turbine

· What type of rotor is used in slower speed alternators?

Ans: Salient pole rotor

· What type of rotor is wound in a manner to allow high-speed use without flying apart?

Ans: Turbine driven type rotor

· What term is used to denote the difference in speed between the rotor which is always somewhat less than the speed of the rotating field?

Ans: Slip

· What mechanical device reverses armature connections in motors and generators at the proper instant so that current continues to flow only in one direction?

Ans: Commutator

· What motor characteristic is affected by counter emf?

Ans: Speed

· How is EPROM erased?

Ans: with a burst of ultraviolet light

· Whenever data is transferred between devices, it involves the exchange of prearranged signals. What is this process called?

Ans: Handshaking

· What test is used to check for opens (or to see if the circuit is complete or continuous) and is accomplished with an ohmmeter?

Ans: Continuity test

· What type of circuits are caused by some conducting part of the circuit making contact either directly or indirectly with the metallic structure of the ship or chassis?

Ans: Ground circuits

· Shunts are usually made from what alloy?

Ans: Manganin

· What property of shunt is desired because of the heavy currents that often flow through shunts producing heat?

Ans: Zero-temperature coefficient

· In D’Arsonval meter, many turns of fine wire would be used, each turn adding more effective length to the coil. The coil is wound on an aluminum frame called ___.

Ans: bobbin

· What is an important point to remember when you are making an accurate resistance measurement?

Ans: “Zero” the meter each time you select a new range.

· BJT better than FET

Ans: radio receiver

· Wineglass

Ans: Plasma arc welding

· … plasma

Ans: Plasma arc welding

· Slow speed

Ans: Salient pole

· High speed

Ans: Turbine driven type rotor

· Differentiation

Ans: Submerged

· Comparison solenoid

Ans: Relay fixed core

· Human arm

Ans: Serial robot

· Input display signal voltage

Ans: Vertical deflection coil

· Replacing DC motor/recently used

Ans: Piezo motor

· Rapid discharge of electrical energy

Ans: Percussion welding

· Hydrogen Electrode

Ans: E7018

· False

Ans: Air has the concentrated magnetic field

· Electron gun tube

Ans: CRT

· Electron field tube

Ans: Electron beam

· Multicavity Klystron

Ans: Variable electron speed

· Fuse

Ans: Quick break type

· Magnetic frequency increases

Ans: Power output decreases

· Cause of electrons due to the longitudinal

Ans: Magnetic field

· Along a joint

Ans: Upset welding

· Fastest memory

Ans: Flash memory

· Tungsten electrode

Ans: TIG

· Use of non-interlaced monitor

Ans: Fast graph

· CMOS disadvantage

Ans: cannot handle high power


Ans: least susceptible to noise

· E stands for

Ans: American Wire Electrode

· Exceeding 450°F

Ans: Brazing

· Not exceeding 450°F

Ans: Soldering

· Generators used

Ans: Magnetic

· Battery used as

Ans: chemical

· Responsible of pulsating DC

Ans: Commutator

· Low voltage high power

Ans: Center tapped Full Wave

· Oldest 1940 general magnetic phenomenon

Ans: Colding or cold contact

· Joints

Ans: Direct Kinematics

· End effector

Ans: Inverse Direct Kinematics

· Nothing but to memory

Ans: Flag field

· Unwanted connection

Ans: Fault connection

· Frequency synthesizer used as

Ans: Divider

· Output amplitude

Ans: Amplitude stability

· DC motor is preferred as driver in robotics because

Ans: it can withstand large overload

· Welding is not used direct source because

Ans: it is impracticable to draw heavy currents

· Atomic hydrogen is long lived because

Ans: ac is used

· RF power amplifier

Ans: Common base

· Choke

Ans: passes dc but not RF

· Multivibrator

Ans: Common emitter or common source

· Algorithm better than ZMP

Ans: Dynamic balancing

· One feet with small

Ans: Hopping

· Automatic welding

Ans: 5 intervals

· Control grid of a tube

Ans: gate of a FET

· Impedance mismatch reactance output

Ans: Transformer

· Laminated core

Ans: reduces eddy current loss

· No load loss but not electrical loss

Ans: Windage

· Manganese Dioxide Alkaline Acid

Ans: Alkaline Cell

· Draws large amount of current

Ans: Rheostat

· Increase RL

Ans: Improved Efficiency

· Single coil

Ans: Elementary generator

· 3 classifications of robot

Ans: Anthrophomorphic, SCARA, and articulated

· Connects arm and end effectors

Ans: Wrist

· ____ for bones, ____ for muscle and ____for degrees of freedom.

Ans: links, actuator, and joints

· Early actuator

Ans: Elastic nanotube

· Changing of electric energy

Ans: Electroactive polymer

· Variable speed

Ans: DC generator

· Constant speed

Ans: AC generator

· More robot than worker

Ans: Japan

· Transient suppression prevents

Ans: diode failure

· Tunnel diode

Ans: Dr. Leo Esaki

· Zener Diode

Ans: Dr. Carl Zener

· Varactor diode uses

Ans: Frequency stability

· 2 terminal communicate

Ans: Handshaking

· Highest fidelity

Ans: Class A

· Portion

Ans: Class AB

· FET amplifier

Ans: Class AB2

· Medium penetration

Ans: E6013

· Oxy fuel arc

Ans: Oxy fuel gas welding

· Electrical requirement of arc welding

Ans: high open circuit voltage

· Horizontal oscilloscope

Ans: Time/division

· Joining of metals

Ans: Welding

· Radio using tubes

Ans: Bulk and heavy

· The purpose of I in PIN diode

Ans: minimizes junction capacitance

· 1/16 to 5/16 in in diameter

Ans: American Welding Society

· Degrees of freedom for General purpose effectors

Ans: 20

· Deep penetration welding

Ans: Submerge arc welding

· JFET except

Ans: transconductance

· Pinch off voltage

Ans: Transconductance is zero

· Formula for IC with leakage current

Ans: IC = βIB + (β+1)ICBO

· IE

Ans: IE = (IC –  ICBO)/α


Ans: ICQ = βIBQ + ICEO


Ans: IEQ = ICQ + IBQ

· Increase temperature leakage current

Ans: ICBO = ICBO (T2-T1)/10

· Charge of a capacitor

Ans: Q = CV

· Charge

Ans: Q = Qo (1-e(-t/RC))

· Dependent on gap

Ans: Charge efficiency

· NRZI means

Ans: Non-return to zero invert

· Pilot cell

Ans: identifies the condition of the battery

· More likely to occur than zener breakdown because lightl doped

Ans: Avalanche breakdown

· How wire

Ans: measure dc and ac

· Dielectric constant of mica

Ans: 6

· Buck boost lossless

Ans: D = (V2)/(V1+V2)

· Buck

Ans: D = V2/V1

· Op-amp filter

Ans: Polysterene


Ans: open circuit high level

· I2L

Ans: bipolar saturated logic


Ans: Degrade data if used

· 6 rectifying elements

Ans: Gratz rectifier

· Superconductivity thin film memory consisting of a superconducting inductor

Ans: Permistor

· Register and counters are the same because

Ans: they have the same array of flip flop and gates

· High Q

Ans: High selectivity

· 2 principles of detector

Ans: Rectifier and filter

· Microprocessor

Ans: ALU and control unit


Ans: ALU and control unit

· Simulate

Ans: Simulator

· Servocontrolled robot

Ans: Soft stop

· Nonservo robot

Ans: Hard stop

· Lowest resistivity at 293 K

Ans: Copper

· BIG elements

Ans: Trivalent

· PAA elements

Ans: Pentavalent

· Analog preferred than digital because

Ans: of measuring signal strength

· Opposing torques

Ans: Deflecting and restoring torques

· Code that…

Ans: Absolute code

· Equal ripple

Ans: Eliptic filter

· Illuminance

Ans: Lux

· Ripple sharp cutoff

Ans: Chebyshev filter

· Adds all harmonics

Ans: Sawtooth

· Odd harmonics

Ans: Square

· All even harmonics

Ans: Push pull

· The single grid of vacuum

Ans: Control grid

· In low frequency cutoff, amplitude decreases by ___ from midrange value

Ans: 3 dB

· Change in audio range

Ans: 1 dB

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