Electronics Engineering Exam 9: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 9: ECE Pre-Board

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 9 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Electronics Engineering that could possibly be given in the board.

1. 2

2. 2

3. 7

4. 69.3 ms

5. 5.386 W

6. 2LA (1+k)

7. 0.277 ms

8. Excitor

9. Shunted

10. 60 kg

11. Cincinatti T3

12. 6

13. Closed-loop system

14. Rigidity

15. 2e-100tcos 100t

16. 1.25

17. Baryons

18. Mesons

19. h/4π

20. Effectivity product

21. Walk

22. Ferrimagnetism

23. Pulse width

24. Sag or dip

25. Correspondence

26. Spike

27. 64

28. Service factor

29. 7.4

30. 1.15 to 1.4

31. Three

32. Critical

33. 105°C

34. Class H

35. All of the choices

36. 130°C

37. Very narrow

38. Class F

39. 1%

40. 2 and 3 µm

41. 1 µm

42. Circuit control devices

43. Accumulator

44. Forward-breakover voltage

45. Velocity servo

46. Make-before-break

47. Split capacitor

48. Hydrometer

49. ± 5%

50. Ignitron

51. Electroacoustics

52. Electroencephalogram

53. Digital subtraction anglography

54. TR tube

55. Filament or heater voltage

56. The pair of catcher grids

57. 20%

58. 0.05 volt

59. Voltage fluctuations from load to no-load

60. Full load to no load

61. 1.8 hours

62. 15 volts

63. 2400 volts

64. The 150 volt winding

65. Swinging choke

66. Hartley oscillator

67. By using a current transformer and a capacitor shunt

68. 0.9

69. Tunnel diodes

70. As VHF and UHF mixers and detectors

71. 1.7 volts and 20 mA

72. Forward bias

73. ROM—Read-Only Memory

74. 6 kHz at -6 dB

75. Etching and grinding

76. Hunting

77. Greater than 10 to 1

78. Ease of handling and protection from damage

79. rem

80. Bonding wires

81. Magnetic susceptibility

82. Beam-lead chip

83. Microcircuit module

84. discharging the cells

85. Frequency multipliers

86. Electrolytic

87. Electrolytic

88. Specific inductive capacity

89. A swamping resistor

90. Quiescence

91. 1.280-1.300

92. A, B, C and D

93. Decreases linearity

94. Current flows through the component is limited to 1 mA

95. reduced, increased

96. two

97. A, B, C, D and E

98. Number of symbols used in the system

99. state of charge

100. Band-pass

What’s next in line?

Complete List of Electronics Engineering Exams: ECE Pre-Board

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