Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 3

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 3

This is the Section 1 Module 3 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 3

1. In which of the following places would a transistor battery be the best power-source choice?

– an electronic calculator

2. When the dielectric material between the plates is Changed, all other things equal:

– you cannot determine Xc w/o enough data

3. A cell or battery that keeps up a constant current delivering capability almost until it dies:

– flat discharge curve

4. Disadvantage of mercury cells and batteries:

– pollute the environment

5. Battery that never be used until “it dies”:

– nickel-cadmium

6. One reason why it is impractical to make an extremely high voltage battery:

– there isn’t any real need for such a thing

7. When permeability tuning, moving the core further Into a solenoidal core:

– increases the inductance

8. Significant advantage of toroidal over solenoid:

– the magnetic flux in a toroid is practically all w/in the core

9. Not an example of true power:

– power in a capacitor

10. Enhancement-mode MOSFET

– the channel does not conduct w/ zero gate voltage

11. Force between two electrically charged objects

– electrostatic force

12. Important advantage of an electrostatic meter

– it can detect ac voltages

13. As the number of turns in a coil increases, the current in the coil

– decreases to near zero

14. Ferromagnetic core is placed in an inductor to:

– increase the inductance

15. The transfer curve of Shockley’s equation is not for:

– enhancement-type MOSFET

16. Common-emitter of bipolar transistor ckt:

– emitter is at signal ground

17. Operating frequency range of SCR:

– above 50 kHz

18. Disk ceramic capacitor have a value of:

– 100 pf

19. Paper capacitor might have a value of:

– 0.01 uf

20. Timer 556 voltage controlled oscillator produce:

– both square wave & triangular

21. Typical dropout voltage for the 7812 fixed positive voltage regulator:

– 4mV

22. Typical dropout voltage range for the 7812 fixed positive voltage regulator:


23. If X is high & Y is low, what is the state X not Y:

– this logic statement makes no sense

24. When both inputs of an R-S flip flop is 1:

– resulting output can be absurd

25. Power diodes mostly used:


26. Output of full wave rectifier:

– effective value is same as that of original ac signal

27. Ammeter shunt is useful because:

– it allows measurement of a wide range of currents

28. Advantage of FETVM over conventional voltmeter under test

– draws less current from the ckt

29. Can be permanently magnetized

– ferromagnetic

30. Fourth generation language for database retrieval

– query language

31. … to minimize seek time

– cylindrical method

32. A type of computer which is faster because it has fewer instructions


33. Personal computer acts as a terminal

– emulation

34. Assigning sector at the outer disk track:

– zone recording

35. When data is transmitted over a long distance telephone line, the digital highs & lows are generally represented by:

– audio tone

36. … can be accomplished by:

– hypertext

37. Used to design and manufacture products


38. Shown in an RC plane

– corresponds to a unique combination of resistance & reactance

39. A typical frequency counter:

– is up to 6 accurate digits or more

40. How many diodes are conducting in FWR when charging capacitor:

– 2

41. Period when capacitor filter charged in a full-wave rectifier:

– time during w/c the diodes are conducting

42. How can simple power supply filter be constructed:

– by placing a capacitor parallel to DC output

43. Zener diode is usually used in:

– power supply regulating ckt

44. Conduct less than 180 degrees of a cycle:

– class C

45. How many class B amplifier must be used to have a full cycle:

– 2

46. Priority program:

– foreground

47. Barcode for products:


48. Level of the output voltage of ladder network conversion:

– an analog output voltage is proportional to the digital input voltage

49. Square wave:

– only odd harmonics

50. Mass advertising via internet:

– spamming

51. Safeguard against theft & alteration of data


52. Meter sensitivity test measurements:

– linear taper potentiometer

53. Advantage of rheostat over potentiometer:

– can handle more current

54. When the absolute value of impedance is high:

– less flow of alternating current

55. Program where sabotage depends on certain condition


56. Bundle of basic software that work together:

– suite

57. Cascaded transistor using a positive feedback Input of the 1st stage

– multivibrator

58. Response time of cadmium sulfide (CdS) in photo conductive cell:

– 100 ms

59. Layers of SCR

– 4

60. Instrument used to measure precise measurement of harmonic component of a distorted signal

– wave analyzer

61. A variable capacitor has a transition capacitance that is affected by a reverse bias potential, it is maximum at zero & decreases ____ as reverse bias is increase:

– exponentially

62. 311 IC is an 8-pin DIP which functions as:

– comparator

63. Ratio of width to the center layer of transistor:

– 150:1

64. When a ferromagnetic material is placed near a coil

– electromagnet

65. Not a linear/digital IC

– passive filter

66. Point “southeast” of a GB plane

– conductance & inductive susceptance

67. If the resistance increases & Xc = 0 of RC plane

– straight towards the right

68. To avoid needless heating of a transistor implore:

– current limiting resistor

69. A component that discharges filter capacitor when power supply is switched off:

– bleeder resistor

70. In computer, it is the ability of an object to interpret a message using its own method:

– polymorphism

71. High voltage is better that low voltage in a long distance electric power transmission because:

– I2R losses is lower

72. Positioning of headings & columns for a report format

– printer spacing char:

73. When a control unit directs ALU to perform an operation:

– third step

74. SDLC has ____ phase:

– 5

75. The ___ model is limited to a particular operating condition if it required to be accurate:

– hybrid equivalent

76. When the control unit gets instruction:

– I-time

77. False statement regarding DC load line in comparison of VDT & self bias

– both cross the origin

78. “What you are” criterion in computer system:

– biometrics

79. Most stable oscillator ckt:

– quartz crystal

80. After stating pseudocode, next step is:

– coding program

81. Specifying the kind of input, process & output required in the program:

– defining the problem

82. Level of the voltage between the input terminal of op-amp

– virtually zero

83. Op amp usually employs negative feedback to:

– control the gain

84. Technique whereby part of the computer is stored on disk and brought to memory into execution:

– virtual storage

85. In phase shift oscillator, the amplifier gain is greater than ____:

– 29

86. Convert electrical signal to visible radiant energy:


87. When VA power is equal to the true power:

– reactance is equal to zero

88. Backward-working electric motor:

– electric generator

89. Maximum efficiency of Class A amplifier when directly or series fed connected

– 25%

90. Prewritten standard file handling computer:

– utilities

91. Management of operating system is handled by:

– supervisor program

92. Reason why CDs do not wear out:

– nothing touches the disk

93. Optoisolator

– LED & photodiode

94. How many optoisolator does LIT ISO Q1 16 has:

– 4

95. A transformer which has a secondary-to-primary turns ratio of 0.167

– step down unit

96. Can be recharged & therefore used again & again:

– secondary cell

97. Electron beam in an electrostatic CRT is bent by:

– electric field

98. Data in a volatile memory:

– vanishes when power is removed

99. When the distance between the plates decreases:

– capacitance increases

100. Several small disk packs work together as a unit:


Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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