Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 1 Module 10

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)Communications Coaching Materials: Section 1 Module 10

This is the Section 1 Module 10 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 1 Module 10

1 Human hearing range in octaves 10
2 GPS satellite orbit period 12 hrs
3 GPS constellation radius 20,200 km
4 Advantage of discone Broadband
5 The trouble when the color oscillator does not oscillate No color
6 Term for ordinary telephone POTS (plain old telephone system)
7 The beat frequency between the 3.58 MHz subcarrier and the 4.5 MHz sound signal 0.92 MHz
8 Final amplifier stage Power amplifier
9 Threshold pain of acoustic shock 120 dB
10 EDGE enhanced GSM 358
11 Standard terrestrial TV transmission 8VSB
12 A call that cannot be completed Blocked call
13 A vacuum tube used for microwave amplification and oscillation Klystron
14 CATV level for sound interruption 40 dB
15 CATV is an ex. of Metropolitan area (?) network
16 Radio system use to provide high speed data packet GPRS
17 The law tat created the MTRCB PD 1986
18 Vertical blanking considered as 3 horizontal lines wide Vertical sync
19 System that does not use TDMA IS 95
20 Accessory referred to as magic T Hybrid T
21 For TV system, the horizontal flyback is 10% 6.4 micro seconds
22 Typical speech power of the human ear 10 to 1000 micro watts
23 When was the first mobile phone introduced Oct 13, 1983
24 Number of HDTV horizontal lines 1125
25 Number of NTSC horizontal lines 525
26 Analog sampling rate (?) PAM
27 Modulation technique that is noise resistant PCM
28 Same as Polytetrafluoroethylene Teflon
29 Coaxial cable insulator PCV
30 Device located at the middle of a star topography Hub
31 3 segments of GPS Space segment, user segment, call(?)
32 WAN physical topography Packet switching, leased line, circuit switching
33 In fiber optics, when electromagnetic waves scatter and are about equal or more than its wavelength MIE scattering
34 Most significant part or stage of a launched satellite Initial payload
35 What is a launched satellite that does not stay in the gravity of the earth and wanders in space Space probe
36 Also acts as a high pass filter Waveguide
37 Why is FM more efficient than AM? Because FM uses class C amplifiers
38 What can achieve a maximum of 100% efficiency Class C amplifier
39 What can achieve a maximum of 50% efficiency Class B amplifier
40 Measures the entire electromagnetic wave spectrum Radiometry
41 Divx (component? Similar format?) MPEG4
42 When you get the code of a mobile & illegally use it in another mobile to make calls Clone fraud
43 Why is sidetone necessary? For the user to know if the telephone is working
44 Two data transmitted in different directions in different time intervals Time division duplexing
45 Max power of class 3 analog mobile phones 3 Watts
46 Max power of class 2 analog mobile phones 600 milli watts
47 Presidential decree (?) PD 2004
48 3G (?) 2001
49 When a mobile is simultaneously in the area of coverage/territory of to base stations Soft handoff
50 Cost of building a base station $500,000-$750,000
51 Exact frequency of color subcarrier signal (choose 1) 3.579545 MHz or (sadly) 3.579454 MHz
52 Uses lead oxide and has minimum lag Plumbicon
53 In CATV internet, a 6MHz channel has a data rate of 27 MHz
54 Data rate of fiber optics 20 Gbps
55 AKA grounded antenna Marconi antenna
56 Radiation pattern of the dipole antenna Figure 8
57 Smallest block f data transmitted in a network Packet
58 Time in a day that the human can be exposed to 110-120 dB 20 mins
59 Deafening level of sound for humans 120 dB
60 Navigation system used in ships, submarines, airplanes similar to radar Inertial Navigation System (INS)
61 A kind of INS where in the sensor is mounted on the face of the ship for direction Strap-down transducer
62 Multiple programs application run simultaneously without interference Multitasking
  Multiple programs run without interference  
63 2 ships that sank leading to the creation of (INS?) Republic and Titanic
64 Computer network Server-client, Peer-to-peer
65 Combination of 2 pts whose magnitudes are equal and opposite in polarity separated by a small space with that of which the filed of dipole that it determines Electronics doublet
66 In a client-server network ,what LAN software makes sure that data on the server is being changed by one station and is not simultaneously read by another Record Locking
67 What do you think is the main disadvantage of grid-over plate modulation Lower power efficiency, difficult to adjust
68 What is another term for pink noise Flicker noise
69 What refers to a telephone that rings another phone without dialing Hot line
70 Damage to cells other than reproductive cells due to exposure to intense RF radiation is what Somatic
71 What do you call the range over… the reference frequency can be… and still achieve phase lock? Capture range
72 What deice are to be inserted in a telephone channel if the total via net loss of a given trunk circuit exceeds about 2.5db? Echo Suppressors
73 What is the main advantage of fiber optic cables made of plastic? Inexpensive and more flexible
74 What LAN topology is used by the classical Ethernet system BUS topology
75 If a broadcast station is transmitting but not modulating, what is heard in a receiver tuned to its frequency? Nothing

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