Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 1 Module 12

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Communications Coaching Materials: Section 1 Module 12

This is the Section 1 Module 12 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 1 Module 12



Programming of a continuous-path robot is normally carried out
by a method called ___ through


What is the carrier frequency of the supergroup 10?

3100 kHz

A satellite was launched with a speed of 25000 miles per hour
and… breaks away with the gravitational pull of the earth and not in
orbit…deep space?

Space probe

What to consider in choosing a primary cell

cost, life, ease of replacement, voltage
and current needs

What is the minimum modulating frequency of FM?

20 Hz

What is the voltage for the local-loop on-hook?


What is another term for thermoelectric effect?

Seebeck effect

Class of amplifier usually employed in driver stage?

Class A

What is the process of interaction or interconversion between
electric and chemical formula?


The mandatory 1910 to 1912 ship-to-shore communication were
established by US, Great Britain… as a result of the sinking of two famous
ships, What are these two ships?

Republic and Titanic

Cable used in 100Mbps Ethernet

UTP category 5

No. of subscribers that can be served by cellular telephone
with 5 radio channel


Carrier frequency for CATV above the lower frequency limit

1.25Mhz + 25kHz

Permit fee in establishing CATV head end


Subatomic particle that has no rest mass and travels in speed
of light


What is the reason why splices are better than connectors

because splices have no air gaps

leading p.f. the armature flux in an alternator ___ the rotor


What is the operating temperature of a Class B motor

130 degree celsius

What is the operating temperature of a Class H motor

180 degree celsius

What is the operating temperature of a Class A motor

105 degree celsius

What is the operating temperature of a Class F motor

155 degree celsius

__ milliroentgen per hour is the allowable exposure to


Maximun power of class III analog cellular phone


ITU standard for video conferencing in telephone line


who propose the idea subatomic to atom manipulation

Richard Feynman

type of convergence adjust at the back of TV magnetic ring

static convergence

one diode rectifier is connected with a voltage doubler

voltage tripler

The secret code w/c secures and defends sensitive information
that crosses over public channels…

electronic key

height of the GPS satellite orbit in nautical mile


what is meant by GMDSS

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

What is the disadvantage of conventional full wave rectifier…?

peak voltage is half of that half wave

…discovered transistor in…

Bardeen and Brattain

…op-amps with negative feedback, reduced voltage works as a

linear amplifier

…hot wire ammeter measures____ of current output of a full
wave rectifier


…decrease in thermal noise power…

decrease in BW and temperature in circuits

what part of the visible radio spectrum does camera tube has
greater output?

yellow green

instrument used in measuring large energy radiation


loudness level that can cause hearing damage


a point in line between center of the earth and the observer
farther from the earths center


what is required in small network in connecting computer
directly through terminals not by hub

crossover cable

method in manufacturing IC in which the element penetrates the

diffusion method

hold atoms in a crystal

covalent bond

mechanical power output of dc motor is equal to __

back emf x armature current

common use of anthropomorphic type of robot arm

spray paint

pair of metals used as good electrodes in wet cell battery

zinc and copper

instrument w/c uses magnetic field from fixed and moving coils
to measure voltage, current and power


bytes w/c computer will calculate in 2050 according to Moore’s

500 Trillion

no. of protons in oxygen atom


standard cell w/c is 0.005% less accurate

Welton unsaturated cell

in class C amplifier, the power output increases _____

if conduction angle increases

process used to prevent the meter needle to overshoot the
current reading


simplest type of motor controller

toggle switch

generate triangular waves, square waves

nonsinusoidal wave generator

what is another term for magnetic amplifier

low frequency amplifier

…meter pointer of PMMC instrument uniform…

because it is spring controlled

used to locate conductor cable in cross connection type

varley loop

generating static electricity


metal semiconductor junction made of aluminum and n-type

schottky diode

purpose of adding inductor to the amplifier

high frequency compensation

standard programming language of US Defense Dept. similar to


irregular termination of call to the total number of call

drop call rate

velocity factor of coax cable

0.6 to 0.8

time of orbiting in GPS constellation


minimum number of segments used to display any number


similar to the operation of control of water in the hose


user guide to open www pages


reciprocal of wavelength

wave number

difference in the primaries of ac and dc

primary excitation

Opamps characteristic

short circuit protection, no latch up,
input-offset nulling

electric shock and electric therapy will pass current to what
part of the body


the reciprocal of the atomic mass units in gram

avogadro’s number

What determines the identity of the element?

atomic number

What is usually the range of value in choosing choke?

from 1 to 20 Henrys

in CATV, what terminal isolation is provided to each


Time Division Duplexing (TDD) is the transmission signal
format be cordless telephone-2 (CT) dubbed as ___

portable payphone booth

The transformer connected in a special way, to connect balance
and unbalanced or vice versa, and provide impedance matching….


what is a popular fiber optic cable, with glass core and
plastic cladding

Plastic Clad Silica (PCS)

the disadvantage of plastic core in fiber optic

high attenuation

the disadvantage of glass core in fiber optic


what are four basic types of secondary cell

lead-acid, nickel cadmium, silver-zinc,

What element is MOSFET isolated from the channel material?

gate terminal

An industrial robot is…

multi-functional, servo-controlled,

What is an electronic oscillator?

it is an amplifier with feedback

What is commonly used in heart pacemaker?

lithium cell

What interface standard is used in connecting a printer to a

centronics interface

general purpose op-amp


What E.O. … vesting jurisdiction…for the Philippine
Communication Satellite?

E.O. 196

used to measure the permeability of a ferromagnetic material


what circuit can be active or passive (w/ capacitor, resistor,
and inductor)

balanced circuit

serve as a rectifier in motors


motor connected in parallel will share the load according to

motor rating

speed of AC motor depends in its___


data transfer of GPRS

above 170kbps

What instrument uses lux as its unit?

light meter

typical output power of reflex klystron


charge of alpha particles

2×1.06×10 -19 coulombs

electron is a subatomic particle belongs to the lepton family
has a rest mass of ___

9.1066×10 -28 grams

What is the characteristic of thermoplastic?

it soften when heated

180 degrees out of phase with red


Replacement to LC tuned circuit… in UHF…

transmission lines

Damage to the reproductive tissue caused by UV..


damage to tissue not only to reproductive tissue


earliest form of micro module

cordwood module

silicon transducer temperature

100 to 200 degrees celsius

transferring of information to active computer to computer

back talk

several disk comprises of disk or hard drive


coating thickness of 0.0001 cm

thick film

how thick film is developed

by screening

frequency that has the highest noise factor in transistor


in CATV, the sound signal attenuation


After the effectivity of RA9292, for registered ECE may apply
for PECE at least how many years?


not using TDMA multiplexing


for the development of voltage control

acquisition phase lock

internet access, 6MHz TV bandwidth data rates


antenna which is direct connecting to waveguide

horn and slot antenna

maximum sound pressure level that can be allowed to be heard


measurement of the virtual height of the ionosphere


CATV noise figure

6dB or better

inspection fee for CATV head-end station


IMT-2000 maximum rate for mobile services


selective signalling where low frequency trigger the squelch

continuous tone control

science that measure the entire electromagnetic spectrum


height of antenna for CB radio

60ft above ground or 20 ft. above bldg.

instrument used to measure oxygen in blood


also known as geographical north

true north

alkaline battery


chairman of NTC

Ronald Olivar Solis

low data rate compression used in Cd ROMs


threshold of audibility

10 -12 W/m2

science of mechanical and electronics


process of firing a rocket by underground control to maintain
and adjust the orbit

station keeping

permit fee for the import of cable TV equipment


commonly used gas for jet thrusters


used when VNL exceeds 2.5dB

echo suppressor

having one modem per computer and individual phone lines for

modem pool

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