Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 2

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Communications Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 2

This is the Section 4 Module 2 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 4 Module 2

2, 4, 6

In OFDM one code word is equal to ____ bits.

2.1 Mbps

Bluetooth v. 2.0 + EDR


Single OFDM symbol


IPv6 has how many addresses ___

20 ____________

Coarse Wavelength DM (CWDM)

20 degrees

The maximum vertical angle of rhombic antenna use in long
distance sky wave for high frequencies.

20 m

In long distance optical fiber installation takes advantage of
the use of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA). EDFA has a maximum distance
of ____.

200 m^3/min

…. Peak power of 20kw

200 Mbps


200 x 10^6

Cooling 20 kW

2050 m

Accuracy of DECCA positioning system

23 hours and 18 minutes

Periodicity of Bluetooth RF characteristics

24 Mbps

Bluetooth V.3 + HS

256 400 Mbps

Satellite dish, size of a pizza placed on a roof receive
signal at what rate

27 36 Mbps

DOCSIS downstream

3 km


3.1 10.6 GHz

Authorized unlicensed Ultrawide band (UWB)

3.3 dB

In designing antenna, what is the gain of a three‐dipole antenna
neglecting the spacing between the elements?


Cut ‐ off circular

3.579545 MHz

Exact chroma subcarrier

30 60

IF frequency

30 km


30 mins.

Black box overwritten every _______

300 lb.

Lashed aerial cable maximum tensile load na hindi sya masisira

36 kHz

As per Philippine standard, what is the minimum frequency
separation in any service area for adjacent AM radio stations?

36 m

Wave antenna is a long wire antenna designed for low
frequency, vertically polarized ground wave. It is supported by a single wire
____ above the ground.

4.095 Mbps, 14000 ft.

Not included in the rate/distance of (?) …

400 m

Length of 1000BaseFX without any repeater


The new technology 10Base FX

45 Mbps


450 nm

Critical diameter(?) of 633 nmn wavelengths

48 kHz

Sampling rate for audio of HDTV

480 Mbps

Wireless USB (WUSB) is a short range, high bandwidth wireless
radio communication protocol capable of sending on what speed?

480 Mbps

Bluetooth v. 4.0 is able to operate on what speed?

5 times

Range of Home RF to Bluetooth

50 m

OTDR is recommended in the conduction in field measurement on
installed fibers with a length of ____ and above.

50 m

Accuracy of TCN

50 nm

Diameter of nanofiber

50/125, 62.5/125, 100/125

Multimode glass optical fiber

500 m

Accuracy of Transit

500 MHz

Ultrawide bandwidth

5001000 pF

50100 microns

Core diameter of multimode glass optic fiber

50860 MHz

52 km

Contour distance of Class B FM

5590 miles

E Layer

600 Ω

The maximum characteristic impedance of a transmission line
considering all the effects.

6000 ft.

62.5 ± 3 µm

Multimode glass optical fiber core diameter


Historically, most commonly used multimode glass optical fiber

697Hz, 770Hz, 852Hz, 941Hz

In DTMF, the four vertical frequencies are ___


Single mode glass optical fiber

72 m

Firewire connects 63 peripherals …. _____ m

721 kbps


800 MHz


8001700 nm

Laser lines of GaAs in nanometer

852 and 1336Hz

DTMF no. 8


OMEGA Global range

9 Mbps


900 MHz


900 MHz, 2.4 GHz

Active RFID

900 nm(?)

Diameter of the polyester elastomer

910 µm

Typical diameter of single mode glass optical fiber

980 nm

EDFA … _____ laser pump

About 10000

Number of fibers in a 8.9 µm diameter optical fiber

Acoustic Inertance

The amount of power radiated in an area, may "time
derivative" sa tanong

Acoustic Radiosity

Sound power radiated by the surface per unit surface area

Acoustic Sink

A device that absorbs the amount of acoustic power and
acoustic energy


Provides Air Traffic Control (ATC), standard set by STC for
aircraft to travel above ocean

After 2 seconds of the ringing

Caller ID is a feature of a telephone set which allows user to
know the number of the caller even before answering the call. Caller ID is
sent ____.


PIN diode high responsivity

All of these (48 kHz, 44.1kHz, _______)

Sampling frequency


Introduced in mid 1980s and operates in 800 MHz band


Institution that developed ASCII

ANSI 3.28

ANSI defines ADCCP

ANSI/IEEE C.95.11991

Protection ….

Application Layer

File transfer, remote access, shared data‐based management and
mail services


Allows direct access to 64kbps of ISDN B‐channel

Audio Mixing

Mixing of audio signals

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