Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 6

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Communications Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 6

This is the Section 4 Module 6 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 4 Module 6

Silver Bromide

Crystalline added to achieve low loss, long wavelength in
fiber optics

Skip Distance

Returned to earth

Slow Fading

Mobile passing behind a building


4 GHz with snap‐on connector


Single pulses that can travel through a medium with no

Sporadic E

Form of
propagation that can arise with little warning, and enable radio frequencies
of 150 MHz and more to travel over distances of a thousand kilometers and


Poor and low frequency response, complex transmission


Has excellent spectrum efficiency. Best modulation in


Stacked Beam Array

Emitting narrow beam stacked


highly stable local radio frequency

Star Coupler

Configuration of M x N (M ‐ no. of inputs, N ‐ no. of outputs)

Step Index fiber

Optical fiber whose core has a uniform refractive index,
continuous, does not change

Straight Tip (ST) connector

Uses bayonet locking system


Unwanted black and white lines


Additional channel to individual channels

Subsciber’s Channel (SC)

Uses push/pull locking system

Successive approximation

Medium to high‐speed application

Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID)

Layer D

Superluminiscent diode

A lead use in fiber optic communications with the following
disadvantages: nonlinear power current characteristics, high temperature
sensitivity, and low reliability.


Combinations of two or more networks

SurfaceEmitting LED

Most efficient up to 250 Mbps


Introduced in mid 1980s and operates in 900 MHz band

Tactical Frequency

Military unit used for tactical mission

Telephone Application Programming System

A system that connects PC directly to the telephone line.

Terminal room

Associated with a central office where distribution frames and
relay switch are located

Thinfilm fiberbased DWDM

Small figure of merit

Third degree burn

RF burn

Tight Buffered Cable Design

Used in intrabuilding

To decrease deionization

Purpose of water vapor in Transmit‐Receiver (TR) tube

To detect the Doppler shift of the receive signal

In Doppler radar, there should exist a relationship between
the transmitted frequency and reference frequency.
What is the purpose of this relationship?

Toll Line

Connects different exchanges

Tree Coupler

Splits input to two or more output


Variable capacitor place in parallel with ganged capacitors
acts as ____


When the called party is in the different home network and
another caller from one country …

Trunking Gain

The more channels on the pool, the greater the efficiency

User datagram protocol

Send and receive datagram and use in broadcasting in a network

V. 29 and V.32

In telephone system, which of the following have the same bit


Complete definition of ARQ

Very good and good

Fresh water and sea water

Wiegand Interface

Connections of swipe cards to other electronic entry system


Protocol used in card readers

Wiegand Protocol

De facto wiring use in card reader

Wireless fiber

Fastest among the short range

X 3.28




YIQ model

Used in conventional video (NTSC) system

Zepp antenna

Most efficient to use in 10 GHz signal


Modulation used in Bluetooth V.2 + EDR

Average in‐channel return loss of DVB‐T

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