Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 5 Module 19

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Communications Coaching Materials: Section  5 Module 19

This is the Section 5 Module 19 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 5 Module 19



1. K index which means “severe storm”


2. K index which means extremely severe storm


3. DVD standard meaning single sided, single layer


4. DVD standard meaning single sided, double layer


5. DVD standard meaning double sided, single layer


6. DVD standard meaning double sided, double layer


7. Blu-ray disc has a capacity of


8. Wavelength of laser diode light used by DVD

650 nm

9. Time it takes in sending a 1MB image via telephone modem
with a speed of 28.8 kbps

300 sec

10. To avoid interference between adjacent satellites,
geostationary satellites operating in C band must be separated by how many

2 degrees

11. The unidirectional propagation of a rhombic antenna is
caused by its

Termination resistance

12. The radiation … of a grounded vertical antenna can be
maximized by

Using top hats, loading coils and ground


13. Class of mobile phones that can be connected to GPRS and
GSM one at a time

Class C

14. Class of mobile phones that can be connected to GPRS and
GSM simultaneously

Class A

15. The word “Base” in 10BaseT means

the cable carries a baseband signal

16. 10BaseT cable typically uses

RJ45 connector

17. In CSMA/CD, all collisions must be


18. A backbone network equipment that works in the data and
network layer


19. A point in the orbit of a planet that is farthest from the


20. Frequency range of Ku-band

12-14 GHz

21. Typically, the velocity factor of the materials used in
transmission lines range from


22. The dielectric constants of materials commonly used in
transmission lines range from about


23. Typical storage temperature range for fiber optical cable

-30 to 70 degrees Celsius

24. Standard diameter for cladding used in the single-mode
step-index fiber used in communications

125 micrometers

25. Standard bending radius during fiber cable installation
for external armored fiber cables

350 mm

26. Weight of fiber optic cable

10 pounds per 1000 feet

27. Connection-oriented, Used to transport large amounts of
telephone and data traffic to allow interoperability between equipment and
different vendors


28. Rate of digital communication that is achievable with
single-mode step-index fiber


29. Transponder bandwidth used in satellite


30. NAVSTAR GPS completes its orbital path in

12 hrs.

31. The low-level signal from the output of a detector is

Applied to the AF amplifier

32. The space craft that brought the first creature to space
on November 3, 1957

Sputnik 2

33. Time constant of pre-emphasis

75 microseconds

34. “prime time” in Philippine cable television is from

6:00-11:00 PM

35. Frequency range of channel 6

82-88 MHz

36. Regional coding for DVD discs and players used in Asia.

Region 3

37. Usual heater voltage for picture tubes used in television

6.3 V

38. Typical anode capacitance of television picture tubes


39. Typical voltage of ULTOR for 35-inch TV picture tubes


40. The maximum noise figure without equalizer for CATV at
54MHz must be kept at


41. In CCTV system,___ allows the observer to see the
location, speed and direction of a person in the field of view. For this
purpose, the image of the person must not be less than 5% of the screen


42. For recognition purposes, the image of the person must not
be less than ___ of the screen height


43. In CCTV system, ___ allows the observer to locate a person
with a high degree of certainty having been prompted to do so by a guard,
police, alarm system or other means. For this purpose, the image of the
person must not be less than 10% of the screen height


44. In CCTV system, ___ allows the observer to say with high
degree of certainty that the person on the monitor is the same one they have
seen before


45. For ___ purposes, the image of the person must not be less
than 120% of the screen height


46. What is the total number of C band transponders are there
in Agila 2


47. Typical mating durability in fiber optics

0.2 dB per 1000 matings

48. TDM frame used in fiber optics


49. Magnetic loops overlying a solar inversion


50. Area between sunset and sunrise

Gray line

51. Rotatable antenna used in shortwave radio broadcasting


52. Bandwidth of GSM

200 KHz

53. Uplink data rate of GPRS


54. Download using GPRS


55. Modem fax 4


56. Area bounded by cellphone

26 sq. meter

57. FDDI that permits the transmission of voice and video over
the same cable as the normal FDDI token passing


58. A frame that has a total content of 2430 bytes in SDH


59. Class 3 UTP

16 Mbps

60. First cellular


61. Tolerable deviation in SSB

+/- 50Hz

62. Maximum run-length of RJ59


63. Low level frequency

1 KHz-299 KHz

64. In the wifi world, a proprietary channel bonding equipment
that can boost network upto 108 Mbps

Super G

65. In the radio spectrum, what frequencies are used for deep
space radio communications?


66. FCC digital radio

2.31-2.36 GHz

67. Capacity in Gibibyte (GiB) of a 12 cm type DVD


68. ISS orbital rotation

91.34 minutes

69. Characteristic attenuation of a plastic optic fiber

1 dB/m

70. Frequency range of P band

216-450 MHz

71. Frequency range of H band

7.05-10.10 GHz

72. Frequency range of R band

1.7-2.6 GHz

73. Maximum power output of PCS1900 E1

30 dBm`

74. Maximum power output of PCS1900 E2

26 dBm

75. Maximum power output of PCS1900 E3

22 dBm

76. EDGE GSM E1 mobile power class supporting 8-PSK modulation
nominal power output

33 dBm

77. EDGE GSM E2 mobile power class supporting 8-PSK modulation
nominal power output

27 dBm

78. EDGE GSM E3 mobile power class supporting 8-PSK modulation
nominal power output

23 dBm

79. Number of symbols used in ASCII


80. Channel that allows only one dominant channel to operate
during nighttime and covers a wide area

Clear channel

81. Reassembling packets and cells

ATM adaptive Channel

82. a phase-locked loop used for carrier phase recovery from
suppressed-carrier modulation

Costas loop

83. Above 108 Mbps


84. Standard bending radius during installation for a
lightweight fiber cable


85. Long term bend radius


86. Standard bending radius for long term use for an external
armored fiber cables


87. Cable diameter of lightweight internal fiber cable


88. Long term bending radius for direct burial fiber cables


89. Typical value of vidicon dark current

0.2 micro Amperes

90. In CCTV system, for identification purposes the image of
the person will not be less than ___ of the screen


91. Tuning eliminates

Echo, jitter, harmonic distortion

92. In error control ion networks,___ refers to the opposite
of controlled access where computers wait until the circuit is free and then
transmit whenever they have data to send and commonly used in Ethernet LANS


93. Concert pitch


94. Number of bits in the destination address in IPv6

1944 bits

95. Index of geomagnetic activity

A-K indeces

96. How much more is the feedpoint Z in a folded dipole than
in a normal dipole

4 times

97. Requires fiber optics cable


98. Use of loading coil

Increase the effective length

99. Efficiency of Class 4 modem


100. Shielding the fiber optics cable eliminates

Crosstalk, intermodal noise

101. The velocity of sound that is equal to the square root of
absolute temperature is ___ times greater at 20 °C


102. In TDMA framed D-AMPS, the number of bits per frame is


103. Propagation used when MUF is greater than 30GHz



6 dB better

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