Solution: In the curve 2+12x–x^3, find the critical points

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2020)

In the curve 2 + 12x – x^3, find the critical points.

Problem Statement: ECE Board November 1991

In the curve 2+12x-x^3, find the critical points.

  • A. (2, 18) and (-2, -14)
  • B. (2, 18) and (2, -14)
  • C. (-2, 18) and (2, -14)
  • D. (-2, 18) and (-2, 14)

Note: Critical points are points wherein the slope of the curve is zero.

Problem Answer:

The critical points of the curve are (2, 18) and (-2, -14)

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Solution: In the curve 2+12x–x^3, find the critical points

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