Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 1

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 1

This is the Section 1 Module 1 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 1

1. In a P-type material, which is the minority carrier?


2. What is the most widely used semiconductor material?


3. Why is Gallium Arsenide is not commonly used as a semiconductor material?


4. When there is a flow of current, the diode

is forward with respect to the cathode

5. What element after input the output remain


6. A bulb is connected in parallel is blown out

connect or used of fuse or breaker

7. What is the value of watt in horse power

746 hp

8. The proportion of energy transmitted by that object which can be transferred to another object. It is an alternating current waveform

form factor

9. What primary cell which the electrodes are zinc and carbon with an acidic paste between them that serve as the electrolytic?

Le Clanche cell

10. What kind of battery in which the electrochemical is not reversible?

primary cell

11. What is equals to 270 degrees

lags signal by 90 degrees

12. In JFET, what element is similar to a garden hose


13. A bleeder is place parallel in the circuit for the purpose of discharging of what element


14. Where do we used bypass capacitor


15. FTP stands for

File Transfer Protocol

16. X is low, what is X NAND Y


17. Drain current is maximum

pinch off

18. CMOS stands for

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

19. What IC is commonly used in computers


20. Dual in line or DIL package are designated as


21. When a transformer is subjected to high frequency

high core loss

22. What is the condition of maximum efficiency

core loss is equal to constant loss

23. R/Z

power factor

24. Least torque

DC shunt

25. Diode used in microwave transmitters

IMFATT diode

26. Advantage of magnetic disk to magnetic tape

faster retrieval

27. When the ratio of transformer is quadrupled


28. Advantages of JK to RS flip flop

there is always a predictable output

29. Power output divided by driven power

maximum power efficiency

30. Disadvantage of transformer coupling to capacitor coupling


31. Angle of three phase

120 degrees

32. Where do we used large transformers

television PA

33. IC used in computer

common IC

34. Push pull amplifier

class B

35. Advantage of vacuum tube

can withstand high current

36. The fuse with nothing but a straight wire inside is probably

a quick break type

37. A fuse is blown out, if the fuse is change by a much lower current, what will happen

blows out immediately


low drift

39. MOS disadvantage

can be damage by static discharge

40. System analysis

System Architecture

41. Connection in LAN

network interface card

42. The output and inputs of datas


43. Most susceptible to noise

Transistor transistor logic, TTL

44. Why carbon brush is used instead of copper

less arcing

45. Step up transformer

small primary, large secondary windings

46. Step down transformer

large primary, small secondary

47. Accessible but not written


48. A flip flop which inputs and outputs are coupled together


49. Beat frequency oscillator

detecting CW

50. Measuring instrument which measure current without cutting off the source

clamped probe

51. Instrument or device used to measure radiation in the atmosphere


52. What damping method is generally used in dynamometers?

air friction

53. Characteristic of FET

negative source

54. Negative feedback

reduce gain


gain equals to 1

56. Where LED usually used

digital display

57. The three terminal voltage regulators, such as 78XXX series has a typical current rating of 1.5 amperes. If a high current is required, say 30 amperes, how you make modifications for this regulator in order to provide the required current?

by the use of external pass transistor

58. Moving permanent magnet device

moving magnet instrument

59. No break power transfer (NBPT)

the transformer in line is not remove then the other transformer is connected

60. Break power transfer (BPT)

transformer in line is disconnected first before connecting the other transformer

61. Fast moving animation

fast interlaced monitor

62. Excessive current

used of crowbar

63. Active devices used in switching regulators may experience large over-currents during conduction (turn-on-state) and large over-voltages during turn-off. These excessive currents and voltages may cause distraction or damage of the active devices. How do we protect it?

by installing a snubber circuit

64. NMOS can be interlaced to CMOS by providing a

pull-up resistor

65. Time domain frequency display


66. Ratio of magnetic flux in secondary to primary coil

coefficient of coupling

67. Minimizing the capacitance in both ends of transformer

by placing toroidal in both transformer winding

68. Difference of two arithmetic numbers


69. Crystal oscillator on VCO

placing a small variable capacitor

70. Parameters are use in oscillation, except

current in the line

71. All of this are parameters that prevent on oscillating, except

in phase with current

72. Connection of different computers


73. Graph of JFET

near the center

74. Active devices used in switching regulators may experience large over-currents during conduction(turn-on-state) and a large over-voltages during turn-off. These excessive currents and voltages may cause distraction or damage of the active devices. How do we protect it?

by installing a snubber circuit

75. Responsible for SCR firing

trigger circuit

76. Operating at exactly cutoff or saturation

class B

77. Negative feedback

not used in oscillators

78. Used in oscillators


79. Core type transformer

shorter magnetic field

80. RF amplifier is best used of core type

No! air core type is best for RF amplifier

81. Limit the frequency in the PN junction

junction capacitance

82. The output has reactance’s

the impedances is mismatch, no matter what

83. Source follower

negative drain current with respect to source

84. Input of 1 to be out of 10

decade scale

85. Limiting distortions, like humming in radio

by regulation

86. Power of the reactance


87. Beat frequency oscillator

detecting CW

88. Crystal oscillator on VCO

by placing a small variable capacitor

89. Device use to differentiate different values


90. When JFET is bias, what happen to the channel


91. Advantage of crystal controlled oscillator on VFO

low drift

92. Shell method

provide maximum coupling

93. Removing bypass capacitor will result

decrease in gain

94. JFET characteristic curve is

drain current with respect to source voltage

95. Impedance of zener diode

zener impedance

96. To prevent MOSFET from being damage

all of the above

97. Voltage doupler

for circuits requiring low current but high voltage

98. Capacitance parameter in computing capacitor

frequency(within reason)

99. Using a battery or power cells is expensive, the common solution is by the use of household voltage


Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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