Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 9

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 9

This is the Section 1 Module 9 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 9

1. Each capacitance in R-jXc

– has a unique value of resistance and reactance

2. Capacitive susceptance is

– positive and imaginary

3. Magnetic line of flux said to originate in

– magnetic north

4. For step input, output of integrator is

– ramp

5. Period of ac sine wave is equal to

– equal to one divide frequency

6. Multiplier of basic integrator is

– -1/RC

7. Phase angle is equal to

– X/R

8. Sending insulting messages to mass advertisers

– flaming

9. For normal operation of transistor, collector diode has to be

– reverse biased

10. A device that changes frequency in changing voltage capacitance

– varactor diode

11. Main feature of crystal oscillator

– great stability

12. What is NOS

– operating system of a network

13. OTA is basically a

– voltage to current amplifier

14. Another term for operating environment

– shell

15. Presence of both data and instruction in the object

16. Image resolution is

– dot pitch

17. Not practically belongs to manufacturing of IC

– inductor

18. Holding current means that

– the value of current w/c if the current value falls below it the device will turn off

19. Difference voltage of the input is ideally in amplifier, what is the output?

– zero

20. Ability of the browser to divide page into independent rectangle

– frames

21. Capacitor with negative temperature coefficient

– value increases as the temperature decreases

22. Auditor checking and scanning applicants aides the

– data security

23. Drawing flowchart means that

– planning the solution

24. Programming and testing are the elements of

25. Normalized gain of cut off frequency

– -3db

26. Treating a wire as a conductor with no resistance

– ideal approx

27. Ideal voltage source with resistance

– 2nd approx

28. Knee voltage is approximately equal to

– barrier potential

29. Barrier potential of silicon in room temperature

– 0.7V

30. Norton’s theorem replaces a complicated circuit.

– current source with parallel resistor

31. Thevenin’s theorem replaces a complicated circuit.

– voltage source with series resistor

32. Input of RS flipflop

-set and reset

33. Heat sink reduces

– junction temperature

34. In a ram

– easy to get data in and out

35. If X=1, Y=1, then X+YZ=

– always 1

36. Input impedance not applicable to JFET


37. A real current source has

– large internal resistance

38. A comparator with hysteresis

– Schmitt trigger

39. Converts assembly language to machine language

– assembler

40. The decade which the first transistor was invented

– 1940’s

41. A FET is _______ controlled device

– current

42. A circuit that can change frequency with application of DC voltage


43. Application of diode detector

– radio receiver

44. Main problem of bar-graph meter

– it does not give accurate measurement

45. Output of a bridge rectifier

– full wave signal

46. When R/L ratio approaches to zero, phase angle is

– approaching 90 degrees

47. Each point in RL plane

– corresponds to unique combination of resistance and inductive reactance

48. A semiconductor material is made into N-type by

– adding donor impurities

49. The channel in a zero biased JFET is normally has

– drain to source current

50. Reverse current is consist of minority carrier current and

– surface leakage current

51. The ac resistance of compensating diode

– compensates for temperature change (EREVIEW); is usually small enough to ignore (book)

52. In many cases, PNP transistor can be replaced by NPN transistor and the operation will be the same provided that

– the polarity of the supply voltage is reverse

53. In series RL circuit., as the resistance becomes smaller compared to reactance, the angle of lag approaches

– 90 degrees

54. Assume that an oxygen atom consists of 8 protons 8 neutrons and 2 neutrons added, what is the atomic weight?

– 18

55. The ____ source resistance and/or ____ the load resistance, less the overall gain…

56. A network that employs one powerful central computers and several PCs is a

– server

57. In a differential amplifier, w/c of the following terminals are connected together

– bases (twice lumabas)

58. In a differential amplifier, w/c of the following terminals are connected together

– bases (twice lumabas)

59. The larger the capacitive elements of the design, the ____ cut off frequency

– smaller

60. The smaller the capacitive elements of the design, the _____ the cut off frequency

– larger

61. The software that uses a hierarchical menu structure to organize and search the net

– gopher

62. An IC unit made using _____ and ____ transistor is called ____ circuit


63. Breakdown does not destroy zener, provided that zener

– does not exceed reverse breakdown current rating of the diode

64. Which of the ff. Gives constant output voltage

– transistor and zener

65. passes no signal above that frequency is called _____ filter

– low pass filter

66. The valence electron of a copper atom is removed. The net charge of the atom is


67. An intrinsic silicon when at room temperature

68. In RL frequency response,

– non linear squared

69. Class of amplifier that is used in pulse operation

– class D

70. The amount of time between the creation and disappearance of a free electron

– lifetime

71. In impedance matching, to connect a high Zi to a low Zo, what terminal is connected to?

– common collector

72. Why there is 2 load line in the op amp?

– because it has two equivalent circuits

73. Varactor is

– diode has variable capacitance

74. Type of amplifier commonly used at the output of op amps

– complementary amplifier

75. A circuit that removes part of a waveform above or below a specified level

– limiter

76. Lowest level of programming language

– machine language

77. Running the program to detect, locate and correct Mistakes ( logic errors)

– debugging

78. The most powerful computers are the _____

– super computer

79. The registers that collect the results of computation are _____

– accumulators

80. The speed with which a disk can find data being sought is called

– access time

81. When the base resistor decreases, the collector voltage will

– decrease

82. VDB normally operates in the

– active region

83. Unit of transconductance

– mhos or siemens

84. Straight line drawn on the collector curves bet the cutoff and saturation pts of the transistor

– load line

85. Advantage of positive feedback

– greater gain

86. At resonance, the circuit behaves as a ______ load

– resistive

87. When an op amp is not saturated, the two input voltages are

– ideally equal

88. A flip-flop sensitive to pulse duration

– latch

89. Relatively small amt. of very fast memory that stores data and instructions that are used frequently resulting in an improved processing speed

– cache

90. An LC oscillator cannot be used to produce

– very low frequencies

91. An oscillator produces ______

– undamped

92. Coupling that provides maximum voltage gain

– transformer

93. The gate of the JFET has

– high impedance

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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