You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 10 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 10 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 10

This is the Section 1 Module 10 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 10

1. The constant current region of a FET lies between:

– pinch-off & breakdown

2. Ideally, the equivalent circuit of a FET contains:

– current source bet drain & source terminals

3. Where would you most likely find a lead-acid battery:

– in a portable video cam/recorder

4. Lantern application

– two way portable radio

5. Three phase ac:

– has three waves, all of same amplitude

6. The gate-source diode of a JFET is:

– reversed bias

7. A triangular wave:

– has equal rise & decay rates

8. Inductors in series, assuming no mutual inductance, combine:

– like resistors in series

9. An air variable capacitor might have a range of:

1pf – 100pf

10. Example of elemental semiconductor

– Germanium

11. Electroluminescent of green & red light

– Gallium Phosphide

12. If in the case of certain dc armature, the number of commutator segments is found either one less or than the number of slots, the armature must be having a simplex ____ winding

– wave

13. Lap winding is suitable for ___ current, ___ voltage dc generators:

– high,low

14. The series field of a short shunt dc generator is excited by ___ currents:

– load

15. In a dc generator, the generated emf is directly proportional to the:

– pole flux

16. The commercial efficiency of a shunt generator is maximum when its variable loss equals ___ loss:

– constant

17. Critical resistance of the dc generator is the resistance of:

– field

18. At a frequency of 400 Hz, the most likely form of an inductor would be:

– toroidal

19. At a frequency of 95 MHz, best form of an Inductor would be:

– air core

20. The current sensitivity of a meter is expressed in:

– ohm/volt

21. A 0-1 mA meter has a sensitivity of:

1k ohm/V

22. The power rating of transistor can be increased by:

– using a heat sink

23. The ac load line is the same as dc load line when the ac collector resistance equals the:

– dc collector resistance

24. A sine wave:

– always have the same general appearance

25. A derivative of a sine wave:

– representation of rate of change

26. Advantage of CMOS:

– low power consumption

27. Advantage of electromagnet over permanent magnet

– electromagnet can be switched on or off

28. Crystal set:

– requires no battery

29. Miller

– Voltage gain

30. A polarized capacitor:

– electrolytic

31. The feedback element of a differentiator:

– resistor

32. Semiconductor use in xerography:

– Selenium

33. The dry cell usually:


34. Geomagnetic lines of flux:

– are horizontal at the geomagnetic equator

35. The geomagnetic field:

– is what makes a compass work

36. Magnetic flux of around straight, current carrying wire:

– strongest near the wire

37. An ac electromagnet:

– will attract pure, unmagnetized iron

38. Substance with high retentivity is best suited for making:

– a permanent magnet

39. Latch is always:

– positive feedback

40. Zero level detector:

– comparator

41. The speed of universal motor:

– dependent on frequency of supply

42. NICAD memory:

– does not occur very often

43. Resistance of semiconductor:

– bulk resistance

44. Difference of “lantern” and “transistor”

– lantern has more energy capacity

45. The lowest frequency passed by low pass filter

– 0 Hz

46. Base current of phototransistor:

– directly proportional to light

47. The frequency of an amplifier has a gain of 1:

– unity-gain frequency

48. Special type of diode capable of amplification & oscillation:

– Tunnel diode

49. Used in microwave

– IMPATT diode

50. Diode operates in negative resistance in quantum mechanical…

– Gunn Diode

51. Special type of tunnel diode.

– Backward Diode

52. … RF oscillations

– Gunn effect

53. PN junction with intrinsic carrier:

– PIN diode

54. Cascaded transistor has an advantage of:

– low input capacitance

55. Which of the following are thyristors:

– diac & triacs

56. Admittance:

– can ease to pass ac

57. Compensating windings

– reduce armature reaction

58. Device which is used in remote location

– relay

59. It is switch on only when current passes, relay is said to be:

– normally open

60. Base voltage of TSEB should be very:

– small

61. In TSEB, base voltage is:

– near zero volts

62. Minimum anode current keeping the SCR on

– Holding current

63. Minimum current to turn on the SCR

– Trigger Current

64. Voltage above which SCR enters conduction region

– forward breakover voltage

65. In op amp, single ended mode:

– both inputs are connected

66. In dc generator, it is take advantage but unwanted:

– hysteresis motor

67. Variable capacitor diode

– Capacitance increases with increase reverse bias voltage

68. When the emitter bypass capacitor is open, the ac input voltage:

– remains the same

69. When the emitter bypass capacitor is open, the ac output voltage:

– decreases

70. When emitter resistance increase, the collector voltage:

– increases

71. The square wave out of emitter follower:

– both peaks are clipped

72. Clipper when the diode is connected in series with load:

– series clipper

73. Instrumentation amplifier:

– high noise environment

74. The efficiency of a tiny motor in a wrist watch:


75. The current going into a point in a dc circuit is always equal to the current:

– flowing out of that point

76. The sum of the voltages, going around a dc circuit, but not including the power supply:

– equal value as, but opposite polarity, power supply

77. When the positive lead is connected to the anode & the negative lead is connected to the cathode:

– forward biased

78. Maximally flat discharge curve:

– Butterworth

79. Sine wave:

– at just one frequency

80. Positive ion forms when:

– valence electron breaks away

81. The cathode of zener diode must be:

– more positive than the anode

82. Shaded pole:

– high starting torque

83. Solder shorts:

– equal to the collector voltage supply

84. To biased an NPN transistor, the base must be:

– positive with respect to emitter

85. In a voltage divider, when one resistor is open:

– transistor is driven to saturation

86. Darlington advantage:

– very high current gain

87. The starting torque of capacitor-start-induction-run motor is related to the angle between two windings current:

– sine alpha

88. At cutoff, what is the condition of JFET channel:

– almost closed

89. Ohms Law:

– ohms is equal to volts divided ampere

90. Maximum efficiency of class B push pull amplifier:


91. Maximum efficiency of class B push pull amplifier:

  79 %

92. Push pull amplifier is used in:

– class B

93. Construction of class B push pull amp

– complementary symmetry transistor

94. Operates in linear region at all times

– class A

95. Class C is usually found in:

– tuned RF circuit

96. Negative feedback:

– increases the input impedance & bandwidth

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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