Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 7

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Communications Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 7

This is the Section 3 Module 7 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 3 Module 7

· Sound energy steam packets

Ans: Phonon

· Unsolicited messages

Ans: Flooding

· Table of GPS satellites

Ans: Ephemeris

· Broadcasting and MMS violated send time

Ans: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

· Programmable antenna

Ans: Smart antenna

· Waveguide frequency

Ans: 3000 MHz and above

· Equivalent Cassegrain

Ans: Hoghorn antenna

· Rhombic antenna over others

Ans: Cheaper

· Changing refractive index due to acoustic energy

Ans: Acousto-optic effect

· Vertical loop antenna

Ans: Bidirectional in the Horizontal plane

· Lens used to reduce excess weight

Ans: Zoned lens

· Increase frequency with constant power

Ans: Increase the skip distance

· First avionic to be installed

Ans: Radio transmitter and receiver equipment

· Coupler split

Ans: Beam splitting coupler

· Cut off IF amplifier

Ans: no video but sound is normal

· Amplifier on the output of TV transmitter

Ans: Grid Modulated Class C

· SSB deviation voice communication

Ans: 250 Hz


Ans: Signal Intercept for Low Orbit

· Advantage of orbital over synchronous

Ans: No jet propulsion

· Cannot be corrected

Ans: Adjusting the length of the transmission line

· Wavelength of Fiber Optic

Ans: 7000 to 12000 A

· Diameter of coasting of Fiber Optic

Ans: 250 um to 750 um

· Satellite and the sun

Ans: Satellite Sun Conjunction

· Battery of the satellite during eclipse period

Ans: NiCad

· Perpendicular to the misalignment

Ans: Microbend

· Most common AM demodulator

Ans: Envelope detector

· Diode detectors is diodes acts like

Ans: Switches

· Added electric field

Ans: Transverse Magnetic

· Most modulating LASER

Ans: Semiconductor

· SDLC transparency scheme

Ans: Zero Bit Insertion

· VoIP service provider

Ans: P5M

· VoIP reseller

Ans: P1M

· Nighttime

Ans: 1000-2200 UTC

· Daytime

Ans: 2200-1000 UTC

· Delay of satellite

Ans: 270 ms

· Troposcatter hopping range

Ans: 800 km

· Frequency frogging

Ans: Reduce crosstalk

· Clear color TV or more vivid TV

Ans: Comb filter


Ans: Plain Old Telephone System

· Video conferencing on telephone lines

Ans: H.261

· Increases height to set in the final orbit

Ans: Apogee Kick motor

· Second satellite

Ans: Secondary Payload

· Location of celestial bodies

Ans: Ephemeris

· Ionic disturbance

Ans: Aurora Borealis

· Coined the word cyberspace

Ans: William Gibson

· Critical frequency for F2 layer

Ans: 8 MHz

· Critical frequency for E layer

Ans: 4 MHz

· MEO distance

Ans: 8000 – 20000 km

· Not to be used at temp more than 52 degrees Celsius

Ans: Crystal microphone

· Used in aviation

Ans: Dynamic microphone

· Varying refraction index

Ans: Fiber grating

· Keyed on/off switching

Ans: Oscillator

· Collects CATV signal

Ans: Head end

· Ultra wideband

Ans: 500 MHz

· PCS narrowband

Ans: 900 MHz

· Uplink rate of GPRS

Ans: 14 kbps

· Vary permanent magnet

Ans: Static convergence

· Vary current (coil)

Ans: Dynamic convergence

· MP3 equivalent in North America

Ans: Dolby AC-3

· Main accelerating element in TV

Ans: Ultor

· Higher Q in smaller dimensions at higher frequencies

Ans: Cavity Resonator

· Light measurement

Ans: Photometry

· X-ray radiation measurement

Ans: Dosimeter

· Mels equivalent to frequency (Hz)

Ans: 40 dB

· Ticking of watch

Ans: 20 phons

· 1/106 Hz

Ans: ppm

· Sample and hold

Ans: Flat top sampling

· TV radiation

Ans: 0.5 milliroentgen

· Equivalent to RADAR

Ans: Light Detection and Ranging

· Light to sound

Ans: Optoacoustic transducer

· Wide aperture area, narrow

Ans: Letter Boxign

· Direct connection through microwave link

Ans: Class I cable TV

· Auxiliary equipment

Ans: Class III cable TC

· Decrease range / decrease interference

Ans: Down tilting

· Low data rate

Ans: Vocoder

· rest frequency

Ans: Carrier frequency

· Eliminate noise

Ans: Cryogenics

· High speed aircraft

Ans: Slot antenna

· Used in gigabit Ethernet

Ans: 4 pair of wire

· Bluetooth power

Ans: 1 mW

· Next technology for Bluetooth

Ans: Lisbon

· Next technology after Lisbon

Ans: Seattle

· Current addressing

Ans: IPv4

· 128 bits

Ans: IPv6

· OMEGA accuracy

Ans: 88% and 98 %

· IMT 2000

Ans: year 2000, 2000 Mhz

· GSM data rate

Ans: 13 kbps

· parity check

Ans: VRC

· Remodulate

Ans: Regenerative repeater

· Uses LC for direct FM transmission

Ans: Reactance modulator

· Speed of sound in steel

Ans: 5150 m/s

· HDTV ___ times information content than NTSC

Ans: 5

· PAL vertical

Ans: 50 Hz


Ans: special effects generator

· Before sync pulses

Ans: Front porch

· Metal film resistor flicker noise

Ans: 0.02 to 0.2 uV

· Carbon-composition flicker noise

Ans: 0.1 – 2 uV

· Wire wound flicker noise

Ans: 0.01 – 0.2 uV

· Carbon film flicker noise

Ans: 0.05 to 3 uV

· BER satellite

Ans: 1 part per I billion send

· LMDS frequency range

Ans: 27 – 31 GHz

· WAV format

Ans: 3 minutes ; 30 MB

· MP3 –

Ans: 3 minutes ; 3 MB

· 9600 kbps

Ans: V.32

· Standard for terrestrial TV

Ans: 8-VSB

· GPRS modulation technique

Ans: 3 level Manchester code

· AMI succeeding one’s

Ans: Bipolar violation

· Flagbits HDLC

Ans: 01111110

· Interchanging frequency

Ans: Frequency frogging

· Stereo pilot subcarrier

Ans: 38 kHz

· Lowest note

Ans: Root note

· Printed circuit board – LAN

Ans: NIC

· 120 dB

Ans: Threshold of pain

· Radiation of cordless phone

Ans: 5 mW


Ans: 384 kbps

· Filter selectivity in TV

Ans: surface acoustic wave (SAW)

· SPS (vertical)

Ans: 156 m

· SPS (horizontal)

Ans: 100 m

· SPS (time)

Ans: 340 ns

· PPS (vertical)

Ans: 27.7 m

· PPS (horizontal)

Ans: 22 m

· PPS (time)

Ans: 200 ns

· smith chart (circle)

Ans: impedance repeats every half wavelength

· BISYNC protocol

Ans: Data Link layer

· Waveguide magic T

Ans: hybrid T

· Trapped gas

Ans: Blooming

· Transmit simultaneously

Ans: Contention

· Jet thrusters

Ans: Hydrazine

· GPS orbitals

Ans: 6

· GPS satellite per orbit

Ans: 4

· Ultrasound

Ans: U- weighting

· Pink noise

Ans: Flicker noise

· Exponential decaying

Ans: Maxwell equation

· Color change signal

Ans: Staircase

· Wired equivalent privacy

Ans: WiFi secure link

· Transmitter and receiver

Ans: Anisochronous

· Crystal lattice

Ans: Raman Scattering

· Superheterodyne receiver

Ans: Edwin Armstrong

· Can dial anywhere

Ans: Prepaid Phone card

· Embedded IC on a card

Ans: Smart Card

· 161, for services / emergency

Ans: Service Code

· Thin Ethernet

Ans: Chepernet

· 10 Base 5

Ans: thick Ethernet (standard classical)

· Power of class III mobile phone

Ans: 3 W

· CB

Ans: 40 channels ; 8 km distance

· Portable payphone booth

Ans: TDD

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Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 7
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