Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 6

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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

Communications Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 6

This is the Section 3 Module 6 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 3 Module 6

· National Frequency IMT2000

Ans: 1920 – 1980 MHz

· Group 3 fax

Ans: between 6 and 15 sec

· Minimum lag

Ans: Plumbicon

· Not needed limiter

Ans: Ratio detector

· Needed limiter

Ans: Foster-Seeley discriminator

· Diameter of single mode of core

Ans: 3 times the wavelength

· 3.58 MHz class C

Ans: no color

· AM frequency

Ans: MF

· Requirements for modems for parallel data transmission using signal frequencies relevant to telephone networks

Ans: V.19

· Specifies full duplex transmission at 14.4 kbps over dial-up connections.

Ans: V.32bis

· Not TDMA

Ans: IS-95


Ans: IS-95

· Apparent loudness of 30 dB

Ans: Moderate

· Hearing range

Ans: 1 to 4 kHz

· At 6 MHz bandwidth

Ans: 3 dB

· Voltage of Ultor

Ans: 30 kV

· Reverberation time of churches

Ans: 7.1

· SSB common filter

Ans: Mechanical filter

· D-AMPS modulation technique

Ans: pi/4 DPQSK modulation

· Least impedance

Ans: Twin lead

· Laser that excites electron

Ans: Pump laser

· 1st tube USSR 1 mW output

Ans: Gyrotron

· Doherty amplifier

Ans: high efficiency

· CDPD data rate

Ans: 19.2 kbps

· Maximum CATV distribution amplifier

Ans: 4

· T1 modulation technique

Ans: PCM and TDM

· Bar code

Ans: 113 lines maximum

· Wireless Internet

Ans: Wi-Fi

· Father of Wi-Fi

Ans: Vic Hayes

· South Korean Wi-Fi

Ans: WiBro

· Bluetooth originates from

Ans: King Harold Blatand

· Glass fiber disadvantage

Ans: Brittleness

· Glass fiber advantage

Ans: Lowest loss

· Core of Plastic Clad Silica

Ans: Silicone Plastic

· Most popular fiber for plastic and glass

Ans: Plastic Clad Silica

· Transmitter on telephone

Ans: Carbon

· 1.6 W

Ans: Class 2

· Analog Microwave

Ans: FM and SSB

· Counterpart of Zigbee

Ans: Nanonet

· Citizen’s Band frequency

Ans: 26.965 – 27.405 MHz

· Inventor of magnetron

Ans: Randall and Boot

· Computer to computer without hub

Ans: crossover hub

· Device in network layer

Ans: Router

· 1 radar nautical

Ans: 12.4 us

· NIC consists of

Ans: BNC and RJ-49

· Chepest connector

Ans: F-connector

· Unsubscribe of service

Ans: opt-out

· Subscribe of service

Ans: opt-in

· Gas inside the tube

Ans: Blue Haze

· Combination of mixer and LO

Ans: Autodyne receiver

· Protects the personnel

Ans: Interlock

· Y signal time delay

Ans: 0.8 us

· Billing avoid fraud

Ans: MIN and ESN

· Nokia, IBM for Bluetooth Standards

Ans: 1998

· FDM telephone

Ans: Single sideband suppressed carrier AM

· Bipolar violation 2 successive 1’s with same magnitude

· … into electrical signal

Ans: FM

· Fiber optic modulation

Ans: Intensity modulation

· Oldest microwave diode

Ans: Point-contact diode

· Longest coverage of earth

Ans: Hemispheric beam

· Circuits family that cannot be interchanged

Ans: V.24

· Bit oriented protocol


· Slope noise

Ans: Delta modulation

· GPS segment

Ans: User, control, and space segment

· Frequency with radar

Ans: Christian Hulsmeyer

· Change password for each user

Ans: Network Administrator

· Improve radials grounded

Ans: Counterpoise

· Losses of FOC

Ans: Scattering, Dispersion and Absorption

· Splicing is better than connector because

Ans: Splicing has no air gap

· Time constant of pre-emphasis network

Ans: 75 us

· Maximum modulating frequency of FM

Ans: 50 Hz

· Cellular phone deviation

Ans: ± 12 kHz

· Orientation of EM wave

Ans: Polarization

· Send end office to telephone when ringing

Ans: Ringback signal

· No synchronization


· 75% demodulated

Ans: Gray

· 3G standard


· D-AMPS standard

Ans: IS-135

· Base to mobile frequency

Ans: 935 – 960 MHz

· First analogue cellular invented

Ans: NTT

· Rainfall attenuation

Ans: 10 GHz

· TWT frequency

Ans: 8 GHz

· Patent of transmission H scanning lines fiber optics

Ans: J. L. Baird

· Scintillation

Ans: 4 and 6 GHz

· Class B-1

Ans: 5 kW 200 ft.

· Class B

Ans: 30 kW 500 ft.

· Stripping effect fiber optic

Ans: Leaky mode

· Maximum spacing of FM

Ans: 800 kHz

· RF combines with superheterodyne

Ans: Better rejection Ratio

· Noise digital filter

Ans: Zipper noise

· Balun impedance ratio

Ans: 4:1

· Transequatorial propagation

Ans: Afternoon or early evening

· Length of coaxial

Ans: 1.5 km

· Submarine

Ans: Sonobuoy

· Klystron frequency

Ans: 3 – 30 GHz

· Floating

Ans: Buoy antenna

· Analog demodulation of submarine


· Area not accepting primary service

Ans: white area

· Field intensity for primary service area

Ans: 1mV/m

· Medium communication military aircraft

Ans: 250 – 400 MHz

· GPS accuracy for civil aircraft

Ans: 100 m

· GPS accuracy for military aircraft

Ans: 16 m

· Short range commercial air navigation

Ans: 30-100 MHz

· Satellite rocket

Ans: Ion propulsion

· Radar range

Ans: Bearing and distance

· Long range civil aircraft

Ans: 2 – 30 MHz

· Camera tube in live TV broadcast

Ans: Image orthicon

· Code Spread Spectrum

Ans: Gold code

· Camera tube shooting still pictures

Ans: Flying spot

· Aluminum screen

Ans: Brighter picture

· Electrical equipment data altitude

Ans: Sun sensor

· GPS altitude

Ans: 20,183 km

· Aeronautical Distress Signal

Ans: 121.5 MHz

· Radiotelegraphy International Distress

Ans: 500 kHz

· ECE Board Resolution number

Ans: 2

· Radio amateur

Ans: Log periodic

· Surface of vehicle airplane

Ans: Skin antenna

· Minimum power hearing

Ans: 0 dB

· Speech power

Ans: 10 – 1000 uW

· Psophometric

Ans: 800 Hz


Ans: 1000 mW

· Television education


· Antenna loading, TLC coupling

Ans: Helix House

· Loran A 2H4

Ans: The specific PRR

· Bad language

Ans: Bad filter

· Solar cycle

Ans: 11 years

· Solar noise at 1 GHz

Ans: 280,000 K

· Not bearing and distance


· Treble below

Ans: 3 kHz

· Bass below

Ans: 300 Hz

· Telephone subscriber loop

Ans: AWG 19

· Day time propagation

Ans: E layer

· Fiber optic frequency range

Ans: 1014 – 1015 Hz

· Packet data, ATM


· Problem of AGC

Ans: Electrolytic deterioration capacitor

· Adjust metallic surface of waveguide

Ans: Piston

· TFTS (Terrestrial Flight Telephone System)

Ans: 1.6 – 1.8 GHz

· Open ended slot antenna

Ans: Notch antenna

· Full wavelength antenna

Ans: Long wire antenna

· Eliminate Standing wave

Ans: Quarter wave Transformer

· Increase effective height

Ans: Adding L in series

· Purely reactive

Ans: SWR is infinite

· Serration

Ans: Horizontal Synchronization

· Monochrome effect cancel effect of signal

Ans: Color killer

· STL (Studio to Transmitter Link)

Ans: 15 W

· Back-up

Ans: 35 W

· Helicopter navigation

Ans: Doppler reference

· Characteristic of aircraft

Ans: Air Data System

· Common Dead Reckoning

Ans: Inertial Navigation

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