Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 33

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

This is the Online Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 33 as one of the Communications Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies, Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References.

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Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

Question 321. It is the presence of one or more continuous, unwanted tones within the message channels, the tones are often caused by crosstalk or cross modulation between adjacent channels in a transmission system due to system nonlinearities.

A. multiple-frequency interference

B. single-frequency interference

C. co-channel interference

D. desensitizing

Question 322. When the cluster size is reduced with a constant cell size, what happens to the total channel capacity?

A. decreases

B. increases

C. stays constant

D. depends on the number of cell cites

Question 323. He invented the automatic line selector, which led to the automatic telephone system.

A. Alexander Bain

B. Alexander Graham Bell

C. Thomas Edison

D. Almon Strowger

Question 324. The highest ranking office in the DDD network in term of size of the geographical area served and the trunk options available.

A. End office

B. Sectional center

C. Regional center

D. Toll center

Question 325. Toll offices are connected to other toll offices with _____________.

A. intertoll trunks

B. intratoll trunks

C. interoffice trunks

D. intraoffice trunks

Question 326. When the telephone set is in the ____________ state, a direct current from the central office (CO) flows through the transmitter and receiver of the handset.

A. on-hook

B. off-hook

C. semi-hook

D. hook-in

Question 327. The simplest and most straightforward form of telephone service is called

A. Public switch telephone network

B. Mobile telephone switching office

C. Plain and old telephone service

D. Central office service

Question 328. It allows customers to change to a different service and still keep the same phone number

A. changing

B. porting

C. transporting

D. portability

Question 329. Component of a cellular telephone network that manages each of the radio channels at each site.

A. base station controllers

B. base transceiver stations

C. mobile switching center

D. mobile telephone switching center

Question 330. A receiver capable of receiving several versions of the same signal with different arrival times and combining the received versions into a single signal with better quality.

A. scanners

B. rake receivers

C. mobile subscriber unit

D. mobile stations

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