Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 38

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

This is the Online Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 38 as one of the Communications Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies, Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References.

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Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

Question 371. It is an indirect method of evaluating the phase delay characteristics of the circuit.

A. phase delay distortion

B. envelope delay distortion

C. non-linear distortion

D. linear distortion

Question 372. A database in the PCS network that stores information about subscribers in a particular MTSO serving area.

A. international mobile subscriber identification

B. visitor location register

C. home location register

D. authentication register

Question 373. In CMTS, the most important database for GSM is ____.





Question 374. It enables the destination station of a telephone call to display the name of the telephone number of the calling party before the telephone is answered.

A. conference call

B. call wait

C. call forwarding

D. caller id

Question 375. It is any device used to originate and terminate calls and to transmit and receive signals into and out of the telephone network.

A. instrument

B. station equipment

C. station

D. Any of these

Question 376. It is the provision of voice communication using internet protocol technology, instead of traditional circuit switched technology.





Question 377. Transmission of brief text messages, such as pages or e-mail, by cellular radio or PCS.



C. paging

D. raking

Question 378. It is a system of sensors, switches and other electronic and electrical devices that allow subscriber to give instructions directly to the switch without having to go through the operator.

A. manual switching system

B. automated switching system

C. common switching system

D. crossbar switching system

Question 379. The time delay measured in angular units, such as degrees or radians is called __________.

A. propagation time

B. phase delay

C. holding time

D. system delay time

Question 380. In IS-41 standard, it is a process where the mobile unit notifies a serving MTSO of its presence and location through a base station controller.

A. dependent registration

B. autonomous registration

C. air interface

D. BTS to BSC interface

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