Probability and Statistics Lecture 8

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)
Probability and Statistics Lecture 8

Lesson Objectives – the students should be able to:

  • Define Probability
  • Learn different terms used in Probability
  • Differentiate types of Probability
  • Could predict an outcome using Subjective Probability
  • Could predict an outcome using Empirical Probability
  • Learn the additional rule
  • Learn the conditional probability and the multiplication rule


  • Definition of terms
  • Subjective Probability
  • Classical Probability / Theoretical Probability
  • Empirical Probability / Statistical Probability
  • Law of Large Number
  • Complementary Events
  • The Addition Rule
  • Conditional Probability and the Multiplication Rule
  • The AND Rule of Probability
  • NOT Rule
  • Combining the Rules
  • Summary
  • Seatwork/Exercies
  • Homework

Probability and Statistics Lecture 8

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