Floyd: MCQ in Introduction to Semiconductors – Answers

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2019)
Answers key for  Introduction to Semiconductors
Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (Quiz) in Introduction to Semiconductors .

1. All of the above

2. 2n2 where n is the number of the shell.

3. has pentavalent impurity atoms added.

4. positive supply

5. anode

6. the value of dc voltages for the device to operate properly.

7. that impurities are added to decrease the resistance of the material.

8. 0.7 V.

9. a germanium diode.

10. cathode, anode

11. current.

12. 2.3 V, 1.6 V

13. reverse leakage current.

14. a pn junction.

15. is subjected to a large reverse voltage.

16. is relatively constant.

17. A material with few free electrons.

18. decreases.

19. the diode is internally shorted.

20. 4

21. 8

22. recombination

23. pentavalent

24. all of the above

25. forward-biased.

26. increased, increases

27. decreases

28. open, short

29. open

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