Electronics Engineering Exam 4: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 4: ECE Pre-Board

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 4 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Electronics Engineering that could possibly be given in the board.

1. Zero current

2. 166 Joules

3. it is at a maximum

4. 3.6ohms +/- 10%

5. tends to oppose changes in current

6. a pair of plates

7. moving either the magnet or the coil


9. Silver zinc

10. two coils wound on a common core

11. Cathode ray tube

12. an area of low charge density around the P-N junction

13. 10.1 MHz

14. Never

15. 14.5 MHz

16. conducting and non-conducting

17. Band pass filter

18. attract each other

19. Card readers

20. 100

21. current varies directly as the voltage and inversely as the resistance

22. very low resistance

23. Selenium cells

24. Fuse

25. 0.125 microfarad

26. no current flow from emitter to collector

27. 500 ma

28. 1.92 ohms

29. Register

30. a negative resistance region

31. 2000 G

32. output is present for less than 180 degrees of the input signal cycle

33. all nodes in the circuit

34. LSI

35. Carbon

36. frequency and induction heating

37. One

38. towards the cathode

39. Magnetic lines of force

40. stores electrical energy

41. Magnetism

42. Low resistance

43. 3 mv

44. Reactance

45. its value cannot be stepped up or down by transformer

46. Sweep voltage

47. Either c or d arbitrarily selected

48. Tank circuit

49. 16.5 khz

50. an ohmmeter

51. just below the saturation point

52. Domain

53. 8

54. 5 x 10 to the -12th

55. approximately 6.0 volts

56. the size and thickness of the crystal material

57. Peak inverse voltage

58. no current flow from the emitter to collector

59. use of transistor with narrow bases

60. great force capability handling heavy loads

61. the effective resistance is increased

62. a capacitor

63. the rms voltage is always greater than the average voltage

64. gate, anode 1 and anode 2

65. An ohmmeter test across the base collector of a transistor should show low resistance for both polarity

66. Class A amplifier

67. P type collector, N type base, P type emitter

68. 4000

69. 30 mA

70. only dc

71. Coulomb’s law

72. Hydraulic and pneumatic

73. 1600 At

74. XOR

75. Toggle switch

76. Cell

77. 10 hrs

78. 5

79. Residual magnetism

80. high resistance

81. Air gap

82. decreased

83. as large as possible

84. 4.76

85. Asynchronous

86. Bipolar

87. Yes or one

88. Potential field

89. in biasing circuits DC negative feedback is provided while amplifiers employ AC negative feedback

90. electrons are drawn to the grid and not reach the plate

91. Flux

92. Increased field voltage

93. Coulomb

94. 1.7 V and 20 mA

95. 0.25 ohms

96. Nickel-cadmium cell

97. 6.5 A

98. Volt ampere

99. Storage cell

100. an atom with unbalanced charges

What’s next in line?

Complete List of Electronics Engineering Exams: ECE Pre-Board

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