Electronics Engineering Exam 3: ECE Pre-Board – Answers

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 3: ECE Pre-Board

Below are the answers key for the 100 items set of Practice Examination 3 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions and cautiously selected questions from various topics in Electronics Engineering that could possibly be given in the board.

1. Machine Language

2. Hole current in the emitter

3. monolithic

4. assembler

5. Twice as one

6. Silicon and Germanium

7. Provide more power

8. 150

9. Hexadecimal numbers

10. even when power is not applied to the memory

11. 0.30 S

12. 1,800 times

13. circuit will stop rectifying

14. Producing one output pulse for every 10 input pulses

15. 2 ms

16. Volt-coulomb

17. Rectification

18. Resonant

19. phase-locked loop

20. Resistance in the networks substitute for resistances in the load

21. Detector

22. zero

23. Forward bias

24. 20.5 MHz

25. Dielectric

26. Klystron oscillator

27. 1011

28. micro Ammeter

29. high frequencies

30. Breakdown voltage

31. Vibrating reed type

32. discrete

33. one circular mill

34. Multiplexing

35. ionization

36. Reactive power

37. Modems

38. is directly proportional

39. ladder

40. 254

41. Pi-network

42. Open-loop system

43. 10 Gb/cm

44. bits per inch

45. A voltage that opposes the applied EMF

46. Compensate aging battery of the meter

47. None of the above

48. Transponder

49. protons

50. Hysteresis

51. 40 ohms

52. Analog to digital conversion

53. 17

54. Triac

55. One

56. atom

57. flux

58. 320.7 microfarads

59. Light activated SCR

60. Field-effect transistor

61. OR

62. the presence of capacitance both external and internal

63. Selenium cells

64. A force set up when current flows through a conductor

65. 150 mV

66. Universal motor

67. Blowing fuse

68. completely no split

69. Binary counter

70. Magnetic cores

71. 12.4 microsec

72. photoemission

73. it has a very high voltage gain and low noise level

74. Atom

75. Interrogator

76. inverse parallel connected SCRs with common gate

77. Magnetic field intensity

78. 4.08 MHz

79. permeability

80. Mass

81. Magnetic type

82. Galvanometer

83. Aquadag coating

84. 15 (decimal)

85. Sequential

86. Maximum forward current and PIV

87. Multiplexer

88. ILS

89. provides an output code that corresponds to which a set of input line is true

90. crossover network

91. 2 miles

92. higher

93. multiplexer

94. invalid

95. 26

96. 12V

97. 2

98. Capacitor

99. 512

100. high resistance

What’s next in line?

Complete List of Electronics Engineering Exams: ECE Pre-Board

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