Floyd Self-test in Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing

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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2019)

Floyd Self-test in Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing

This is the Self-test in Chapter 18: Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing from the book Electronic Devices Conventional Current Version, 9th edition by Thomas L. Floyd. If you are looking for a reviewer in Electronics Engineering this will definitely help you before taking the Board Exam.

Floyd Self-test Chapter 18 Topic Outline

  • Floyd Self-test in Programming Basics
  • Floyd Self-test in Automated Testing Basics
  • Floyd Self-test in The Simple Sequential Program
  • Floyd Self-test in Conditional Execution
  • Floyd Self-test in Program Loops
  • Floyd Self-test in Branching and Subroutines

Start Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. All the instructions that the hardware of a processor can directly decode and execute is called

(a) pseudocode

(b) a flowchart

(c) an assembly program

(d) the instruction set

2. All of the following are instruction types except

(a) conditional instructions

(b) pseudocode instructions

(c) loop instructions

(d) branching instructions

3. One disadvantage of flowcharts is that

(a) the process flow of a program is difficult to follow in a flowchart

(b) it is not possible for flowcharts to represent large programs

(c) process flow is not always the best way to represent a program

(d) flowcharts cannot distinguish between WHILE-DO and REPEAT-UNTIL loops

4. An advantage of pseudocode is that it

(a) uses easily recognized and distinctively-shaped symbols

(b) shows the overall process flow of a program better than a flowchart

(c) provides a high level of structure for implementing the final program

(d) changes to the final program code do not affect the pseudocode

5. A basic automated test system consists of all the following components except

(a) a connection to access the Internet

(b) a test fixture

(c) the unit under test

(d) a test controller

6. The component that physically connects the UUT to the rest of the automated test system is the

(a) test controller

(b) test instrumentation

(c) test equipment

(d) test fixture

7. The test fixture consists of

(a) the test controller and unit under test

(b) the test equipment and test instrumentation

(c) electromechanical relays and silicon controlled switches

(d) the switching control and switching circuitry

8. Simple sequential programs can include any instructions except

(a) I/O instructions

(b) arithmetic instructions

(c) branching instructions

(d) assembly language instructions

9. Simple sequential programs

(a) have limited applications

(b) have nonlinear structures

(c) cannot be represented with flowcharts

(d) cannot be represented with pseudocode

10. Conditional execution

(a) limits the power and usefulness of programs

(b) uses the decision block in flowcharts

(c) is always limited to two alternatives

(d) always sequences through the same instructions

11. The IF-THEN-ELSE instruction

(a) is a special form of the more general IF-THEN instruction

(b) provides three alternative sequences of instructions

(c) implements the most basic form of conditional execution

(d) is a theoretical construct with no practical application in programming

12. The CASE instruction

(a) must determine whether a program value is equal to or not equal to specific values

(b) implements the most basic form of conditional execution

(c) is limited to two alternative sequences of instructions

(d) is another name for an IF-THEN instruction

13. An infinite loop

(a) has no practical value and is never used

(b) is used in operating systems and other specialized applications

(c) is another name for an unconditional loop

(d) occurs only when intended

14. The difference between a WHILE-DO instruction and REPEAT-UNTIL instruction is

(a) the WHILE-DO instruction loops when a condition is False

(b) the WHILE-DO loop always executes at least once

(c) the REPEAT-UNTIL loop tests the loop condition at the end of the loop

(d) the two are identical

15. A FOR-TO-STEP instruction with a STEP value of 0 will

(a) probably result in an infinite loop

(b) set the initial index value to 0

(c) exit when the index value reaches 0

(d) never execute

16. The difference between general branch instructions and conditional or loop instructions is

(a) general branch instructions can create infinite loops and conditional or loop instructions cannot

(b) conditional and loop instructions execute faster than general branch instructions

(c) general branch instructions are available only in low-level languages

(d) a conditional or loop instruction implicitly specifies the next instruction to execute

17. Subroutine calls differ from general branch instructions in that

(a) subroutine calls to programs use labels and general branch instructions do not

(b) subroutine calls allow the program to resume execution at the instruction immediately following the call to the subroutine

(c) general branch instructions use a special section of memory called the stack

(d) subroutine calls can be nested and general branch instructions cannot

18. Another name for a subroutine is

(a) a procedure

(b) a stack

(c) a flowchart

(d) a process flow

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