Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 2 Module 12 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 2 Module 12

This is the Section 2 Module 12 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 2 Module 12

1. copper loss – greatest loss in transformer

2. collector – output in common-base

3. input in phase with output – more than two of the choices

4. X + 0, Y + 1: x(Y + Z) is – always 0

5. (Xc/R) = 1 – -45deg

6. thermal printer is good for – a person who always travel

7. when frequency decrease – Xc increase negatively

8. when frequency decrease – XL decrease

9. type of colpitts oscillator, have small capacitance added to two capacitors – clapp oscillator

10. when is collector the input – none of the choices

11. XL = R – 45deg

12. Square of imaginary number – never positive

13. Complex number – combination of real & imaginary

14. Why complex numbers are used – Provide a way to represent what happens in resistance-reactance impedance

15. When the dielectric of capacitor is changed – can’t be determined

16. Magnetic audio tape – tracks are parallel to the edges

17. Same amplitude, but signals cancel out – 180deg

18. Shortwaves – 55meters

19. Shortwaves range – 10 to 100 meters

20. 1 kilobyte – 1000bytes

21. converts useful data – CPU

22. brain – microprocessor

23. large storage device – hard drive

24. fast memory storage – flash drive

25. magnetic video tape – tracks are diagonal with the edges

26. magnetic tape

27. least application of IC – radio transmitter final amplifier

28. limit of IC density – small semiconductor atom

29. limitation of IS – small semiconductor atom

30. power factor is – ratio of true power over VA power

31. in power supply with 15Vdc output 240Vac input, which is not needed – uninterruptible power supply

32. gate of JFET has – high input impedance

33. Heaviside bridge – AC bridge – mutual inductance

34. For sensitivity meter control test instrument – linear-taper potentiometer

35. Illegal in ham radio – selling of used cars

36. X-axis in spectrum analyzer – frequency

37. Movement of holes – plus to minus

38. Holes are opposite the direction of electrons – carrier is transferred from atom to atom

39. Polarity of electron – negative

40. When the number of the turns in a coil increase, current will – decrease near to zero

41. When the number of the turns in a coil increases, reactance will – increase

42. Which type of capacitor is polarized – electrolytic

43. Commonly used as voltage reference in voltage regulators – zener diode

44. Which of the ff is used to have an inductance of 15H – ferromagnetic pot core

45. In an RLC circuit – net conductance & susceptance, convert to resistance & reactance

46. South east of GB plane – conductance and inductive susceptance

47. Purely resistive, phase difference is – zero

48. 40 + j30 – 40ohm and 30ohm inductive reactance

49. 300ohm, -30j – current leads voltage by a few degree

50. Direction finding device use to locate radio transmitter – radio locator

51. ability to operate in strong signal is a consequence of – dynamic range

52. stability – oscillator maintains at the frequency

53. type of LAN, each stores its own data – peer-to-peer LAN

54. pinch-off – in FET

55. saturation – voltage increase as it possibly can

56. vidicon camera – sensitivity

57. CRT – cathode

58. Tube type – bulky & heavy

59. RF choke – passes dc but not RF

60. Bipolar transistor – 3 semiconductor layer

61. In a household circuit, 234V has – three phases

62. In an autotransformer, the number of tapped winding is – 1

63. Center-tapped – balanced winding

64. Data sent in a single line – serial

65. Tuned PA – adjusted for max power

66. Tuned PA

67. Easy to use

68. ROM – data are easy to get, hard to put data in

69. Operational amplifier can be used in – all of the choices given

70. 4th harmonic of 800kHz – 3.2MHz

71. I2R loss is less – High voltage is used in long distance power transmission because:

72. GaAs – compound

73. Step-down transformer – primary voltage is greater than secondary

74. Modem – A/D converter

75. Cold welding uses – pressure

76. To reduce noise level – reduce temperature

77. Noise – increase the incoming signal

78. Broadband PA – generally easy to use

79. Noise level in wireless system – strong incoming signals are needed to overcome it

80. Increase in plate capacitor, capacitance of capacitor will not be affected by – the frequency(within reason)

81. Not an example of true power – power in a capacitor

82. In a transmission line, 3.5A 150Vac, true power is – meaningless because true power is not transmitted but dissipated

83. Loading in tuned PA – provides impedance match

Complete List of Section 2 Modules in Electronics (Q&A)

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