Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 5

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)Communications Coaching Materials: Section 3 Module 5

This is the Section 3 Module 5 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 3 Module 5

· Local Oscillator

Ans: Frequency Synthesizer

· Middle C frequency:

Ans: 262 Hz

· Above one octave middle C

Ans: 524 Hz

· Inside the hut

Ans: Dog House

· Peak white

Ans: Maximum luminance

· First note

Ans: Root note

· Wavelength of sunlight

Ans: 300 to 2000 nm

· Peak wavelength of sunlight

Ans: 500 nm

· Interval of dissonant frequency

Ans: 7:8

· Density modulation and output of Klystron

Ans: Catcher

· Velocity modulation and input of Klystron

Ans: Buncher

· Critical frequency of F2 layer

Ans: 8 GHz

· Critical frequency of E layer

Ans: 4 MHz

· 2 ships 1910 to 1912

Ans: Republic and Titanic

· Most ambitious LEO

Ans: Teledesic satellite

· Before H sync

Ans: Front porch

· GPRS data rate

Ans: 384 kbps

· Uplink GPRS

Ans: 14 kbps

· 19Pc4 has a size of

Ans: 19 inches

· Aspect ratio is

Ans: ratio the height and width of the TV picture

· Radio Radar depends on

Ans: height of transmitter and height of receiving antenna

· Bluetooth 2.0

Ans: 2.1 Mbps

· Time slot of TDM frame

Ans: 8

· Exposure of person by humans in one day of 110 – 120 dB

Ans: 20 minutes

· Bluetooth is also known as

Ans: IEEE 802.15.1

· PEP unit of SSB transmission

Ans: ¼ to 1/3

· SB and CW

Ans: Beat frequency oscillator

· Nearest star in solar system

Ans: Proxima Centauri

· Reduced reverberation

Ans: Ambiophony

· Component that changes the response of waveguide of capacitive or inductive.

Ans: Tuning screw

· International Distress telephony

Ans: 121.5 MHz

· Turn around

Ans: 1.5 ms

· Singing frequency

Ans: Frequency frogging

· 600 Hz

Ans: multiples of 600, 300, 150 etc.

· In educational programs, the first telephone was invented by

Ans: Antonio Meucci

· Number of bit correction in Hamming bits

Ans: 1

· Newton’s Law of Motion

Ans: Inertial Navigation

· Used for damage

Ans: Strapdown system

· Dosage

Ans: rad

· Mixing of RF and picture

Ans: Intercarrier

· It is used to reduce even harmonics

Ans: Push pull amplifier

· Bit synchronization Ethernet

Ans: Preamble

· 10BASET is limited to

Ans: 100 m

· 10BASE5 is also called

Ans: Cheapernet

· Portable payphone booth

Ans: PDD

· These are containers with a small open neck and they work by resonance of the air within the cavity.

Ans: Helmoltz resonator

· 888/800

Ans: Prepaid card

· 991 police

Ans: Service code

· Ringing without dialing

Ans: Hotline

· Carbon button

Ans: Microphone

· Messages that you did not subscribe

Ans: Push messaging

· Above 52°C

Ans: Crystal

· Submarine antenna

Ans: Trailing end antenna

· Brief message

Ans: SMS

· WiMAX means

Ans: Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access

· Unique paging access

Ans: Capcode

· It is essentially a cell site that is mounted on a flatbed tractor-trailer used for emergency purposes.

Ans: COW

· The speech coding rate in D-AMPS

Ans: 8 kbps

· What do you call a short bit sequence typically 128 bits in digital signatures?

Ans: Hash

· In GSM, the speech coding rate is

Ans: 13 kbps

· International Pitch A

Ans: 435 Hz

· American Concert Pitch A

Ans: 440 Hz

· A frequency that reduces problems

Ans: Optimum Working frequency

· What is the typical gain of a rhombic antenna?

Ans: Between 15 to 60

· Arrangement of transmitter

Ans: Oscillator, Drive and PA

· What increase in sound level is commonly perceived by most people?

Ans: 6 to 10 dB

· TV color decrease from left to right

Ans: Staircase signal

· Least expensive topology

Ans: Ring

· Disadvantage of Two way to one way paging

Ans: Two way is most expensive

· Capacity of 2G

Ans: 70%

· Dependent Horn feed

Ans: Aperture Antenna

· Unique telephone number assignment

Ans: NAM

· Unique mobile assignment

Ans: MIN

· Fastest topology

Ans: Bus

· Gigabit Ethernt

Ans: Twinax

· Transmission at the same time

Ans: Contention

· Number of users accessing through the Internet

Ans: WWW

· Polytetrafluoroethylene

Ans: Teflon

· Replaced LC circuit λ/2 less than 100 feet

Ans: Transmission line

· Spin satellite

Ans: Despun

· Poked up

Ans: Poke through

· Radar antenna

Ans: Horn antenna 360 degrees

· GPS inclination

Ans: 55°

· Efficiency of parabolic antenna

Ans: 55%

· What is the amount of sound reduction provided by a barrier – wall, floor or ceiling is called?

Ans: Transmission loss

· Sound provides all sorts of information. What information is related to knowledge, reasoning, memory, judgment, and perception?

Ans: Cognitive

· What sound relates to a sonic time pattern?

Ans: Rhythm

· Which of the following coaxial cable connectors is called the UHF connector?

Ans: PL-259

· What connector is popular in attaching test instruments like oscilloscopes, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, etc?

Ans: BNC

· Which coaxial cable connector is least expensive and is widely used for TV sets, VCRs and cable TV?

Ans: F-type connector

· Velocity factor in transmission lines vary from

Ans: 0.5 to 0.9

· What is the typical velocity factor of coaxial cables?

Ans: 0.6 to 0.8

· It helps achieve synchronous, full-duplex transmission over two-wire switched circuits at 9.6 kbps

Ans: V.32

· A modem modulation standard providing full duplex, 32,000 bps data transfer over a standard one-pair dial up telephone line.

Ans: V.34bis

· Video compression standard

Ans: H.261

· Cochannel cells

Ans: Cochannel interference reuse ratio

· Distance that should not be interfered

Ans: Distance to reuse (D/R) ratio

· Typical frequency reuse factor

Ans: 7

· LMDS data rate

Ans: 27 to 31 Mbps

· Losses that are comparable to size of the wavelength

Ans: Mie Scattering

· Losses by the thermal energy in the material.

Ans: Brilloun Scattering

· Nonlinear interaction produces a high frequency phonon

Ans: Raman Scattering

· The orientation of the satellite in relationship to the earth and the sun.

Ans: Attitude control

· Reproductive system only

Ans: Somatic

· TV surface acoustic wave

Ans: SAW filter

· Network satellite ships navigation and aviation

Ans: Intelsat

· 128 bits

Ans: IPv6

· CAT5 data rate

Ans: 100 Mbps

· Troposcatter is not used because

Ans: They are not reliable

· Coverage of CDMA

Ans: 30 miles

· Repeaters microwave

Ans: 40 km

· Class III transmitter power

Ans: 3 W

· Effective antenna height should be

Ans: ½ to 2/3

· A3E power

Ans: 4 W

· J3E power

Ans: 3 W

· F3 transmits

Ans: voice

· Beamwidth of parabolic antenna

Ans: 10 – 60 degrees

· Splicing of fiber uses glue

Ans: Mechanical splicing

· Splicing of fiber to melt

Ans: Fusion splicing

· Rule of thumb by microwave

Ans: 40%

· Watch ticking

Ans: 20 phons

· Reverberation time of auditorium

Ans: 1.6 to 1.8 s

· LED plastic FOC

Ans: Red LED

· Greatest output

Ans: Yellow green

· Vidicon dark current

Ans: 0.2 uA

· Most TV signals

Ans: 36 and 46 MHz

· Orbitals of GPS

Ans: 6

· Period of GPS

Ans: 12 hrs

· +/- 25 kHz

Ans: 1 %

· last mile

Ans: WiMax

· Harmonics

Ans: Pi-network

· Gamma of picture tube

Ans: 2.2

· Exact value of chroma

Ans: 3.579545 MHz

· Formula for rems

Ans: rems= reb x rad


Ans: Customer Premises Equipment

· Wave antenna

Ans: Beverage antenna

· Beamwidth of Rhombic

Ans: 10 to 60 degrees


Ans: Oct. 13, 1983


Ans: 1978


Ans: 1991

· 3G

Ans: 2001

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