List of Famous Persons in Communications Engineering

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2020)

Significant People in Communications Engineering

This is the list of inventors, scientist, discoverers, and those who formulated and developed significant contributions in the field of Communications Engineering. Without these brilliant people in history, the world is boring and unexciting.

The list of Important People in Communications Engineering

Invented the Leibniz wheel mechanical calculating machine in 1672

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Discovered the difference between conductors and insulators in 1729

Stephen Gray

Discovered Galvanic action in 1780

Luigi Galvani

Invented the electric dry cell in 1800

Alessandro Volta

Discovered infrared radiation in 1800

William Herschel

Discovered ultraviolet radiation in 1801

J W Jitter

Invented Optophone in 1817

E E Fournier d’ Albe

Discovered electromagnetism and invented galvanometer in 1820

Hans Christian Oersted

Discovered thermoelectricity in 1821

T J Seebeck

Developed Fourier analysis in 1828

Jean-Baptiste- Joseph Fourier

Formulated Ohm’s law 1826

George S. Ohm

Discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831

Michael Faraday

Invented the transformer in 1831

Michael Faraday

Invented the first computer with memory, control, arithmetic unit and I/O in 1833

Charles Babbage

Formulated the law of electrolysis in 1834

Michael Faraday

Invented telegraphy in 1837

Samuel Morse

Invented the electric motor in 1837

Thomas Davenport

Invented the magnetohydrodynamic battery in 1839

Michael Faraday

Discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839

Edmond Becquerel

Invented the fuel cell in 1839

William Grove

Invented thermography in 1840

John Herschel

Invented the differential resistance measurer in 1843

Charles Wheatstone

Invented facsimile reproduction in 1843

Alexander Bain

Formulated KCL and KVL in 1845

Gustav Kirchhoff

Invented submarine cable insulation in 1847

Werner Siemens

Discovered magnetostriction in 1847

James Prescot Joule

Developed Boolean algebra in 1848

George Boole

Invented thermistor in 1850

Michael Faraday

Invented diaphragm type microphone in 1860

J P Reis

Invented the lead acid cell in 1860


Discovered the radio wave propagation in 1865

James Clerk Maxwell

Invented the Leclanche cell in 1868

George Leclanche

Invented the phonograph or gramophone in 1877

Thomas Alva Edison

Invented the carbon granule microphone transmitter using multiple loose contact in 1878

Henry Hunnings

Invented the electrocardiograph in 1887

Augustus Desire Waller

Invented the induction motor in 1888

Nikola Tesla

Invented the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange in 1889

Almon Brown Strowger

The first to study the possibility of waves traveling in hollow pipes or waveguides in 1893

Joseph John Thomson

Discovered X-rays in 1895

Wilhelm Roentgen

Patented wireless telegraphy in 1896

Guglielmo Marconi

Discovered electron in 1897

Joseph John Thomson

Invented Nickel-iron cell in 1900

Thomas Alva Edison

Discovered Heaviside – Kennelly layer in the upper atmosphere in 1901

Oliver Heaviside and Arthur Kennelly

Formulated the quantum theory in 1900

Max Planck

Invented synchronous induction motor in 1902

Ernst Danielson

Invented vacuum tube diode in 1904

John Ambrose Fleming

Formulated the theory of relativity in 1905

Albert Einstein

Conducted the first documented radio broadcasting of speech and music in 1906

Reginald Fessenden

Invented the VT triode in 1906

Lee De Forest

Invented goniometer in 1907

Alessandro Artom

Invented electric organ in 1908

Thadius Cahill

Discovered superconductivity in 1911

Kamerlingh Onnes

Developed single side band communication in 1915

J R Carson

Discovered Shot effect in 1918

W Schottky

Invented iconoscope in 1923

Vladimir Zworykin

Discovered ionosphere layer in 1925

Edward Appleton

Invented Tetrode in 1926

H J Round

Discovered the effect of negative feedback on amplifiers in 1927

H S Black

Invented pentode in 1928

Tellegen and Hoist

Conceptualized MOSFET in 1930

Julius Lilienfield

Discovered neutron in 1932

James Chadwick

Invented Frequency Modulation in 1933

E H Armstrong

Invented Ignitron in 1933

Westinghouse Co.

Conceptualized FET in 1935

Oskar Heil

Invented xerography in 1937

Chester Carlson

Invented cybernetics in 1940

Norbert Weiner

Developed ENIAC in 1943

Moore School

Developed EDVAC in 1947

University of Pennsylvania

Developed SEAC in 1948

National Bureau of Standards

Developed UNIVAC in 1947

Eckert and Mauchly

Invented the point-contact transistor in 1948

Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley

Invented holography in 1948

Dennis Gabor

Developed EDSAC in 1948

M V Wilkes

Invented floppy disks in 1950

Yoshire Nakamats

Invented pin diode in 1950

J I Nishizawa

Invented Digital Voltmeter in 1952

Andy Kay

Invented the tunnel diode in 1958

Leo Esaki

Invented LED in 1960

Allen and Gibbons

Invented ink jet printing process in 1963

R G Sweet

Invented DIP IC in 1964

Bryant Rogers

Invented computer mouse in 1965

Douglas Engelbart

Invented fiber optics communication in 1966

Kao and Hockham

Invented IMPATT diode in 1964

John and deLoach

Invented TRAPATT diode in 1967

Prager, Chang, and Weisbrod

Invented BARITT diode in 1968

G T Wright

Invented IC in 1958

Jack Kilby

Invented the IC Aluminum metallization in 1968

Robert Noyce

Invented the internet in 1969


Invented the UNIX operating system in 1970

Bell Labs, University of California

Invented the CCD in 1970

W S Boyle and G E Smith

Invented the video games in 1972


Invented the I2L integrated circuit in 1972

Hart and Slob

Invented CATT in 1974

Yu, Cady, and Tantrapon

Invented bar codes in 1974

Ad Hoc Committee of Grocery Industry

Invented VHS recorder in 1975


Invented Laser printer in 1975


Invented Betamax Video Recorder in 1975


Invented pocket TV receiver in 1977

Sinclair Radionics

Invented compact disc laser optical recording system in 1978


Invented fiber optic submarine cable in 1981

Standard Telephoned and Cables

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