Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 60

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

This is the Online Practice Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System Part 60 as one of the Communications Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies, Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References.

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Quiz in Wire and Wireless Communications System

Question 591. For building telephone facilities, the size of entrance conduit shall not be less than _______ in diameter.

A. 30 mm

B. 50 mm

C. 60 mm

D. 75 mm

Question 592. In International Telephone Numbering, a digit or combination of digits characterizing the called numbering area within a country is called ________ code.

A. Local


C. Baudot

D. Area

Question 593. The following are the transmission media used for telephone systems except:

A. Parallel wire

B. Coaxial wire

C. Fiber optics

D. None of these

Question 594. A type of crosstalk which is caused by inadequate control of the frequency response of the transmission system, poor filter design, or poor filter performance.

A. single-channel crosstalk

B. transmittance crosstalk

C. linear crosstalk

D. coupling crosstalk

Question 595. The following frequencies are developed using 1.8 kHz used for scanner in facsimile, except:

A. 300 Hz

B. 100 Hz

C. 450 Hz

D. 60 Hz

Question 596. In a recorder of facsimile, what is used to generate 60-Hz ac?

A. 3.0 kHz oscillator and logic gates

B. 2.4 kHz mixer and logic gates

C. 3.0 kHz oscillator and logic divider

D. 2.4 kHz oscillator and logic divider

Question 597. A private line communications channel of the type provided by communication common carrier for linking two or more points together.

A. Party line

B. Tie line

C. DID line

D. Trunk line

Question 598. On the subscriber’s telephone set employing the touch tone technique, how many signals are transmitted to the telephone exchange for every button that is pressed?

A. 2 VHF signals

B. 1 VHF and 1 AF

C. 2 AF tones

D. 16 AF tones

Question 599. Basically, in facsimile, what is a scanner helix?

A. clear sided drum with one turn scratch

B. clear sided drum with two turn scratch

C. opaque sided drum with one turn scratch

D. opaque sided drum with two turn scratch

Question 600. A subscriber loop signalling method in which signalling information is indicated by the presence and absence of a battery and ground condition on the line at the called end of the trunk.

A. Wet- Dry

B. Reverse Battery

C. High- Low

D. Supervisory

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