Chapter 11: Television Transmission – Grob TV End Chapter Exercise

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Chapter 11: Television Transmission

This is the Chapter 11: Television Transmission end chapter exercise in Basic Television – Grob TV as one of the Electronics Engineering topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Exam Questions in Electronics Engineering field, Electronics Books, Journals and other Electronics References.

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Chapter 11

Television Transmission


  • a. Maximum white 10 to 15, or 12.5 average
  • b. Blanking 75
  • c. Tip of sync 100


Vestigial sideband transmission of the AM picture signal.

  • a. All the upper sideband is transmitted. T
  • b. A part, or about 0 to 0.75 MHz of the lower sideband is transmitted.
  • c. With 0.1-MHz modulation of a 61.25-Mhz carrier, the side frequencies are 61.15 and 61.35 MHz. T


  • a. The picture and sound signals use separate. T
  • b. The UHF television channels are 6 MHz wide.
  • c. Channels 6 and 7 are most likely to have adjacent-channel interference. F.FM spectrum lies between channels 6 and 7.


List the values for the following frequencies in Channel 4, which is 66 to 72 MHz.

  • a. Picture carrier. 67.25 MHz.
  • b. Upper side carrier for 3-MHz video modulation. 70.25 MHz.
  • c. Color sub carrier. 70.83 MHz.
  • d. Sound carrier. 71.75 MHz.


Values for the FM sound signal in TV.

  • a. Maximum frequency deviation. 25 kHz.
  • b. Separation of center frequency from the picture carrier signal. 4.5 MHz.
  • c. Percentage of modulation for +/- 20 kHz swing. 80%


  • a. The tolerance for the picture carrier frequency is +/- 1000 Hz.
  • b. The emission-type number for vestigial sideband transmission is A5C.
  • c. The frequency offset for the co-channel stations. 10 kHz.


  • a. Line-of-sight transmission uses sky waves from the ionosphere. F
  • b. A half-wave dipole is shorter for higher frequencies. T
  • c. Multipath signals cause ghosts in the picture. T
  • d. The higher the antenna, the longer the radio horizon distance. T


  • a. A 6 GHz is an uplink frequency.
  • b. A 4 GHz is a downlink frequency.
  • c. There are 1000 megahertz in a 1 GHz.
  • d. Satellites differ in angular heading by 3 – 5°.

Questions and Answers

1. The modulated picture carrier wave includes the composite video signal as the symmetric carrier level without the lower envelope.

2. Which of the following statements is true? Negative transmission means that the carrier amplitude decreases for black.

3. With a 2 Mhz video signal modulating the picture carrier signal for channel 4 (66 to 72 Mhz), which of the following frequencies are transmitted? 67.25 Mhz carrier frequency and 69.25 upper side frequency.

4. With a 0.5 Mhz video signal modulating the picture carrier, both upper and lower side frequencies are transmitted.

5. In all standard television broadcast channels, the difference between the picture and sound carrier frequencies is 4.5 Mhz.

6. The difference between the sound carrier frequencies in two adjacent channels is 6 Mhz.

7. Line-of-sight transmission is a characteristic of propagation for the VHF band and higher frequencies.

8. In channel 14 (470 to 476 Mhz), the 3.58 color signal is transmitted at 474.83 Mhz.

9. The difference between the sound carrier and color subcarrier frequencies is 0.92 Mhz.

10. The maximum deviation of the FM sound signal, in kilohertz is 25 kHz.

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