You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 11 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 11 | ECE Board Exam

Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 11

This is the Section 1 Module 11 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 11

1. Measure electrical current

– Galvanometer

2. Measure intensity radiated in the sky

– Pyranometer

3. Measure distance and direction of motor

– Magnetometer

4. As capacitor plate area increases

– Capacitance Increases

5. Increase in distance of plate

– Capacitance increases

6. With permeability tuning, moving the core further into a solenoidal coil.

– Increase the inductance

7. In which of the following places would you likely choose a lithium battery?

– Microcomputer memory backup

8. Capacitance acts to store electrical energy as:

– An electric field

9. Where would you most likely find a lead-acid battery?

– In portable video

10. A cell or battery that keeps up a constant current-delivering capability almost until it dies is said to have.

– A flat discharge curve

11. Where might you find a NICAD battery?

– In more than one of the above (satellite, portable cassette player, handheld radio transceiver)

12. If two wave have the same frequency and the same amplitude, but opposite phase.

– Zero

13. Which of the following does not affect the power output available from particular ac gen?

– The type of natural energy source used

14. If a 175 V dc source were connected in series with utility main, result will

– Pulsating dc

15. The length of time between a point in one cycle and same point in the next cycle of ac wave

– Period

16. On spectrum analyzer, a pure ac signal having just one frequency component would look like:

– A single pip

17. If two waves have the same frequency and the same phase the composite wave:

– Has a magnitude equal to the sum of the two originals

18. Which of the following does not affect the inductance of a coil?

– Diameter of the wire

19. In a small inductance

– Energy is stored and released quickly

20. Air works well as a dielectric mainly because

– Has high efficiency

21. Which of the following is not a characteristic of mica capacitors

– Small size (high efficiency, low loss, handle high voltage)

22. Which of the following can vary with ac but not with dc?

– Frequency

23. In the output of a half wave rectifier.

– The effective value is less than that of the original ac wave.

24. A thermocouple.

– Gets warm when current flows through it.

25. A resistor has three bands, gray, red, yellow.

– 660 k to 980 k ohms

26. Carbon composition resistor.

– Are comparatively non reactive

27. The best place to use a wire wound resistor is.

– In a high-power, direct current circuit

28. A metal film resistor.

– Has less reactance than a wire wound type.

29. You have an unlimited supply of 1-W, 1000 ohms resistors and you need a 500 ohms resistance rated at 7W

– Four sets of two 1000 ohms resistors in series and connecting these four sets in parallel

30. You have an unlimited supply of 1-W, 1000 ohms resistor and you need to get a 3000 ohm 5 watt

– Do something other than any of the above. (2×2 series parallel, 3×3 series parallel, 3 parallel resistor)

31. Atomic number is

– Number of proton

32. Atomic weight is

– Number of proton plus number of neutron

33. Number of proton is

– Atomic number

34. Which of the following is not a meter error

– Slight change in resistance to be measured

35. Hysteresis loss is proportional to the cube of magnetic induction

– Hayleigh effect

36. “processing power of a pc is proportional to the square of its cost”

– Grosh’s law

37. Rheostat.

– Used in high power application

38. PMOS has voltage supply up to.

  15 V

39. What is the maximum output of a voltage divider?

– Equal to power supply

40. Relationship between the physical magnitude of stimuli and perceived intensity of the stimuli

– Weber-Fechner

41. Red, red, red, gold

– 2.2K ohms

42. Used in pyranometer to measure high current.

– Current transformer

43. It is not generally possible in a geomagnetic field storm. – Disruption of microwave radio link 44. Which has high resistance?

– Insulator

45. Worst conductor.

– Air

46. Best conductor.

– Copper

47. What is ohm.

– Unit of opposition of current

48. What will happen if twice voltage and resistance made into half?

– Current increase four times

49. Which is not true about AC?

– Electron flow in one direction

50. If the sound signal increased three times in normal level, what is the increase in dB?

– 5 dB

51. Used in controlling the volume?

– Logarithmic-taper potentiometer

52. Cannot display by an oscilloscope?

– Energy

53. VU meter not measure?

– Energy

54. Watt-hour meter measures?

– Energy

55. Utility motor measures?

– Energy

56. What is the output of have wave rectifier?

– Half wave is chopped off

57. Phase represents.

– 1/360

58. Current in a gas changes as the result of irradiation by light.

– Joshi effect

59. The electric polarization of dielectric material being moved in a magnetic field

– Wilson effect

60. Voltmeter has:

– Large internal resistance

61. Voltmeter has:

– High internal resistance

62. Peak value of an AC signal is:

– Greater than or equal to the effective value

63. Which statement is false:

– In series connection current adds up

64. In series or parallel connection it is always equal.

– Wattage

65. Unit of charge carrier flow

– Ampere

66. Relay that only has signal if there is current

– Normally open

67. Which is not a function of resistor?

– Increase charging capacity of capacitor

68. Loudness of HI FI sound is calibrated in

– Decibel

69. What is the unit of sound?

– Decibel

70. Charge at rest

– Static

71. Materials that has permanent magnetizing characteristics.

– Ferromagnet

72. Difference from magnetic disk to magnetic tape

– Magnetic disk has faster data storage and retrieval time than magnetic tape.

73. How do insulator material can be a conductor?

– By ionizing

74. Biasing an amplifier

– Can be done by voltage divider

75. Suppose a certain current in a galvanometer deflects at 20 degrees, and this current is doubled, the needle deflection,

– It also increase

76. Wiring diagram differ from schematic diagram:

– Wiring diagram shows components values

77. What application most preferably use analog than digital display?

– Signal strength radio receiver

78. How many NAND gate to produce OR gate?


79. Add or sum of phase then the result will end up like the original


80. Add or sum of phase and the result will end up opposite of the other

– 180

81.  Inductor works by

– Storing energy as magnetic field

82. 117 V has peak value of

– 165 V

83. 117 V has peak to peak value of

– 331

V 84. 45 dc is connected to 117 V what is the peak to peak value?

  +210 V to -120 V

85. Converts light to electrical energy

– Photovoltaic

86. Chemical compound is:

– Consist of two or more atom

87. In vector diagram, the angle between vector is:

– Phase difference

88. In vector diagram, the distance from the center

– Peak Amplitude

89. In vector diagram, time travel depicts

– Rotation counterclockwise

90. One light bulb in string wire is shorted out what happened to other bulbs:

– Current will go up

91. Reverse magnetic field polarity to keep dc rotating

– Commutator

92. Spend of energy

– Watt

93. A dc electromagnet:

– Has constant polarity

94. 25 A most likely drawn in.

– Typical house hold

95. Advantage of toroidal coil over solenoidal

– Magnetic flux in toroid is concentrated on its core

96. Advantage of wire wound.

– Dissipate large amount of dc power

97. Total resistance in a voltage divider network.

– As low as the power supply allows

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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