Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 16

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 16

This is the Section 1 Module 16 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 16

1. The output waveform of sweep voltage is a Sawtooth wave.

2. SCARRA robot is widely used in industry because it is cheaper.

3. SCARRA robot is main function is an Assembler.

4. Single bit comparator is Exclusive Nor.

5. Has high output if all inputs are high and low output if all inputs are low. OR gate

6. Output is logic 1 if all inputs are logic zero. NOR gate

7. Output is logic 0 only when all inputs are logic one. NAND gate

8. The initial slope of a sine wave is directly proportional to Frequency.

9. Used to convert DC to AC. Inverter

10. Unit of magnetic field quantity. Maxwell

11. An LF157A is a BiFet Op Amp.

12. The 741C has a unity gain frequency of 1MHz.

13. Invented the IC. Jack Kilby

14. Not a fundamental characteristic of a computer. High Cost

15. Eniac has how many vacuum tubes. 18000

16. First commercial Computer introduced in 1953. UNIVAC

17. Can be erased by applying ultraviolet rays. EPROM

18. It is erased electrically. EEPROM

19. It can only store info. If it is refreshed periodically and power is applied. Dynamic RAM

20. Dynamic RAM refresh period is 2Ms.

21. The regulator with the highest efficiency : switching regulator

22. The sum of all currents entering a junction is equal to the sum of currents leaving. Kirchoffs First Law

23. The law of attraction or repulsion between 2 poles is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Coulombs’ Second Law

24. The process used to grow a layer of single crystal semiconductor as an extension of the existing crystal wager of the same material. Epitaxial

25. Typical value of external frequency- compensating capacitor of op –amps. 3-30 micro Farad

26. The charge of a proton. Positive

27. Which power control switching method that greatly generates RFI or EMI and is therefore limited to low frequency applications? Phase control

28. A circuit used for voltage equalization during on-off switching action of SCR’s in series. Snubber circuit

29. Precision : consistency or repeatability of measurement.

30. Type of memory that if formed by a series of magnetic bubbles at the substrate. Bubble Memory

31. Physical path along which a signal travels. Bus

32. Holes flow from. Plus to minus

33. The size of an IC is limited to the size of an atom.

34. The number of loads that can be driven from a single gate output. FAN OUT

35. Characteristics of an oscillator that enable it to sustain oscillation after removal of the control stimulus. Fly wheel effect

36. Active devices used in switching regulators may experience large over currents during conduction and large over voltages during turn off. These excessive currents and voltages may cause distraction or damage of the active devices. How do we protect them? By installing a snubber circuit.

37. What is formed when the complemented output of the last stage of a shift register is fed back to the input of the first stage? Twisted Ring Counter

38. PMOS are generally supplied with a voltage up to 240 volts.

39. NMOS can be interlaced to CMOS by providing a pull up resistor.

40. The conducting material that is mostly used to inter connect components on chips during metallization process. Aluminum

41. Has no feedback element. Comparator

42. Cobol, FORTRAN and Algol are high level languages.

43. Its output is same as input and has a delay element. D flip flop



46. A geomagnetic storm can disrupt the earth’s magnetic field.

47. The configuration noted for its stability in radio frequency power amplifiers is the Common base circuit.

48. The needle in indicating instruments is made of Aluminum.

49. Because of the small size of IC’s compared with the equivalent circuits made from discrete components. Higher switching speeds are attainable.

50. In a geomagnetic storm. More than one of the choices can occur.

51. The required time interval immediately ff. the active edge of the clock signal during which clock inputs must be held stable. Setup time

52. Greatest percentage of power loss in a dc motor is due to Copper loss.

53. Without mutual inductance, inductors in series are like resistors in series.

54. Capacitor suitable for dc circuits and used in transistors amplifiers. Electrolytic

55. Holding current: The minimum gate current required keeping the SCR conducting.

56. Across which of the ff. components of a power supply does the average dc voltage exists. Capacitor Filter

57. Low sensitivity meters are useful in measurement of low resistances.

58. An MSI circuit that provides an output code that corresponds to which set of input line is true. Encoder

59. Carbon resistor has no inductance and capacitance.

60. Metal film resistor has not much inductance.

61. If the capacitor in Wein Bridge is replaced by inductor it becomes. Wein Inductance Bridge

62. An advantage of electromagnetic over permanent magnet is electromagnet can be turn on and off.

63. An LCD uses what liquid; it has the least order and is most liquid like. Nemetic

64. Used to measure low resistances. Kelvin Bridge

65. Industrial Robot actuator uses Pneumatic and hydraulic.

66. Used for identification, verification and authentication. Biometry

67. Another term for power amplifier. Pre Amplifier

68. When anode and cathode has some potential, diode is zero biased.

69. If the input of TTL is binary. The output is binary 0.

70. Decade counter: 1 output for every 10 input pulse.

71. Fastest in MOS family: CMOS

72. To improve dc output voltage in a power supply. Add a filter capacitor.

73. Modified component of UPS. Backup Power Supply

74. It has alternating and pulsating frequency and has positive feedback. Oscillator

75. A suitable method in simplifying Boolean expression when the system deals with more than six variables. Quine McCluskey tabular method

76. A four arm ac current bridge used to measure capacitance and dissipation factor. Schering bridge

77. A bridge in which the resistance in one or more branches is controlled by the position of a sliding contact on a length of resistance wire. Slide Wire Bridge

78. Sums the row of independent white noise sources. Each row is updated at halt the rate of the row above. The top row is updated every sample, it produces Voss McCartney Noise Generator.

79. Magnetometer – used to measure the intensity and direction of magnetic field.

80. Also known as reflected binary code and is the minimum change code. Gray Code

81. The difference between the point a robot is trying to achieve and the actual resultant position : Accuracy

82. A 3 terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage or current divider. Pot resistor

83. It has dimensions of force per unit length or energy per unit area. Surface tension

84. A graph showing the pressure at which phase transitions between different states of a pure compound occur, as a function of temperature. Phase diagram

85. TRIAC is used in Color TV series.

86. A rectifier circuit without a filter circuit produces pulsating DC.

87. A typical turn off voltage of MOS controlled thyristor. 15V

88. Magnetic Relay is an example of Actuator.

89. In a common base circuit, the output is taken from the collector.

90. A camera used for imaging positron emitters? Compton camera

91. Most commonly used audio oscillators. Wein bridge and Phase shift

92. The vapor pressure of a substance at its boiling point is 1 atmosphere.

93. The process used in cold welding. Pressure

94. The error in the intermediate junction of wires in the thermocouple. Cold junction effect

95. The geomagnetic lines of flux are horizontal to the geomagnetic equator.

96. The technique in shared systems which disallows the mixing of prints out with the other programs. Spooling

97. A dialog box which is in the form of a text box which only accepts numbers. Spinners

98. A computer configuration in which the host computer manages the dependent terminals. Hierarchical Network.

99. A program in robotics which allows only two position motion about a robot axis. Positive stop program

100. Allows different computer networks to communicate with each other. Network Protocol

101. The welding process interval in which welding current is flowing. Heat sub interval

102. In JFET transconductance is the ratio of change in drain current to the change in gate voltage.

103. CMOS can supplied with a voltage up to 15 V.

104. The circuit easiest to filter is high frequency pulsating dc.

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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