Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 17 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 17

This is the Section 1 Module 17 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 17

1. If you want the circuit to be in stable manner while load impedance varies, what coupling method is ideal to use


2. Advantage of pneumatic actuator

All of the above

-quick response

-clean and no oil leaks

-low cost and power operations than hydraulic actuator

3. An ac bridge used to measure capacitance and its losses.

Wein Bridge

4. A four-arm ac bridge used to measure inductance against standard capacitance.

Maxwell Bridge

5. A type of dip meter, where microammeter is connected in the grid.

grid-dip meter

6. What is the output when R=low, S=low, Enable=high, preset=low, clear=high


7. The new IBM supercomputer that can operate at 7072 trillion calculations per seconds that is known as the fastest supercomputer.

Gene Blue/L

8. A cable free technology that let people surf the Web even when at starbucks, seattles and Malls when they are near the antenna


9. How to increase the Forward voltage blocking capability of SCRs?

by connecting in series

10. What is the power density of the field strength meter that expresses the field strength?

0.001 to 2000 microwatts/sq.cm

11. Mass of an electron


12. Noise generator is needed when evaluating characteristic of noise of the amplifier

13. Ceramic-disk capacitor is specifically has capacitance value of 100 microFarad.

14. Which is not a factor in electrical power of solar panel in direct sunlight.

ac voltage applied in panel

15. A memory element used in clocked sequential circuits.

Flip Flop

16. Robotic system that protects people from danger.


17. What is operational amplifier?

current amplifier

-voltage amplifier

-current-voltage amplifier

Any of the following

18. 741C oscillator uses active load resistor

19. 8086 processor is 16 bit

20. In a PNP transistor amplifier, power supply is connected when with respect to emitter.

when collector is negative

21. Most common mechanical configuration of industrial robots.

articulated arm and cylindrical

22. SCARA robots has how many axis


23. Actuator type that is the most messy


24. A variation of TTL that uses schottky barrier


25. Not a classification of computer


26. What is the reason why cells can store more in a given area when dynamic cells are used?

they are small

27. The number of commutator segments is  equal to no. of coils.

28. Advantage of methanol over hydrogen

easier to transport

29. Value of red, red, red, gold

2.2k, ±5%

30. Input to become undefined output in NAND


31. Convert AC from small DC source


32. Need two or more high input for high output

OR gate

33. Voltage required to conduct SCR

Minimum triggered voltage

34. Same as SCR but bidirectional


35. Not commonly use in ac power supply


36. Flow of current without bias

diffusion current

37. System used in telephone system to measure distance from ground fault

Varley loop

38. What is Diac?

two terminal, bidirectional

39. Crystal liquid that changes color in temperature


40. When the deflecting increases. The controlling increases

41. Motor used in sudden increase in load

commulatively compound

42. Advantage of hydraulic

can carry heavy loads

43. Not true in aircore over ferromagnetic core

air concentrates magnetic flux

44. Discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831

Michael Faraday

45. Determine the polarity of the voltage

Lenz’s law

46. Displays the indication in spectrum analyzer


47. Internal resistance of voltmeter to be accurate

as high as possible

48. Force is directly proportional to strength

coulomb’s 1st law

49. RF instrument, means of dip

dip meter

50. What is the purpose of bleeder resistor?

to drain the voltage in filter capacitor

51. Medium of communication in computer system that uses pneumonic.

machine language

52. Theorem that replaces the voltage by current in parallel with the resistance.

Norton’s theorem

53. Typical resistance of strain gauge is 120 ohms

54. The size of file in the computer is measured by byte

55. Program that has the ability to move a robot within a range but without specific path.

point to point program

56. Can use in different ways except –keyboard

57. Voltage applied to the oscilloscope in horizontal deflection.


58. Use to access world wide web


59. Process of asking remote terminal when needs to send data


60. Used to measure reflection


61. To conduct SCR, gate is more positive than cathode

62. Sensor has ADC, DAC, processor

smart sensor

63. Logic gates that has two or more input, when there is one or more high input, then high output.

OR gate

64. Measure of electron packed in a given volume

electron density

65. In full bridge converter, regenerative breaking occurs when firing angle is past+90 degrees

66. Insulator damage and current flows from core to earth or to sheath

earth fault

67. Interval from one point of one cycle to identical point of other cycle.


68. Time taken in computer to reply

response time

69. Register that access program variables


70. What is the purpose of zero adjust?

to compensate differing battery voltage

71. After weld interval, it goes to ______ interval where electrode pressure is maintained.

hold interval

72. After squeeze interval, next is ______

weld interval

73. What comes after hold interval ______


74. When is the first systematic report of liquid crystal?


75. Which determines the viscosity

resistance to flow

76. Does not have in oscillator

negative feedback

77. Instrument that displays signal strength with different frequencies.

spectrum analyzer

78. Most rugged indicating instrument

moving iron galvanometer

79. Type of network usually own/build by single company or governmental organization.

private data network

80. Uses 24 satellites and the most popular modern navigational aids.


81. Not used in biometry to identify human

texture of skin

82. The ENIAC can perform _____ additions and _____ multiplications in one second.


83. Where magnetic field is strong?

magnetic pole

84. If plate distance decreases and all things constant, the capacitance increases.

85. A circuit that has no feedback and Is not self correcting.

open-loop system

86. Devices used to measure moving hot iron tips and slabs.

infrared and ultraviolet devices

87. A 543 gates belongs to what category of integration

Small scale integration

88. Difference between JFET and MOSFET

MOSFET can handle a wider range of bias voltage

89. The period before the SCR conducts

firing delay

90. The period before the SCR conducts

firing delay angle (nagkaiba pa)

91. When triggered once it stores one of the two condition for digital circuit.


92. Oscillator for microwave frequencies

GUNN diode

93. Uses 25 volts and used for industrial purposes


94. What are the fundamental characteristics of Computer



-storage capability

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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