Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 18 | ECE Board Exam

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 18

This is the Section 1 Module 18 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 18

1. What describes Armstrong oscillator?

The signal is fed from output to the input through transformer

2. It is the motor or actuator current so that torque remains constant and load changes

Torque Control

3. The purpose of internal clamping diode on the input of the ringing logic probe:

To minimize the negative effects

4. At frequency of 400Hz, the most likely form of inductor is:


5. In digital AC, the output configuration used in “busing”:

Tri state buffer

6. Diode used in switching, negative resistance region

tunnel diode

7. Programming with continuous path control

walk through programming

8. Electronics technology which exploits the spin of electrons


9. To cause a three-state buffer to output 0-1

signal OE to output 1

10. Clock periods are measured from:

similar points on clock waveform

11. Best type of filter of power supply:

capacitor in parallel and choke in series

12. Logic family w/c is most resistant noise than TTL:


13. The fastest unsaturated logic family:


14. In closed loop control system, the differences in measured value and set or desired value:


15. Typical output of silicon photovoltaic cell:


16. Generally, the deflection of an oscilloscope

electrostatic deflection

17. The dielectronic use in a oscilloscope is:

electrostatic deflection

18. Condition wherein the arithmetic computation is more than the capacity of output:


19. Condition wherein the arithmetic computation is more negative than the capacity of output:


20. The opposition to the creation of magnetic line of flux:


21. Instrument in which operation depends on the reaction of magnetic flux:

induction instrument

22. Instrument in which operation depends on the opposition and repulsion of electrically charged objects:

electrostatic instrument

23. Instrument in which on moving iron vane…

permanent magnet moving coil

24. Instrument which depends on current at one or more fixed coils:


25. MOSFET input impedance is:

extremely high

26. Which describes ferromagnetic material?

magnetic flux concentrates w/in the core

27. Ac bridge used in measuring inductance and Q of inductor

Hays bridge

28. Leakage flux in transformers cause:

voltage drop in windings

29. Maxwell bridge measures accurately the:

medium inductance

30. An input variable or parameter that varies by output control:

manipulated variable

31. A saturable reactor with regenerative feedback:

magnetic amplifier

32. In designing weak small signals, the most important to consider is:

noise figure

33. An instrument that is able to generate noise w/ accurate voltage for test purposes:

noise generator

34. Robot Arm classification (1) Cylindrical (2) Cartesian (3) Articulated (4) Spherical:

1, 2, 3, 4

35. A cycle of a degree phase:

1/360 of a cycle

36. Large transformer has efficiency of:


37. It grasps, hold and deposit components, referred also as robot “hand”:


38. The most popular thyratron use in electrical power circuits:


39. In RF or microwave, an instrument that measures incidental and reflected light:


40. Fixed negative voltage regulator use in circuitry:

79XX series

41. Fixed positive voltage regulator use in circuitry:

78XX series

42. Disadvantage of mercury cell and battery:

it is destructive to environment

43. Also known as bang-bang control:


44. Current range used in arc welding process:

50 – 450 A

45. Transformer has zero efficiency when:

no load

46. What theorem is used on the computation of common voltage with resistances connected in parallel:

Millman’s Theorem

47. Open resistance, open voltage source

Thevenin’s Theorem

48. Op amp with regenerative feedback

servo system

49. Operating system used to connect in internet:


50. Most costly actuator:


51. Fast, long range, wireless used to connect household And businesses not reachable by cables:


52. 4th economic key next to land, labor and capital:


53. Plot used to interpret steady-state sinusoidal response:

nyquist plot

54. Main program of an operating system:


55. IC that can be changed:


56. Icon is determined by:


57. Damping method used in induction type meters:

eddy current damping

58. Arrangement of electrons

electronic configuration

59. A reactive device used in electrical power with 2 coils connected in a common iron core:

saturable reactor

60. Step recovery diode is also called:

charge storage diode

61. Air as dielectric has an advantage of:

low loss

62. Effects on air gap in transformer core:

increase magnetizing current

63. Resistor arrangement used to control volume in stereo Compact disc:

audio taper potentiometer

64. Typical ripple rejection of 3 terminal voltage regulator:


65. One coulomb of charge passing a point every second:


66. At SCR firing angle, power transfer is


67. Supersonic welding frequency range

10 – 75 kHz

68. Welding has ___ intervals:


69. At very low frequency, transformer poorly works because:

magnetizing current is high

70. Linear voltage regulator

the conductor … directly proportional w/ voltage or current

71. In a transformer, the amount copper in the primary:

almost the same as secondary

72. In transformer construction , the primary and secondary Coil must have:

tight magnetic coupling

73. Resistors connected in series, the value of total resistance

greater than the greatest resistors

74. Oscillator with tapped coil in a tuned circuit:


75. CRAY 1 has ____ compound element in its processor

Gallium Arsenide

76. Which is the most common type of meter?


77. Who built the computer in 1946 which has binary codes and stores data:

John Von Neumann

78. Circuit that changes pure binary code into ASCII:

code converter

79. It has only two output voltage level:

digital electronics

80. In TTL circuits, it has more than one gate, how do you handle unused gates:

force the output to go high

81. The rapidly flashing logic probe tip tells that the logic node being probe:

has rapidly changing logic activity

82. The regulator with the highest efficiency used in high Current, high voltage applications:

switching regulator

83. In a transformer to have a maximum power transfer:

copper loss is equal to constant loss

84. In transformer, what parameters are equal in primary & secondary:

voltage per turn & ampere turn

85. Sampling circuit used in voltage regulator:

voltage divider circuit

86. Used to characterize differences in edge timing of multiclock input:

clock skew

87. Advantage of magnetic disk over magnetic tape:

faster storage & retrieval of data

88. What will happen to the eddy current when the load is varied:

nothing will happen

89. Transmission system for robot w/ constant gear ratio:

chain driver

90. A crowbar is used:

as over voltage protection

91. What has 4 valence electrons:

elemental semiconductor

92. The only type of cooling used in largest power dissipators:

water cooling

93. Special bridge used to measure small resistance ( less than .1 ):

Kelvin double bridge

94. It increase the measuring capability of an ac meter:

different number of turns of coil

95. In which of the ff uses NPN transistor:

all of the above (RF & IF amp)

96. When op amp is used as buffer ckt, the output of voltage:

Vo = Vin

97. Which describes a ferromagnetic material:

concentrates the magnetic flux w/in the core

98. The output pulses of logic pulser:

can be used to overdrive logic nodes high or low

99. In transformer….

it’s magnetizing current will be high

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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