Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 20

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Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 20

This is the Section 1 Module 20 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 20

1. The number of free electrons and holes in an intrinsic semiconductor increases when the temperature


2. At unity-gain frequency, the open-loop voltage gain is


3. In active region, base-emitter junction is ________ bias, while base-collector is __________.


4. A magnetized part represents logic…


5. An octave is a ratio of different frequencies with the ratio of


6. An decade is a ratio of different frequencies with the ratio of


7. What is the maximum number of electrons that you can find in the k shell of a silicon atom


8. Configuration used for impedance matching


9. Most commonly used transistor configuration


10. If the temperature of a semiconductor increases, electrical resistance…


11. Net charge of a germanium

14e C

12. For ideal assumption, zero current flows to what kind of semiconductor

Both SI and Ge

13. Negative feedback configuration has a phase shift of


14. 1 Oersted is equal to

1 Gb/cm

15. Operating voltage range of LED

1.7 – 3.3 V

16. Operating voltage range of LED (doble talaga)

1.7 – 3.3 V

17. Power Consumption of LED

150 mW

18. Which of the following has the lowest Zin?


19. The input and output impedance of a CC circuit

High, low

20. If B equals conductance in an parallel RLC circuit, pf would be…


21. In a parallel RLC circuit, if the frequency increases above resonant frequency…

The circuit becomes capacitive

22. Another term for environment/ system…


23. Capacitor’s operation during positive half cycle


24. The development of a voltage between the two-edges of a current currying metal strip whose faces are perpendicular to magnetic field

Hall effect

25. Pauli Exclusion Principle

26. Which does not belong to the group…


27. The time when a processor gets instruction is called


28. The time when a processor executes the instruction is called


29. CPU processes…


30. Which of the following actuators is used in industry?

AOTA. (Fluid, air, electric)

31. Advantage of electric actuators

AOTA. (velocity control, etc.)

32. Advantage of electromagnet over permanent magnet

It can be turned on and off

33. System for small business


34. Available for purchase software

System software

35. CIS means

Computer Information System

36. First generation language

Machine language

37. Advantage of parallel connection

Appliances can be operated independently

38. Other term for pixel/resolution

Dot pitch

39. Number of electrons orbiting around the atom of Germanium


40. A question about AND gate

41. A question about AND gate

42. A question about NOR gate

43. Mass of proton


44. Ratio of mass of proton and electron(approximate)


45. In active region, base-collector junction is ________ bias, while base-emitter is __________.

Reversed, forward

46. What does permittivity do with field intensity

It decreases field intensity

47. Reduction of magnetizing force


48. Connections of flip-flop

Sequential circuit

49. If power factor increases

Active power increases

50. Programming and testing are elements of

System development

51. Control element directs ALU to perform an operation on data, mechanical cycle involved is?

Third step

52. Data analysis and data gathering is done

After the system survey

53. Management of operating system

The supervisor program

54. Time sharing of resources of users

Based on time slices

55. CD ROM has the same format as

Audio compact disk

56. Static memory can saved data

Even without power

57. SPECIFYING the kind of input,process and output

Defining the problem

58. Central device which connects node of star network


59. Current gain of common base

Less than 1

60. Optical character recognition device

Wand reader

61. Byte per inches in dynamic memory


62. Two opposite magnetic poles is ___ to the permeability of the material

Inversely proportional

63. Diode is in non conductive region


64. Preliminary of the project


65. Mark sensing refers to


66. DASD refers to

Disk storage

67. Electrical circuitry that execute program


68. Entire computer system is coordinated by

Control unit

69. Allocating of main memory separated to one another

Memory management

70. Robot that moves on any position in specific path

Continuous path program

71. POS terminal is the same as

Cash register

72. In multiprogramming, 2 or more program can execute


73. OLE refers to


74. OCR-A is a

Standard typeface

75. Part of the program is stored in a disk and is brought to the memory to execute as needed

Virtual storage

76. Resulting output signal of differential amplifier is zero

Single ended

77. If the robot moves on several axis

Compound motion

78. Sequential data memory uses what memory circuit?

Shift register

79. Number of axis of robot

Degree of freedom

80. Program written for customer


81. Source data automation

82. Has the highest number of free electron


83. Output impedance of common emitter configuration

40k-50k ohms

84. What is the use of ladder network

Converts digital to analog signals

85. Rate of screen refreshment

Scan rate

86. Most use model in the analysis of diode

Simplified model

87. When VD=0, transit capacitor is equal to

3 pF

88. Faster computer because of fewer instruction


89. Bus line is consist of

Parallel wire path

90. Magnetic

Byte per inches

91. A _____ is a storage device used to accommodate a difference in rate of flow of data or time of occurrence of events when transmitting from one device to another.


92. Nonvolatile memory

Flash memory

93. Which of the following reel can be change

Supply reel

94. Which band is the donor level nearer?

Conduction band

95. Transfer of data intended for a peripheral device (usually a printer) into temporary storage


96. A theory which states that electrons orbiting a nucleus can only be in certain stationary energy states and light is emitted when electrons jump from one energy state to another

Bohr theory

97. Data striper

98. The development of a voltage between the two edges of a current currying metal strips whose faces are perpendicular to magnetic field

Hall effect

99. A program which can be executed on several different computers to compare their speed and performance


100.Which of the following is not an internal digital IC fault?

Poor solder connections

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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